2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata has big shoes to fill as the last generation model practically revolutionized the mid-sized sedan segment. With eye-catching styling,…



hpdv74060us says:

am i the only one that sees kia optima all over this car 

robertomasymas says:

the center console is so bad that I would have to replace it.. there’s no
way I’d live with something that looks that last-gen in design. The car
itself looks nice, and the intelligent cruise control & start/stop traffic
system sounds very tempting in the mass market segment. Some design
• I’m not a jet pilot, I don’t need 1000 nobs, buttons and dials! what were
they thinking?
• Small but nice touch screen. If you’ve got a nice modern responsive
system like that, why use such a small screen to show it off?
• CD drive — seriously? I mean, come on.

Yippie says:

Shit car. It’s all in the details which Hyundai lacks in all of their cars.
Scratch the surface, dig a little deeper and you will find cheap crap. From
thin sheet metal to flimsy hard plastics, to thin door hinges, to spot
welds on the roof covered in rubber strips. 

n777ua says:

You guys… That “music” in the intro was just awful. What were you

Acc0rd79 says:

I liked the older looks more. They just sorta dulled it out to make it
blend in with every other car out there. It looks so much like a Kia Optima
now! Uggh We just bought a ’14 Tuscon and it still has lines and we love
it! The new ’15 Genesis is badass but they seemed to have made this more
bland is all.

AutoGuide.com says:
Eric Glueckert says:

Where did all the power go? The engines in the last generation had more

jvrdlc says:

quick question. the 2.0T with the now, less hp, does that affect 0-60
numbers or does it make the car slower or sluggish to drive. how does the
1.6T feels and drives and how much stronger does it feel comparing to the
2.4L 4cyl engine? is it worth it 

Amir zaheen Minhaj says:

I’m here just to know if #AndroidAuto is available or not 

Saskia van Tatenhove-Meijnen says:
cambear11 says:

Hyundai Thonata

Erkal says:

hyundai doin work 

Eugene Parkerson says:

Kudo to Hyundai! It sounds like they knew what they wanted to do with the
all new Soanta and hit the nail right on its head.

legendray2008 says:

Freaking S.Korea, a bunch of hardworking genius people living out there.
Very dynamic and innovative.

TheSpritz0 says:

Detailed review, very well done!!

jamesgjt says:

dat wood trim makes me think of lexus es….. and it looks so old…..

fatboy19831 says:

Hyundai had to step up. The Kia Optima was a far cleaner design. The
progress Hyundai is making is frightening. This is a beautiful car. If you
pay over 30 grand you are nuts. The A3, BMW 2 and even the BMW 3 can be
had in the low 30’s. I would easily give up active cruse control for the
BMW 3. In the Mid twenties this is going to be a hard car to top. The
Accord should be more reliable in the long run. Its interior is no were
close to the new Gen. I don’t see how Hyundai can lose with this design.

accordguy0325 says:

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the front of this car and
the 2015 Subaru Legacy ?

God Lee says:

This car makes me what to get one for the price and features

Ara J says:

wow …never was a fan of Sonata but this one is pretty awesome
…especially I like the 1.6 T and the interior looks Lexus like 

n777ua says:

Segment exclusive window shade…well, my 2007 Passat VR6 had that, ha. 

mak450 says:

I might be in the minority, but I think this is an improvement over the
last model aesthetically.

ingineous says:

Is it just me or does it look like the new subaru legacy? 

Michael Chu says:

Oh, not Tigger again.

David Machen says:

Nice exterior but the interior is not impressive to me at all. Way to many
buttons to look at and is overwhelming. Keep it simple like Honda, all the
controls for the audio, phone, aux etc on the touch screen not all spread
out in buttons.

mindit08 says:

From front it looks like Ford Fusion! Not impressed!

Cole Middleton says:

The interior has a lot of Audi look to it. It’s nice to see such an upscale

Ed Y. says:


黨力 愛 says:

the slowest sedan in this segment as a result of cutting power and adding
weight. Hyundai may be only making only buses further down the road.

mss1408 says:

ac and radio same as Honda accord 2013 

Patrick S says:

Solid car getting back to basics, quality at a value price with excellent
driving characteristics, with 0% financing they truly want our business!! 

persiantaha says:

So the car is perfect? No negatives? Very biased review!!!

Ali Tran says:

Very good reviewed. Loud and clear. 

Jose C says:

This guy sounds like he was sponsored by Hyundai to make this review!
Hyundai appears to be going the ultra conservative route for exterior
design to boost sales and to go after equally bland Camrys and Accords.
When this reviewer said ” the gorgeous center dash” I knew he’s getting
paid off. Seriously that dashboard is a late 70s early 80 ‘ rip off of a GM
or Ford car. 

neil borodkin says:

well-done review

Javion Jemerson says:

Why the fuk do you put a dual clutch transmission on a sluggish diesel
hybrid? Why not put it on the turbo 2.0LT? It’s a sports model so it should
get that in my opinion

Garners Garden says:

+AutoGuide.com This is not a review – this is a sales pitch. This piece
lacked any objectivity and I could have read all of those specs off of
their website. Give me what is good and what needs improvement. I don’t
think you gave any criticism about this car. Thumbs down on the

Kukkyoung Park says:

fuck off hd

kao lee says:

Sluper cool

Gavin King says:

Oh god no he has a lisp!! I can’t watch and wtf was that music at the

tokekkk says:

less presenter, and more detail shots. He’s talking about the horizontal
layout of the interior while we can’t see any in the video until later.

ZL1Gimpelson says:

The interior, while more practical and better quality, i feel looks more
basic then the old interior. 

GT86 says:

not gonna lie. his lisp in his voice rly bugs me..

whatthehell1338 says:

Why do they let this guy talk on camera so unprofessional and distracting.
I’m just waiting for him to say he’s going to hunt for wascully wabbits.

Patrick Oye says:

Great review!

Robert Merrill says:

Wow, good for Hyundai. This car looks pretty stellar. I’m digging that
classy interior along with the calm and cool exterior. 

Gunwoo Gim says:

I see new subaru outback from the face

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