2015 Hyundai Sonata Review | Consumer Reports

2015 Hyundai Sonata Review | Consumer Reports

The new Hyundai Sonata exchanges some style for more practicality, aiming right at the heart of the family sedan market. Don’t worry, this Hyundai still remains a good value.



jvrdlc says:

Hey Tom;
How strong is the new turbo with less power, is it peppier since its got
more torque? and the new 1.6T is it better than the 2.4L

juan tafoya says:

The previous one had a more premium looking exterior but this one ain’t bad
either. I’m glad most of the torque is now delivered on lower rpm.

TheSpritz0 says:

BIG mistake not to go to 8-speed or CVT…
Look at the new Chrysler 200, a 9-speed!!

Robert Stevens says:

Has to make you wonder if they are honest about most of the horsepower and
torque ratings? the manufactures can’t even be honest about their fuel
economy numbers 

Jarl Ballin' says:

Always thought the previous Sonata was ugly…

rskim119 says:

I’m beginning to see a little bit of that premium look they are going for
with this redesign.

DevPack says:

not as sharp as a Fusion or Mazda. Probably doesn’t as drive as good
either. Still a solid car though. 

WastedofAir says:

The Hyundai Sonata for 2014 was ranked near the bottom of the 2014 J.D.
Power dependability study. I’m not surprised, you can’t put direct
injection into gasoline cars and expect perfection. Every direct injection
system has clogged valves issues, expect Toyota because they use port
injection and direct injection, the latter at higher rpms. Also, have we
forget the Hyundai of just several years ago? Failed engines, terrible
transmissions? I rather have hard plastics everywhere and just port
injection thank you very much. 

Graham Roth says:

the regular interior has a busy entertainment unit 

MrKyungSeo says:

I hate this guy’s reviewing style

Mike Frost says:

The interior looks a little bland. .

King Jack says:

I already see these on streets. 

Nischint Pamadi says:

What? It isn’t a looker as the old model?

The old model looked like a grasshopper… The new one definitely looks
better… In fact I never thot I’d say this about a Hyundai… It’s the
best looking family sedan out there now… The previous model was yuck…
for 2015, they’ve nailed the styling…!

shapingo says:

Is it better than its sister car, the Optima?

prodigy1210 says:

This look better than the previous gen which look like it had a cleft lip


Retail Hold? Boy oh Boy.

dosri says:

it seems that a face lift rather than all new model

dave dunn says:

Hyundai is getting EXPENSIVE as most cars are. It’s sad

quietguy1948 says:

I have the 2014 Sonata Limited 2.0T… and my 274 hp FEELS just fine

tochjo772 says:

NO MORE POLITICS~!! just review as is<33

dave dunn says:

Its nice to see what the base or mid level sonata looks like vs everyone
who reviews the overpriced loaded models

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