2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

Check out the 10 Best Fast & Furious Cars http://vid.io/xqwj The Hyundai Sonata was completely overhauled 2015. Some may find its less stylized design to represent a more refined take on the…



Edmunds.com says:

What do you think of the Sonata’s design overhaul?

Acc0rd79 says:

I’m one of those guys who thinks they killed the great looks of the Sonata,
Even Hyundai has said they are going to redesign it mid cycle to make it a
bit more sexy again. People don’t want the dull boxy cars, if you want
that, why not buy a Honda or Toyota?

dave dunn says:

The accord and sad to say even camry look better! This looks rental carish!
Hyundais have gotten way to pricey and their electronics are unreliable n
not covered under the 100,000 mile warranty. 

dave dunn says:

Your reviews suck, are too short, biased and boring! Step your game up

Iexposeyourlies says:

Best looking sedan under 35k. Exudes German class at a middle class price
point. The old Sonata looked like a Korean video game car.

quietguy1948 says:

Excellent review – covers all the bases.
I’m an avid Hyundai fan, I’m on my sixth by the maker. My current one is
the 2013 Hyundai Azera with the Tech package. My rating: Excellent.

Jason Wang says:

The LED strip is way too bright. Saw them on the road a few times and they
make the car look tacky.

펩시 를 구입 says:

put a v6 in it

shopwithaaron says:

Like all the improvements…too bad I can barely tell it from the
Legacy…used to stand out much more!

Bi- Han says:

Looks nice.

AntsAfan301 says:

The last gen just looks better .. The front on the new one isn’t bad though

Francisco Pizzano says:


Ed D.L.C. says:

I still don’t see why it’s considered less stylish 

zungaloca says:


monolith2001 says:

Had the previous generation 2.0T Limited and loved that car. I would still
have it had but wife wanted to move up to the new Genesis. This new car
just didn’t appeal to me. The loss of power on the 2.0T, the almost “me
too” looks and less stylish interior all conspire to make for a car that
may be better measurably but there’s plenty of cars on the market that can
fill that hole.

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