2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

Is the Hyundai Sonata right for you? Check out the most detailed review on YouTube to find out. In 4K! More videos: http://goo.gl/Kj1FlI Best cars in 2014: http://goo.gl/3xAVJi Upcoming reviews:…



Scott K says:

Awesome review as always. Was wondering if it was possible to have a camera
on the gauges so we could monitor how it shifts/revs as you’re driving it.

flymetothem00n says:

Alex, amazingly detailed review as always. I’m not sure if you are testing
a different format out but I find I prefer the previous drive sections
where your head shot fills just the upper left part of the video. The
fuller shot in this one divides the screen into some narrower aspect
ratios, especially with the menu bar taking up another section to the
right. Personally looks a bit odd to me, I guess it is something to get
used to if you stick with this format. Keep up the great work!

future62 says:

This looks so generic. It could be anything. I’m not a fan of the looks AT
ALL. The last one felt stylish and expensive. This one feels like a mass
market product.

Iexposeyourlies says:

Per Edmunds…Driving Impressions

Possibly the most striking characteristic of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the
utter silence with which it goes about its business. This is a quiet car.
Swallowing road irregularities with hushed damping and quiet confidence is
this sedan’s biggest strength. Ride quality, regardless of trim, is
well-controlled but never harsh….. Also Cars.Com tested 10 2015 mid size
sedans and Sonata came in first for quietness. 

1guyin10 says:

I think they swung the styling pendulum too far to the conservative side.
Too vanilla for my tastes.

Kamar McCalla says:

Great review as always, I’ve really been waiting for this one. I’m always a
little disappointed that you don’t review the top trims of the cars. I get
that you review the highest volume cars but I’m always interested in your
views on the best the brands have to offer and how they compare at higher
trim levels. Isn’t it good for your views if you reviewed and post videos
of the middle of the pack cars as well as the top trims? Or is that too
much work, haha

mountainhobo says:

Too many compromises in handling and braking for a negligible improvement
in mpg.

dajolaw says:

Can’t help but think that the Mazda6 and 4cyl. Honda Accord can both
compete with this car’s mileage capabilities with no decrease in handling,
different tires, etc. 

Ronald de Rooij says:

Very good review. I had to laugh a little bit when he said that “if you
explain to your passengers that this is a dual dry clutch tramsmission,
they will probably be ok with it.” Haha. I think if I would try to explain
it to my passengers, they would either fall asleep, or leave the car asap.

dennisscipio says:

how does a dual clutch work vs a traditional automatic? also you misspelled
speed and put “sped”

Benjamin Button says:

I love these reviews!
The size comparison chart ruler is golden. But now you put in the side menu
to skip to parts, wow, never seen that before in a car review. Very good

Phu Phillip Trinh says:

great review Alex as always! lol the sun blinding everything but your eyes.

Sharat Chandra says:

I think this is best looking sonata yet!

La Tempesta says:

Will you be doing the 2.0T? I really was looking forward to that review.
Still, this Eco is a unique entry to the segment. 

Johnson L says:

Hi Alex! Do you have any plan on reviewing the 2016 Mazda CX-5? I was
really excited when the 2015 CR-V came out, but the vibration problem I’ve
seen many consumers complained about really turn me away from buying it.
The CX-5 is a nice alternative.

Alex on Autos says:
mario v says:

Please stop saying the word “transmission “

John Canlas says:

You mentioned 0-60 in just a hair over 7 seconds..is this in sport mode?
sea level? gas?

PussMag says:

$4000 for all the nice options package, is the only option, is a deal

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

Styling is a total snoozefest — inside and out.

マックス Man says:

Mark X is a way better car.

2012bigPerm says:

I actually like the styling more than the old one…my wife has a 2011 and
I still like it….but if I view this as a premium design with a different
badge it just looks more my style. I know people think it’s boring and that
may be another view of ‘premium design’ …Audi’s are ‘boring’ in design
and I love them,,,,same with VW’s….I just prefer the understated look
most of the time.

Denton Armstrong says:

Alex, I think the new front end and profile is very generic and boring.
However, I think the rear end is unique, and seems like a natural evolution
over the previous model. Great review, as always. You’re the man! :-)

Michael Smith says:

It’s interesting that according to the official specs, the Accord has an
inch less rear headroom than this Sonata, but in the real world, the Accord
has more headroom. Being able to learn facts like these is a reason why I
like your detailed reviews.

Eric Zhang says:

7-sped dual clutch alex! 3:00

Nick Scott says:

I want to like this car more, especially because they use a 4 spoke
steering wheel and I like the dash, but I find it to be ridiculous that
they didn’t package the sport model with the 7 speed DCT and would
therefore not consider it until they do.

Lucien E says:

Note the 2016 hybrid model is coming in spring. Should be bit better than
last year model: better mpg and cargo space.

Kent Freeman says:

Something about that center console bugs me. The hazard light is not
centered in the touchscreen and it the air vents look off center compared
to the controls below them. Total deal killer for my OCD tastes. 

John Shaheen says:

Alex: how about change of pace? Tired of all the boring Asian vehicles
review. How about 2015 Chevy SS sedan?

shopwithaaron says:

Still love my 2012 Optima EX Premium for its styling and performance. Did
see the Optima wagon concept that will be shown at an upcoming European
auto show…Maybe I’ll be shopping for another new car! 

John Canlas says:

Alex, if I replaced the tires with 17 inch or 18 inch wouldn’t that
decrease fuel efficiency? Which should I get – 17 or 18?

iya tubeA says:

when a camry has more style you know you went to plain jane. excuse me
while i take a nap.

fannibal says:

I had the 2008 sonata. I totally agree with you that the last generation
was cartoonish and this one is more elegant and restrained. I also agree
that this should age better.

mb013962 says:

I really don’t think the 2.0l turbo will be faster than the camry v6 0-60

Danny Chan says:

Alex, can you review the Volvo XC90 in the future?

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