2015 Hyundai Sonata: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

2015 Hyundai Sonata: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata brings more of everything to the latest generation family sedan. With three engine choices and more…



kirbyswarp says:

The phrase “all new” is so overused these days it means nothing anymore.
This car is not “all new” neither were the corolla, Tundra 2013/2014 civic
or even the upcoming camry. It’s all marketing non-sense.

Robert Stevens says:

are they all CVT Transmissions? 

PaulMishima says:

Are there no fog lights for this year Sonata? Can those daytime running
lights at the bottom also be used as fog lights?

prototypeglory says:

It’s still a Hyundai so I wouldn’t be surprised if the steering wheel broke
off while driving 

YoshiFD3S says:

I own a modified 2011 Sonata 2.0T. I saw lots of 2015 Sonata’s while I was
in Korea a few weeks ago. They look great from the front but I REALLY
dislike the tail-lights and the watered down side and rear body lines.

senorgato70 says:

No real compelling reason to purchase this car over an of the current
segment leaders. The only cars that would be lower on the shopping list
would be the Malibu, Passat, and Camry. Would definitely go with Accord,
Fusion, Mazda 6, Optima, 200, and Altima, in that order. 

Gustavo José Pérez López says:

People don’t see that this car is a more refine Optima?? Look at te rear
and the interior, specially the dash layout, is a copy from the Optima. 

thebluexanadu78 says:

Hyundai take this note, NEVER take choose VW as a target competitor as they
said at 10:39. You don’t need to worry about them lol. Good competitors are
the Accord and Fusion to take as an example.

vader11111 says:

Mazda6 still better.

carpuppy says:

I like it

Kristofer Christensen says:


The Fast Lane Car says:
رياض الزهراني says:


Robert Stevens says:

im concerned about the huge growth of turbo cars, Ford and Hyundai are
experiencing severe carbon buildup on the backs of valves. Turbos (Ford at
least) are failing after induction cleaning procedures. 

Marcelo Faverani says:

hyundai FPC….(feio pra caralho)

Camerons Car Reviews says:

Please check out my Review of the new Sonata

DigitalYojimbo says:

So the smart key won’t work in my “murse” ?

Jonathan Washington says:

Ok. Hyuandai plz plz plz if your going to put quad exhaust on that car
please make it make some noise cause that was to quiet to be called a

Calvin Pollard says:

Added features with a lowered price. That’s how you do it Hyundai lol


Andre is sharp! Nice questions and really got a lot of info out of the rep.

MrVnick1 says:

Hyundai should offer V6, AWD, and MUCH better exhaust in the Sonata to
cover a gap in where they could reach new customers.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

I’m pretty sure Scarlatti used to produce Sonatas. 

Devin Dymkowski says:

Man that guy who was talking seemed to know everything, and it was like he
was reading that info out of a book. He did a great job! 

Philip Ward says:

Hyundai is changing their looks

Graham Roth says:

love the ford fusion tail lights!

Nate Lieb says:

Anyone else seeing clearly ripped off VW design here?

Ivan Vojt says:

EUUUU VW, who cares what they do. I hope you didn’t design your parts to
fill service bays. The lower belt line strip looks added on with a double
sided 3M sticker. The 2.0T has hardly any sporty characteristics at all.

Kudos on not going for HP & Torque numbers but favored drive-ability

Did you ever fix the wandering steering Hyundai?

E. Smart says:

Not diggin’ the flat, ultra-generic dash in the new Genesis and Sonata.
Reeks of cost-cutting. Cheap and cheezy!

Michael Pychel says:

although it is nice looking, It reminds me of a knock-off Mercedes C-class.
Rear looks exactly the same as the new corolla…. Once again Hyundai has
copied 2 or 3 other companies’ styles and called it their own. 

Jordan Gauger says:

So a few things to point out-
Standard monochrome display and 5 Inch display in non- Limited trims, Honda
does a *standard* 8-inch in every new accord and even my civic has a
standard 8-inch. Not happy Hyundai, you cut corners in engineering to bring
premium features that you aren’t even delivering on…

Brian Williams says:

I would rather have the accord or altima

abhishrut p says:

looks wise old one was way better ,.,..,.,.,.

carreraenzo90 says:

Andre, you *almost* don’t have a Russian accent!

Evan Johnson says:

Looks like another successful up coming hyndia 

Maheen Azad says:

Camry Please! The engines on Hyundai are always horrible!

leon thomas says:

Andre was interviewing in english

Flex B says:

Hey look, it’s a very Korean looking Ford Taurus.

MrHeathinator says:

Hyundai makes very nice looking cars but there still Hyundais. According
to Consumer Report there actually a reliable brand now. Maybe they should
do a test and switch out name badges on a couple different cars to see if
they could tell a difference. I’d still go with my Mazda6 with 6 speed
manual, it’s not a race car for sure but solid as a rock and I’ve put 40k
in one year on it.

Kavas says:

Looks a mixed of a Volvo S60 and a Toyota avalon

yj K says:

seriously puts the other midsize sedan cars to a shame…..
love the design. 

4af says:

I rented a base model SE Sonata and was totally in shock at how wonderfully
improved it is. The ride smoothness and quietness is now substantially
ahead of the Japanese competiton. The dash and controls are wonderfully
simple to understand and operate whereas the Japanese have been going in
the opposite direction. The air conditioner is refreshingly frigid on hot
days and the fan is powerful yet quiet…the Japanese have been making
their air conditioners weaker to save money. The front seat bottoms are
large and the padding adequate whereas the Japanese have been skimping on
size and padding to save money. I’ve been a Toyota man for 30 years, but
this Sonata is so much more comfortable to ride and drive in and the
interior looks and feels so much more premium that I will have to get one. 

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