2015 Hyundai Genesis Top 3 Likes & Dislikes Brand Spanking New Review

2015 Hyundai Genesis Top 3 Likes & Dislikes Brand Spanking New Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a luxurious sedan that takes square aim at both the Japanese and German Luxury car completion. So what …



ladyvee7110 says:

Hyundai really should consider rebranding their luxury cars with another
name, ie. Toyota’s luxury brand is Lexus, Honda’s is Acura, and Nissan’s is
Infinity. Perhaps Hyundai should do the same. Maybe just call this car the
Genesis and nix the Hyundai name totally. 

Sigrafix says:

That’s a pretty damn nice car.. I mean, I still wouldn’t buy it, at least
not new.. if anything I’d get one used as those things depreciate in value
greatly. Could be a great deal used, seems like an awesome car, gorgeous
inside and out.

Justin Kelly says:

+The Fast Lane Car I’m sorry but this isn’t worthy of being published
solely on the fact these aren’t really valid likes/dislikes… More like
personal taste/I hate to say it stupid things. I think the tail lights are
very well done and with very good intent of looking like a luxury car
should and never thought the things(like the cupholders) mentioned in this
video where a problem. The fact the voice search for navigation didn’t work
because she said many things before the actual name of the destination. I
think a VERY big dislike should have been the fact you CAN’T search for
music via voice recognition or there is no remote start available on the
key fob!! I’ve had several problems with mine but have since been resolved.
A huge like should have been the looks in general! I’ve been stared at to
the point of so done almost causing an accident and have been asked what
car it is. Some have even said the swore it was a Bentley!

MrKeyboardCommando says:

It’s great to see our sunshine girl again, giving another of her brilliant
reviews. It’s even better to see her getting right up the noses of the mean
minded, mealy mouths morons who spew gender orientated prejudice. Keep on
rocking, Emme, ’cause a lot of us think you’re pretty fantastic.

OG Jawdinz says:

It would look much better with a bmw logo on it 

senorgato70 says:

I really want to like the Genesis anytime I see a new review on it. But,
it’s too slow, too long, and it leans too much towards luxury vs. spirited
driving. It’s playing a (badly) losing battle against the FWD Lexus ES.
Not to mention the interior, while nicely finished, is styled like luxury
cars of the 90’s. If Hyundai built a Genesis, Jr., about the size of a 3
Series, with more efficient but higher performing engines and better
handling, priced starting at around $32k, they’d have a much bigger hit on
their hands. 

macbookpro57 says:

How can someone not like led lighting? it looks awesome. And angled cup
holders? seriously, who cares

goatmonkey2112 says:

I would like it a lot more if there was a real performance version. I know
they offer a 5.0L V-8 with some decent power, but even if you get that
there isn’t an option to beef up the suspension or brakes. That huge
sunroof does look great though. It looks like they have really improved
the interior a lot. The piping around the seats makes it look more
expensive than it is. 

branded says:

More beautiful than my BMW 7 series.

dave dunn says:

Hyundais are good cars but have soooo many problems woth their electronics.
Rear cam, nav, etc and those are not not covered under the 100,000mile

chltmdwp says:

Wow all the dislikes are the thing that makes this car great. Angled cup
holder helps you reach your can easily lady!

Nick D says:

Call may be monitored for “quality” nsa all day

fwirs says:

Ur hair makes u looks trashy 

MyassesDragon says:

Genesis worst con: a Hyundai that costs $50K.

zasubg says:

Any one from fl read comments? For years this woman is making worst reviews
on the Planet, and still has a job…? I really wanted to see this clip bc
there is a chance of buying it,but made till about “really???? No voice

Su Hong Kim says:

I heard that Genesis 5.0 is not that good (not really sporty, but comfort
and quietness has not improved much from North American 3.8 RWD verison nor
Asian 3.3 RWD version) , and that is why they are not selling them in
Korea, China and Europe…I guess American customers would appreciate
Hyundai giving them choice to pick V-8… but, if they want V-8 for
performance, and really want Hyundai Genesis, I would wait for Hyundai
Genesis N which is rumored to have twin turbo 3.0 and DCT (according to
some Korean auto magazines) and it must be good because Hyundai got Albert
Biermann, former Vice President for BMW M, to make their N division cars.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Who are all these misogynistic gobshites who keep having a pop at Emme ?
The lass is doing a bang-up job and is an important and integral part of

Chris Juarez says:

It sucks you had to review the Genesis again. There will be people who
have biased opinions of this car. Since I’m more of an enthusiast, I don’t
really care for anything the Genesis offers. It’s not geared towards me.
Which is why I can imagine it being difficult for someone of
your calibre to review something so bland and boring. Regardless, you give
it a 2nd round at this boat, and come to the same conclusion.
Huge blvd cruiser with a ton of tech that doesn’t work 3/4 of the time.
Which I might add, alot of the German cars suffer from this fate as well.
It seems the more tech they throw at the car, the more irritating it
becomes to drive.

I’m wondering where keyboardcommander is to fend off all the people who
don’t appreciate a great reviewer???
I really don’t understand what some people are looking for. There’s only 1
reason why I bother with this particular youtube channel, and thats Emme!
She has been nothing but a huge plus for this channel. Helped bring in
alot of new people and some of the old people who use to watch her on Road

Emme, you’re doing a fantastic job. Like I said, you’re the only reason
why I bother with this channel. 🙂 <3
Can't wait for your next review! Hopefully something a little more

TheMeakster says:

Typical for a Hyundai to have more rear/brake lights than any other car, is
this to annoy the poor sods stuck in the massive queue behind them.

Bruce Solomon says:

The thing that was glaring to me about this car was that the exterior is
beautiful, the interior is largely a success and the seats are beautifully
style but the carpeting needs a major upgrade. Not because of the black
contrast just because of the grade level. Not at this price. 

brave warrior says:

The Genesis more than likely didn’t detect kimchi on your breath and you
didn’t call it yobo , I can easily say this because I have been married to
a Korean for 44 years and my yobo has some quirkiness like the Genesis ,
gota’ go my yobo wants me , wish me luck . 

Daniel Weiner says:

Lmao too many led lights?!?!

bill smith says:

I think mainly,what’s wrong with this car is that it’s a Hyundai and not a
more reputable kind of car.

Austin V says:

+Emme Hall Good review Emme! However, I disagree with you on the Genesis
logo shining down from the mirror, I think it’s quite cool and unique. I
assume you also dislike the pony that the mustang shines on the ground when
you open the doors (also very cool).

hyylo says:

why have you not reviewed the TESLA ? 

monster1176 says:

Y’all just bitching about Em cuz she’s a girl that knows about cars 

freeman Geiger says:

Love the Genesis. Taillights are distinctive which is what it needs in that
market. AND it’s the same color as your mopter flopter. Lol

Cranking All Day says:

Holding the soda crooked helps you reach for it better… What a great

Statimtek says:

Hey! I like diet Mopter Flepters too. How crazy is that? 

jamesgjt says:

lane departure warning will activate once ur speed is over 65km/h

CreigMac Mac says:

OK so leds appear to be huge dislikes? I suppose the good thing is she
enjoys a hushed cabin. 

Dektnotorp Klamps says:

Thumbing down the critic, not the car. Seriously? Her dislikes was the
number or leds in the tailight? And safety exterior footlight illumination
from the mirror? She might aswell complain that the color is not red
enough, the badge is Honda in italic, rims are too shiny, or the seats are
too comfortable. TFL should really let this girl go, or whoever writes her
dialogues for her. Gonna go and look for Roman’s videos….

Steve Arman says:

The last thing I expected when watching a Hyundai Genesis review would be a
reference to Bar Miramar in San Felipe, much less to mention Percebu. A
Ford Raptor review, maybe, but not a Hyundai! That perked my ears. We have
a family roundhouse in Percebu. By “bowling”, I presume that you’re talking
about cazuelas in the cantina..

patricko40 says:

The dislikes r all nitpicking the car is fine and has a great value. Plus I
like the lights and I the light under the driver mirror is kinda kool. And
last most ppl don’t go out with can of coke everyday. I personally don’t
drink any soda at all. So all the dislike were BS

The Fast Lane Car says:
جايسون says:

Should do review on Equus!

nick cramer says:

pissed off you did not get the V8 5.0 hun , well you don’t deserve one.

car beats all the German and Japanese competitors , watch other reviews
made by pro’s.

this lady should look for another job

TheGabriel116 says:

I like Emme’s reviews. Why do some of you want her fired from her job? All
of you on here who have that kind of attitude are just very wicked people
and have no love in you at all. Instead of trying to get her fired, why
don’t you just express to her how she could do things differently so she
can serve you better. I think she does a great job and I want to see her
become great at what she does. So please all the “EXPERTS’ out there help
by suggesting ideas for her improvement. Be happy everyone!!!

Barobran92 says:

It’s funny you mention the taillights as a dislike, because they are one of
my favourite design elements of this car. The one thing I might change is
the wheels on the 3.8 look a little small.

Zachary Jones says:

When reviews go bad lol

icemanroyal says:

I m sure these electronic nannies have their place for some drivers (in my
opinion if your driving a car you shoulden t rely on nannies to know when
to change lanes or brake, but hey that ‘s just me), but if you need a
system to tell you when to switch lanes, maybe it s time to be driven
around instead of driving around.

matan ram says:

Worst car reviewer on YouTube. Please, just make Roman and Nathan
sammiches, and let them do the videos. 

melmelcorvette says:

That much for a Hyundai I’ll pass I love my eclass and the sensors work
fine and gps doesn’t have to have a connection that maybe recorded for
quality purposes. Was I the only one who seen that??

ferbbe02gamingXD says:

Oh good emme is back :)

toneloc62011 says:

Next reviewer plz I dislike her reviews….not just this one but ALL OF
THEM…..tfl Car bad choice for picking her up…

Bryant Hudgins says:

Her reviews (not to be a dick) kinda suck ALOT and are mainly based on
personal opinions and other irrelevant dookie-butter. Juuust sayin’, guys. 

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