2015 Hyundai Genesis – TestDriveNow.com Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

2015 Hyundai Genesis – TestDriveNow.com Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

TestDriveNow.com/Drive Time introduction to the all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Ultimate Package by automotive critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $55700….



bmwmsport11 says:

what is that small shiny black thing high up on the front grille? it ruins
the look.

vh9network says:

Very nice but the “H” logo on the back has got to go! I don’t get why
Hyundai is only producing the Genesis with the Genesis logo on the back in
every country except the US. This is the main market you want to show off
your luxury car being avoid of it being seen as a Hyundai, and from the
back, the Genesis looks no different to the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. 

whiteandnerdytuba says:

exterior just reminds me of a cheap copy of the fusion. as in, yes it may
be imposing but with the more audi look than mercedes and it aint my style.
that and its a hyundai

its not a review if the car is perfect in every way. just like every video
you do

Talal Aziz says:

+Vladimir Saghin actually it will come to Europe for the first time to

RuraL ChilD Vision says:

Looking forward to the review but also wondering what features the next
equus will have. That would be a killer car

SanDiegoInnOut says:

Anyone who likes this “luxury” product is just the type of customer
Hyundai/Kia group wants…one who is value-based. For value-based customers
in the “luxury” market (I know, it’s ironic) the bottom line is price, and
it reigns supreme over quality, innovation, and tasteful design. Asian
“luxury”…what a joke.

lance lanceislike says:

i got to seat inside this car at the new york auto show and i was just
amazed. i just hope it drives as well as it looks

rskim119 says:

The rear end looks too plain and cheap (Elantra?), compared to the front

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

Who’s stealing sales in the mid luxury sedan segment? @Hyundai is and
here’s why #NextGenesis

TonyTube407 says:

I am really impressed with this 2015 Genesis. 

Steve W says:

$55,00 for a Genesis? I can’t stop laughing!!

pqnguyen says:

Fail. Hyundais always copy other cars. An AM front end, Audi profile, and
other things ripped off from others means there’s no real Hyndai look

It’s a car without soul and comes off as a cheap rip-off.

Fran cis says:

Copie of Chrysler and Mercedes….that’s the only thing they can do

Chad Hill says:

Hyundai should innovate themselves instead of copying everything from other
car makers, the centre console controls for the nav look like they’ve come
straight from an Audi! But I do like it, could be very successful in
Australia if it was priced to compete with the C-Class, 3-Series etc.

DLLO Eiv says:

psh 39k? ill get bmw instead

Nima Bahrehdar says:

Steve, you reviews are not like before. They are more like commercials now.
We need review!

fsugrad03 says:

You’re right, Hyundai has definitely stepped up their game! 

William Borowski says:

Okay this is surprisingly really nice :O I think Hyundai might become good

joner800 says:

+TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes are you aware if
they are bringing back the R-Spec? i know the Tau 5.0 is a carryover, but
im wondering if the trim will be revived.

deporlover says:

Steve: Would you recommend this over BMW 5 series?!!!

LuxCruiser818 says:

If Hyundai and KIA want to compete, let them. Doesn’t mean they’ll be
better than German and Japanese cars. Even though they’re stepping up their
game we still need to see how these cars handle couple years from now. It’s
all great when they’re new, but lets see if they are actually reliable. I
still give them kudos for trying. The KIA Cadenza and K900 are my favorite,
and I rather drive those cars than a Genesis, or Equus. You all need to
stop acting like children fighting over which automaker is better. 

thinking500 says:

I LOVE how upset people get trying to wrap their heads around this change
in the old stalwart paradigm. Your denial is hilarious, but ultimately
acceptance is better for your mental health. 

LamboFan says:

It looks like a C Class Mercedes crossed with an Aston Martin

Nima Bahrehdar says:

55k for a Hyundai?! I want to interview the buyers. Would be fun!

Matthew Lee says:

I saw a silver one yesterday on the road. Far better looking in person
than in video or pics. Bigger than I thought also. To steve, thanks for
your unbiased professional reviews on ALL cars. No matter who makes them.

Dylan Juhnke says:

That car did amazing in the small overlap test

Billy Sou says:

If only the Genesis’ handling glides over to the rest of the Hyundai

Amon Rop says:

Wow it looks beautiful

Ivan Vojt says:

You can get a V6 for under 30K with under 36K miles on the rental sites
after a year of release.

obyone127 says:

But is it a squeaky, rattly tin can like the Genesis Coupe?

Cesar E says:

I love this car

Webb Hyundai says:

Watch this excellent review of the 2015 #Hyundai #Genesis with Steve

werbrown says:

Impressive car, good review. 

Carlos Guevara says:

It should be a strong alternative in a market full of excellent cars.
Competition is good! It makes everyone step up their game!

륜수성 says:

Some people should realize that many of Mercedes, BMW, Audi’s designers are
Koreans. Also, Hyundai-Kia’s chief designer came from Audi.

Kh Wong says:

Looking forward this car’s reliability

Vlad Saghin says:

Screw the German trio! This is definitely better than an a6, E class or 5
series which cost alot more… Too bad it’s not available in Europe :(

Jtrel Terrell says:

Looks like a 2014 Mazda six in a way frm the back and front

deporlover says:

Iam buying this for sure 

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