2015 Hyundai Genesis Review

2015 Hyundai Genesis Review

The Hyundai Genesis has created a lot of skeptics. When it was new in 2009, shoppers weren’t sure if Hyundai could really build a luxury sedan—one that could…



Joe J says:

The 2nd Generation Genesis has made Acura Infiniti & somewhat lexus an
overpriced choice

John says:

Best ride and comfort, best infotainment tech, stereo and heads up display,
best safety tech, competitive speed and handling and looks great. The fully
loaded 3.8 Ultimate package can be had for $45K (msrp 50K) in the real
world and there really are no competitors if you value the total
package. You could pick up a “comparable” loaded 535i for 72K (msrp 75K)
that is faster in a straight line and twisties but has a harsher ride and
less interior room. A less lux interior, no panoramic roof, ventilated
seats that don’t work, a 2nd rate Harman stereo, a 2nd rate infotainment
system, a 2nd rate heads up display, … yadda yadda and at the $72K price,
it won’t come with adaptive cruise control either.

dave dunn says:

Love the previous gen and this one too except the fact the rear looks like
an elantra 

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