2015 Hyundai Genesis Review Take 2: A game changing affordable luxury sedan?

2015 Hyundai Genesis Review Take 2: A game changing  affordable luxury sedan?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is stunning, luxurious and perhaps even affordable. But is it as good as the German and Asian competition….



81GhostSlayer says:

Soo , do you advice me to cancel my 2014 Lexus GS 350 order and pick the
new Genesis ?!

OKC FAN says:

Hyundai did an excellent job with this car even though It still be not up
to the luxury the Germans and Lexus had set, I think the interior is better
than Cadillac’s.

doccyber says:

52k? Are you kidding me? A nicely optioned 335i would cost the same if not

mjosmoo says:

Cadillac a luxury brand, really? Not for the rest of the world. They don’t
look the part, in fact ugly comes to mind. The Genesis on the other hand
getting there, but still not. Luxury car. 

Yippie says:

No thanks! For the same price I can get an Audi A6 2.0T Quattro with the
Premium Plus package, Warm and Cold weather packages and rear sear air
bags. A better car, better handling, better premium materials, better in
the snow and rain, just about as quick with better fuel economy. Plus I can
tell people I drive an Audi and feel proud instead of whispering that I
drive a Hyundai. You know that’s true. Don’t get me wrong the Genesis looks
like a good car, it’s bigger, would have a few more features, but that’s
all. It’s not a complete package like the Audi would be. 

John Leyman says:

Hey Emme. I remember you said you would read your comments on roadfly.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that most likely the Hyundai reset its
fuel economy itself. The same thing happened to me last night when I fueled
up my rental Hyundai. So maybe this will make some sense.

Bora Markovic says:

AMAZING car, BUT, there isnt many rich people who would ever buy it over a
merc/audi/bmw/cadi simple because of a brand name and status, thats very
important to many people who have loads of money. The only demographic I
see getting this are the people who want an S class but dont have the
money. The people who do have the money wouldnt care to save some simply
cause brand name/brand value. Being a big lawyer in New York driving
Hyundai and not a merc would be laughable by your customers/co workers etc.

PlanetWasabi.com says:

A 50+ year old woman with a nose ring…really?

Kevin Smith says:

Rebadged Kia.

C Fusco says:

she has freckles on her boobs 🙂 

Smokey BEAR says:

Much better than their first review, they talk too much about the logo

headcas620 says:

I still think i’d rather buy a used Lexus LS430/460.

kerron suber says:

I gotta get one. Or should i wait for the maxima or Q70? HELP!!??

Josh McCarthy says:

1:40 How does power go to all four wheels when its only a 2WD.

GetRichOrDieDying Shoveitupyourarse says:

why is a woman talking about CARS?!?!? Unsubbing 

dchawk81 says:

I actually dig the beige. lol.

Abdul Nur says:

Hyundai should learn from honda and toyota who made lexus and infiniti to
ditch the stigma. Luxury cars are not just features and looks its also
brand reputation, just ditch the hyundai logo and make genisis its own

Winston Churchill says:

Who can’t open and close their own trunk?

swada02 says:

That wooden trim in the interior spoils it for me…

twell609 says:

Looks like a BMW 7 series from the side. Too much for a Hyundai

Khalifa Alzaabi says:

Great car but still didnt reach Germans quality and Lexus Quality

So its still a Katchraa car

blablafingbla says:

I’d hit that…

Kane Smith says:

52K new, 25K on trade in 2 years later.

Sure holds its value well (extreme Sarcasm).

ps. use blackbook for trade-in values. That’s what dealers use. KBB/NADA
are garbage.

abacate666 says:

Laundry basket rating should be a thing for major companies

southbeach09 says:

Hideous looking car. 

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