2015 Hyundai Genesis Review – Kelley Blue Book

2015 Hyundai Genesis Review – Kelley Blue Book

That the Hyundai Genesis has garnered so much attention is no mystery. How the Koreans are able to build a sedan that can nip at the heels of a Mercedes-Benz…



doggie06mc says:

Nice car but I’d rather get a Cadillac or Audi 

jwatwater says:

I have to be honest, I don’t like this car, but I RESPECT IT. The First
Genesis looked like a combination of a Lexus and Mercedes Benz. This one
more so has it’s own look. It doesn’t look like a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW,
nothing. It has it’s own look. (I guess you could argue that it has a grill
similar to the Audis, but not really.) If they can keep giving their cars a
unique look and not just rip off their competitors, then I see a good
future for the Genesis. 

MEALTeamSix says:

I feel like the Koreans need to make up their minds. Both Hyundai and Kia
have luxury sedans now. I’d say transform Hyundai into a luxury brand like
Lexus and keep Kia as an economy brand. This car looks nice, but the fact
that it’s still the same brand as a cheap Elantra. 

Vasyl L says:

The competitors are so common, I’d much rather buy this. There’s nothing
special about a brand that has become a complete norm. That’s why I’m
personally interested in the Lotus or this. 

Keith Merrill. says:

“For some, luxury is about impressing themselves than those around them.”
That says it all. Do you go in debt to impress people you don’t know or
like? Most people do and that is pitiful. Once your friends or family see
your new BMW or M-B they will not fawn all over it a 2nd time. It’s a

illiniguy34 says:

Okay, is it me or does this car look like a mesh between a Chrysler 300C
and a Mazda? Cause that’s what I see.

gene978 says:

Hey Micah, the New Genesis seems to be calling my name. I think it’s a
Great Looking sedan. I agree we live in a world were people are getting
better at BRAND LUXURY STATUS and I’m sure there will be many people that
will pick up the GENESIS where LINCOLN should of gone. BTW CUTE sad face
when you had to push the button to be let in the car because of lack of
sensors. LOL

josh davis says:

Very beautifully done Hyundai. Great review as always! Definitely a
contender in the 35-60k range for vehicles. 

Bryden Lee says:

sat in one at the dealership wasnt impressed, also have a friend who
bought a 2.0t hyundai genesis coupe and the transmission failed 17,000km
leaving him stranded, way to low quality to compare to european

Javon K says:

The Lexus GS is not a benchmark car. The BMW 5 series, and E Class are
benchmarks. I barely see new GS’ or A6’

sic22l says:

It’s not a luxury car. All those things like goos materials, standard and
optional equipment, smooth and quet ride make it a comfortable car. And
that’s it. Styling is nor refined enough, inside and out, it doesn’t drive
solid, it doesn’t make you feel special. It’s really good on paper but
that’s comfort, not luxury.

PS. Look how it bounced, it’s like a big boat.

David Lawman says:

Great buy!

Hector Djibaou says:

It’s going to make a nice used family sedan to park next to our STi and
Forester. I would like to see that 3.3L with a turbo though Hyundai …

GGamer720 says:


Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

I’d rather the GS or A6, but this is still nice. 

Ioanides001 says:

I’m not convinced. I get it’s fairly comfortable and hushed with decent
materials but if I’d buy luxury I’d like the whole package – brand image,
tradition, top quality. Even if it costs a bit more. It’s not like the
Genesis is a cheap car.
I also have a problem with the styling as this doesn;t look like a Hyundai
car. I have no problem at all in recognizing the styling of the competition
as they have a consistency of design throughout their range.

luggage12345 says:

Damn. I needed a dictionary for some of the words he’s saying. Very
intelligent speaker. 

Nathan S says:

I wouldn’t buy a Genesis over its European and German competitors but I
would buy one over the domestic American Brands any day!!

bentleyspotter says:

i wold pick this car out of its competitors 

Robertas Bukantis says:

love it. You guys really make your reviews both: informative and
entertaining. Not to mention the camera work is excellent :)

Grant Peacock says:

Beautiful car. (I’d go so far as to say sexy), but I have doubt about its

Jańcio Wodnik z domu Wodnik says:

Hyundai stole the look and logo Aston Martin Koreans are getting bigger
thieves ideas. Hyundai which has the appearance and even the logo
counterfeit of another brand. Shame, pathetic car

CanDrive55 says:

Aren’t the figures at 3:02 backwards?

Phineas T Birdpocket says:

makes a nice grandma car

Frank L says:

I saw one of these in the flesh finally. The only negative thing I can say
about its appearance is that the overtly designed grille looked tacked on.
There were no other chrome trim bits around the grille helping to anchor it
together with the rest of the front end. It almost looked like a false
grille made to disguise a test-car mule. A few more chrome elements smartly
added to the front would be an easy fix; by Hyundai, not by a customer who
frequents the Pep Boys aftermarket aisle. 

Vscounter says:

Thank you for making KBB’s channel watchable! That 1:44 and 3:45 lol. 

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