2015 Hyundai Genesis review | Consumer Reports

2015 Hyundai Genesis review | Consumer Reports

Now in its second-generation, the Hyundai Genesis proves the value-driven brand can build a convincing luxury sedan. All-wheel-drive is now available, fixing…



Daniel Blaney says:

Only complaint is the grill. I wish they had gone for two smaller grilles,
one upper and one lower. I hate this recent trend of these huge gaping

Benjamin Walker says:

the front looks too much like the front of the audi a8

Underrated Critic says:

I’m thrilled about this vehicle. But the German-like user interface knob is
not only a blatant knock-off, but it’s entirely unnecessary.

tingokuman says:

He’s 100% correct not only is Hyundai sorting out the suspension they have
enlisted THE LOTUS GROUP to dial it in. way to Hyundai!!!!!

MacGuru17 says:

I like it, but the grille is so Audi-esque that I think you’d feel
embarrassed telling (non-car enthusiast) people that it’s not an Audi.

HW2800 says:

AWD is only available for the V6! V8 is still RWD only! Hyundai has not
learn enough for me to buy it yet! Too bad!

juan tafoya says:

Hyundai and Kia are advancing pretty soon they will no longer be a budget

Jarl Ballin' says:

The front looks exactly like a Mercedes CL…

SanDiegoInnOut says:

I can’t watch a review praising a knockoff. Just not gonna do it.

Maestro_T says:

I wish one of two things would happen: 1. governments stop requiring people
to have a front license plate, or 2. carmakers stop making grilles which
are going to be covered up by one. The plate in the middle of that, like
in the new Mazda 3 and here (among other cars), looks like s**t. (My
preference is option 1.)

Dejan Mitić says:

It’s one big mix of BMW7 (lights) Audi a8 (grill) and Infiniti. But rear
lights is total ugly, like some cheap car from China. Stop with origami

aram442 says:

the whole body looks like a CLS The front grill looks like an Audi the
whole thing is a fake German car. 

Noplay says:

I like

Winter is Coming says:

I definitely prefer the look of the previous front end.

ahmed mido says:

da new genesis will kick ass !!

SuperWHIZZO says:

Stunning design inside and out . Like the “face” , almost thorough-bred-
superior equine nose to it . Don’t take the “Jag” ,,,,,take the “Nag” !! 

Joshua Nguyen says:

Absolutely gorgeous interior… Lovely details but not over the top.

Eui Jong says:

Great proportion on the front. Very well designed

rkhrahmani says:

Doesn’t it look too much like Audi?

Alex Ponce says:

They need to be more original and unique, not knock off versions of others!

Marlon Flores says:

Yeah you are right, this compañy need 20 years more to be a quality car

99Mercedesw202 says:

I’m the owner of a Mercedes and a brand loyalist. However, I’d buy this in
a heart beat. I know a quality product when I see one. If I can’t buy the
Benz that I want brand new, this would be a better deal new than a used
vehicle. Not knocking Benz at all, I just like new for the cost of used.
Definitely an E class rival. 

DRkangyo says:

Original or not, this car is very handsome 

Liam Guan says:

audi everywhere 

Butchcub75 says:

Ok, Ive been reading CR since high school and I have to say that sometimes
I dont agree with how they test cars and not to be rude but the narrator of
this is kinda annoying to listen to. (Sorry). When I saw the new Genesis at
the Detroit Auto Show this January, I wasnt impressed. It felt cheap
inside. This one looks better than that one hopefully it feels better too.
I was greatly impressed with the Kia K900. That was a shocker.

Nic Kolas says:

looks like Hyundai and Kia might take a bigger bite out the japanese luxury
pie this time around

its2realj says:

looks promising. 

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