2015 Hyundai Genesis review

2015 Hyundai Genesis review

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis continues to prove that Hyundai can build some fantastic cars. The Hyundai Genesis sedan provides luxury, power and features at a di…



darkpill says:

Maybe I’m too picky, but I don’t thinks this car looks good at all, it’s
just a hodge podge of other cars.

jimmy james says:

Possibly ..the best review of an awesome car on youtube!.. Great job!

Emerson Yuzik says:

re-sale value on all Hyundai is probably one of the wost.

JMazterV112 says:

50k*+ for a V6 ? Yeaaa right..

Gabriel Mak says:

your videos are great, but what i don’t understand is why all the cars uses
Ontario plates when most of your videos are in the Vancouver Shaughnessy

lexusfan100 says:

wow that is beautifully looking inside and outside looking Genesis. i
really like the value too. i hoped the mpg was better tho

dave dunn says:

I have the 2011 don’t think I will upgrade as both the v6 and v8 are
horrible on gas. 

OG Badger says:

I drove this exact car, top trim+awd.
It is very nice over all and the build quality has a solid feel.
However I did a couple full throttle runs and it was disappointing (the v8
is probably night and day quicker).
This thing doesn’t come cheap anymore either, I say throw in the extra
bucks and get A6 3.0T or 535i.

Motormouth Canada says:

Is the #HyundaiGenesis as good as the competition? Check out the review

dave dunn says:

This car is amazing! The only thing I hate is the rear tails that look like
an Elantra, could have done a better job. Other than that the price
increase especially in canada us horrible! 

Ryan says:

If you’re looking for luxury it looks like the Genesis is up there with the
German brands. Is this comparable to the A7?

dave dunn says:

As stated this hyundai as most are getting way to overpriced. Hyundai is
giving less standard features too. They have to many expensive option

zxbc says:

Put the new suspension, steering and V8 into a new Genesis coupe and take
my money.

gene978 says:

as cars become more and more automated I fear for what manufactures will be
putting us in to have our very own chaffered vehicles. And will our kids
and pets be shuffled around too? I can see everything from econo boxes to
rolling, or hovering the skies the limit. 

ddo93 says:

i think the car looks great and is very original.. I dont really see much
of BMW in front and infiniti in the back.. and theres so many cars that
look alike nowadays its hard to be original. but great review!

Noble Hans says:

Beautiful Car:

foggyblues13 says:

Great review as always!
The front passenger seat next to you looks like something from iRobot.
That headrest and the all white just does it. :D

Stephen Bradley says:

Wow what a beautiful car indeed….17.3 l/100 klm, thats worst than a 6.2
litre GMC truck 🙁 Just a bit too Ritzy for #CampbellRiver #BC too. But
what a beautiful AWD car 

DRkangyo says:

Zach, I think this new Genesis is based on completely new platform and
therefore it does not share platform with K9 or Equus. But the old Genesis
did share the platform with the K9 and Equus. Cheers!

Barton McClain says:

fantastic review………………….

Terry Tan says:

Is it Better than the Kia cadenza with the v6?

Hamid S says:

Very good Review,
I think it would be easier if you compare this car with the other luxury
brands in the same price range, for example, for $43K, other cars in this
price range are BMW 320I ( 181 hp) X Drive W Navigation, Lexus ES
350(FWD)(268hp), Lexus Is350AWD(306hp) $47K, Audi A4 Quattro, New
Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 4Matic(241hp) and Infiniti Q50 AWD
W/Navigation. If you are in the market for any of these cars, you should
check the Genesis.

xijonix says:

awesome review!

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