2015 Hyundai Genesis Review

2015 Hyundai Genesis Review

This Hyundai Genesis video review includes information about its available engines and features, as well as fuel economy, pricing, interior space and competi…



Edmunds.com says:

Watch our latest Video Review to get a comprehensive look at the 2015
Hyundai Genesis.

More info on the Genesis—>http://edmu.in/TPq55N

n777ua says:

This guys really annoying please put different people 

Zlatan Ibra says:

Love the look on this new one

ray britton says:

Excellent review mate. Good job

718hudson says:

I got the new Genesis and I get my dick sucked everyday in it. Bitches just
love it.. And if your reading this, you can kiss my ass… Hahaha

Mohammed Sameer says:

Peice of crap

A Sam says:

Can you please give some NVH information. Sound levels at crusing speed.
Quietness is a very important factor for some people buying in this
segment. So far my research points that the Buick Lacrosse is the second
quietest mainstream car second only to the new S-class

Paul Dunne says:

Who in their right mind would buy a gas guzzler like this doing 18 mpg to
at best 22 mpg, so outdated, when you can buy a Mitsubhisi outlander PHEV
doing 148 mpg that’s bigger and better with AWD (all wheel
drive)permanently on,no contest, Mitsubhisi wins outright. 1/7/2014. Irish
time 16:22. Tuesday. 

justin bouche says:

make it shorter next time. make it 30 seconds next time please. this 2 MIN
takes up to much of my time.

stripes12345678910 says:


M4st3rm1nd says:

this guy is better suited to do an ad for hair shampoo or maybe after
shave. dont have him review cars please.

dave dunn says:

Love the new front end but the rear looks like an elantra 

quietguy1948 says:

Very good review, Very good car – the new Genesis is a winner.

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