2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Detailed Review and Road Test

2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Detailed Review and Road Test

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Alex on Autos says:

Phillip, just remember that the same thing was said about the Audi A8,
Lexus LS and BMW 7-Series when they were launched. The Genesis is honestly
an option worth shopping in the short wheelbase full-size luxury class.

Mike dexter. says:

hey alex, regarding the other review, which do you recommend in my price
range? oh, and of course mpg,s. thanx!

Bo Vorachack says:

Same here, I don’t care about the badge. I want a car that looks good with
power and luxurious. Oh, and a nice v8 does not hurt. I am getting the 2014
r spec for 40k. I want the 2015, but I will be saving 15k. Do you think
2015 is worth the extra 15k? Thanks and keep up the great work.

CheesyTV says:

You might want to try learning how to pronounce the name of the Hyundai
brand properly before posting a review on it. Hyundai is generally
pronounced one of two ways, both 3 syllables: either HEE-UN-DAY, or
HIGH-UN-DAY. HUN-DAY is completely and utterly wrong.

Manny Singh says:

Alex, I had noticed some hesitation in vehicle accelerating from stop. Did
you notice the same? Also, how do you compare reliability of this vehicle
to Lexus ES?

777PharmD777 says:


Which color would you choose if you were to buy one?
I have only seen black and gray in person (I liked the black, but not so
much the gray).
Wondering if that ‘ibiza blue’ looks as good in person as in the pics…
(or if it’s a good color for this car).

nateawzom13 says:

Which exterior do you prefer? Hyundai genesis or Cadillac cts? Which is a
better car?

peaceBluemchen1 says:

Hi Alex, as always I really enjoyed your review!!! Great work!!!
Did you have a chance to try out the the V6 equipped model? I was wondering
how it compares to the V8. I have read that a lot of people actually prefer
the V6 over the V8 because of the lighter weight and thus they said it has
better dynamics and a better ride.
Greetings from Germany :)

mountainhobo says:

The one strike against Hyundai in comparison with Lexus LS is service.
Having owned Hyundai, Toyota/Lexi, I can tell you that at least from my
experience Toyota/Lexi service beats Hyundai unconscious, and that is
important in this segment. I am not sure why Hyundai service feels sub-par,
perhaps because they started as bargain-basement dealers, and that
mentality set in.

I think Lexus might also hold the value better, but I have not checked the
numbers, so it’s speculation. As for Mercedes or BMW buyers, I am not sure
they cross shop a Hyundai.

It would be interesting to see a total cost of ownership for 10 years for
Hyundai/Lexus/Mercedes/BMW calculating maintenance, repairs, and factoring
in depreciation.

Dung Nguyen says:

What is about the reliability? 

alex c says:

Love your reviews Alex. Just wondering if you will ever test a tesla (no
specific model in particular)?

Class War says:

Those who have the potential to buy such expensive cars, are they watching
YT (or any kind) reviews or care about them?
Don’t think so

money says:

I personally think that you deserve more subscribers because you are one if
the best in depth reviewers on YouTube. Keep up the good work and also this
is a great car.

loveyouforever91 says:

very nice car. just wonder how they will sell the Equus along this car?

Alex on Autos says:
Manny Singh says:

Alex, What do you think about the reliability for this vehicle vs something
like Lexus ES?
I have read negative complaints about Genesis line on NHTSA website.

Elliott Manning says:

Despite the RWD architecture and 5.0 Liter V8, I think this car’s closest
competitors are the Lexus ES350 and Cadillac XTS because if its price and
comfort personality.

KHD says:

That’s not full loaded .. coz there is no conrol in back seat ( arm rest )
it should

Matias Petrali says:

i just subscribed and watched this vid…. i can’t believe how good you
are! i really enjoyed this review… keep it up! 

BRian Wong says:

Loll wtf… an avg. tall person is 6″5′? No wonder there’s no rear leg
rooms..oh Americans…

gene978 says:

Alex, like you I fell in love with this car at the unveiling. This car
speaks to me in every way as well. Sure I would love an Audi A7 or a BMW
Grand Coupe, those cars are out of reach and for snobs who have to have
badges. ANd with those vehicles you worry when out of warranty! Hyundai
gives you the best warranty and you know even the fully equipped V6 model
at $51K retail Hyundai will be discounting then pretty good by fall. Say
$45K? Or even find one when it becomes used with low miles and knock off
$15K and get it for around $30K. Love your channel! 

stephane matis says:

Not being a badge snob, I like this. But boy is it ever huge in person. Not
a bad thing, just imposing as heck.

マックス Man says:

hyundai = no good

dave dunn says:

They really jacked the price up on the genesis but every car is to
expensive now a days. 

stanmanh1 says:

Thanks Alex for another great review! I am currently deciding between the
2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 or Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Two different cars.
Too difficult to choose. Currently in have a Honda Odyssey (soon to be
replaced) and a 2012 Acura MDX (wife’s car). Daddy needs a new
transportation vehicle. 

fernando montano says:

This car it’s maybe not reliable compare to Lexus. But I have to admit it
is very nice! Just like cruising in that beautiful skyline Blvd. Beautiful
California roads!!!

Eugene Parkerson says:

Very thorough review. Kudos to Hyundai’s effort.

rskim119 says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyundai fully catches up to and surpasses the
Germans in terms of technological advancement and driving dynamics in a
couple more generations of Genesis.

Mike dexter. says:

White car, Madagascar, great car review, think I’ll go buy one in blue.

senorgato70 says:

The incessant need to continually make comparisons to its competition is
wearisome. Yes, I’m sure many are interested to know but I think a better
approach would be to discuss the merits and demerits of the reviewed car,
then provide a comparison summary at the end. 

Coyote Man says:

These are automotive critics who never, ever say anything critical about
the cars they “test” lol

David Lawman says:

Love your reviews.

Oh Yeah says:

Oh that Hyundai beautiful…uh…uh…uuuuhh. Smoke ’em if you got’em.

Jerry Zhou says:

The roof material in Canada is better than in US, I just notice they use
different material in these two countries! 

werbrown says:

Beautiful car, outstanding review.

Brenton Rodriquez says:

V8? There goes your gas.

james mccool says:

A great review Alex. I particularly like your side remarks and personal

Krister Falch says:

Great review and awesome car ! I really wish they’d bring this to Europe
with their 2,0 CRDI 150HP or 2,2CRDI 197HP engines ! I now own an A6 and
owned a 5-Series previous to that and I’d definitely pick up a Genesis
2,0CRDI ! 

pfunk26 says:

nice video, very comprehensive! like the comparisons with other vehicles. 

spunkmonkey jones says:

Great review! I have always liked the Genesis. I think Hyundai as a whole
has developed very formidable line of automobiles for almost every
market. I am going to be in the new car market in the next few months and I
had my mind and my heart set on the CLS550. But after watching your review
I am also going to test the Genesis 5.0. I know you have tested both ; so I
am curious which one would you go with personally? I just want a straight
up car vs car choice ( brand and price difference are both non issues)

mikerockstar says:

As a Canadian who lives well above the border (ie. WINTER!), I’d be into
the V8 with AWD. 

Joseph JT says:

to me it looks like a Mercedes S class.

GatorDad60 says:

one of the best reviews on the web !!

carguy812 says:

Another Great Video Alex!!!! Love your detail…I would agree that the
Genesis is a sweet ride…I have co-worker who has 09 V6 model and has had
zero mechanical problems out of it…

MrKyungSeo says:

You are a best car reviewer on youtube

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