2015 Hyundai Genesis 4K Review: Would you buy a $50K Hyundai?

2015 Hyundai Genesis 4K Review: Would you buy a $50K Hyundai?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a car that you would be proud to park next to any BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Lexus. It is powerful, elegant, refined and luxurious but it’s…



AlternativeUses says:

Looks kind like an A7 ripoff. That being said, I definitely see the appeal
of one of these. I would recommend it to the average driver. I personally
would rather go German because I’m not sure if the genesis it’s as
overengineered as an Audi, bmw or merc. Most German cars feel like tanks on
the road and bumps, patches of water, etc don’t throw them off course and
with the way I drive on NYC roads that’s critical. 

court bowes says:

I luv 4k on my lg smartphone. Is there anyone else noticing a difference on
their smartphone?

southbeach09 says:

What’s with the orange daytime running lights??? The exterior doesn’t look
bad but it’s still a Hyundai. If it was $20k I might look at it but not at

Fadic4 says:

Give me a fully loaded camry or accord instead.. Or even a Rlx or TL. 

jorge romani says:

These clowns wouldn’t buy a GENESIS because they are in the same show floor
as an ELANTRA or VELOSTER? …….. really? oh god forbid someone sees me
buying a car at Hyundai, my social life will be ruined…… snobbery at
its best

senorgato70 says:

LOL. The people pointing the finger at those buying BMW, Mercedes, Audi,
and Lexus because of “insecurity” or “snobbery” are the only ones who are
truly insecure. When you judge others, you reveal yourselves.
Regarding this car, it’s a really nice car. I wouldn’t buy it because the
interior, as nice as the materials are, is boring, uninspired and very
generic. The styling is too derivative of the Audi, 5 Series, and Altima.
That’s the difference between the true luxury brands, and Hyundai.
Hyundai copies and tend to be unoriginal. 

Aaron Starks says:

Aren’t they basically asking if you’re a pretentious snob who isn’t secure
enough in yourself to buy what you want?

19aas95 says:

I think this car is really nice, I just wish it had LED DRLs instead of
going the cheap way out and using the high beams. I personally wouldn’t get
it because if I was rich, I wouldn’t want to tell people I drive a Hyundai.
Who would pay $50,000 for a Hyundai anyway?

Ryukachoo says:

hyndai is making a noble effort to break badge-whoring in america but
that’s an impossible barrier to breach.
just make a combined kia/hyundai luxury brand. give it a fancy name and a
badge and just use that

Gordon Mccracken says:

I’d trust this any day over an Audi or BMW; Mercedes builds some durable
long lasting engines however maintenance/repair cost are high.

MrOnat89 says:

I would go for 528i which is sportier, more comfortable etc etc even if its
base one

Torrey B says:

First things first.. Needs new headlights 

Stephen Pearson says:


Daniel Blaney says:

such a good looking car ruined by that awful grill. Come on hyundai, fix it
in the refresh please. 

jbs4life says:

wish they would have used a genesis badge on the rear as well

madant1977 says:

Again, only US people can equate this to a Mercedes/BMW. Are luxury cars
worth it? Yes, because you need to pay that price to get that level. And if
you buy this Hyundai you’re not getting that level of
design/tech/refinement/etc… no amount of copying/tricks will get you
that, and it never has.

So, this is worth it as a lower tier luxury car, for more you have to go
up, and I don’t mean just the badge, get over that myth that the only
difference is the badge.

Steve W says:

Beautiful car. What ruins it is that it is sold side by side with $15,000

pegbster says:

I saw and sat in the new Genesis in person and although it is very nice on
the inside, the exterior design isn’t all that pretty to me. It makes me
thing of those generic looking vehicles you would see in a game like GTA.
It’s still a very nice car.

rebelyell22 says:

I would rather buy a ZL1 for $50k lol

FantomLightning says:

Well, based on IIHS testing this is actually safer than an E Class. I’d
take one.

cgravity123 says:

damn i have a quad core computer and i still cant watch this video in 4k

HoldenisAustralian says:

Buick don’t have a RWD luxury car but GM does in Holden. The Calais-V trim
on Commodore and the Holden Caprice could easily be sold as Buicks but GM
are dumb! The Caprice is sold as the Buick Park Avenue in China!

Wildman113 says:

Even the badge is a ripoff of the Chrysler emblem. Hyundai can’t even make
a V8 engine that sounds good, they are absolutely worthless. Hyundai and
the Genesis need to go straight to hell where they belong.

Yippie says:

As nice as it is for the price I still wouldn’t by one. I’d sacrifice space
and go for a loaded up BMW 3 series, preferably a wagon. Or I would spend
10K more and get a Mercedes E Class. You can also have a nice Audi A6
4cylinder Quattro for 50k. 

The Fast Lane Car says:
h8ncars says:

I wouldn’t buy a Hyundai even if it was for 1k 

Torrey B says:

And Hyundai needs to create a “luxury” lineup of cars, such as Honda’s
“Acura” or Toyota’s “Lexus”

Wildman113 says:

Anyone who buys a $50K Hyundai is a complete fucking retard. In fact
anyone who buys any Hyundai model is a complete fucking retard. They are
Korean junk, you’re definitely gonna need that “best in class” warranty.

Its obvious that Hyundais design department is just as pathetic as their
quality: Combine an Audi Grille, Mercedes headlights, and a Lexus GS rear
end to create a copy-cat fake luxo car to sell to idiots who are dumb
enough to buy one.

Kia Forte Koup says:

i’ll take it. idc if its a hyundai

Mohd Mans says:


Walter Thomas says:

As a Loyal Ford Fan, a designer, and a recent disliker of Hyundai, I would
buy it. I love that Hyundai has quality, value and great style. I think I
might be turning into a Hyundai fan if Lincoln do not get their act
together. I love design and Hyundai has it on point.

AntsAfan301 says:

Ok 1st of all I would buy one. Secondly you all are talking about buying an
Audi, BMW etc over this for the “name/ prestige ” BUT YOU WOULD BE DRIVING
AUDI’S or BMW’s “Accent” OF THEIR LINE UP.. at least be able to afford a
nice A4 orA6 (5 series) And not the base if you want to be a badge whore.

Plenty of middle class ppl drive C classes and 3 series and even higher
models so it’s not that exclusive anymore! As for this reliability/
warranty non sense you all need to have a seat. I’m on my 3rd Hyundai and
none have ever put me down besides a dead battery on my 04 Sonata V6 it had
over 150,000 miles on it and ran like new til dec 12 when it got totaled
and I drive hard. As for you all saying it’s too big and commenting on how
the Genesis rides and drives and the interior you all havnt even been in it
to know.

DoctorGaga87 says:

I bet if this car had a BMW badge or a benz emblem, people would go fucking
nuts over it…but they just can’t accept the fact that Hyundai has stepped
their game up big time and can actually make a great car

Rtvoll says:

Considering its a cheap copy of actual luxury sedans, No. I mean come on..
It’s a Hyundai..

JLP Design says:

The fat guy in one pretentious prick.

JDMEXforme says:

Looks like an Audi mixed with Mazda 6s grille.

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