2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Test Drive Video Review

2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Test Drive Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/genesis/2015/?id=32972 Now that the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is on the market, the luxury car buyer has to decide if they want a car with a fancy badge or a car…



Qewee says:

I love this.. A nice new business that afford high end car with much lower
price than all competitors.

lexusfan100 says:

indeed its a nice looking car..i am def going to make top 3 of my car list
:)..more like top 1

n777ua says:

I’d spend $52,500 on a used E550, S6, 550i…the depreciation on this
Korean is going to make you cringe. This thing is a hodge podge of
different brands styling, and it brings nothing new to the table. I’m not
impressed at all. It’s another Korean imitator with no driving manners 

juschill7 says:

Chris, would you mind doing a comparison test for the top value
refrigerators? Or, best on your work experience what is the top brand for

Sean Mangubat says:

Prefer this over the GS.

Iuri Sena says:

Very good car !

tenzin lhagyal says:

Man….i kinda like the older reviewer better..the big guy who changed sun
glasses every car he reviewed..i mean if u ask me…if real recognize real
..ya heard me?

cobaltfly says:

Excellent review!

Huss Ali says:

Kill it with fire 

max audi says:

A company that doesn’t want it’s name on the car…. Nice!

Steve W says:

While it may be a value packed car, nobody in their right mind spends this
kind of money for a low priced name! You spend this much money for
prestige and there is none associated with the brand! Warren Buffett drives
a Cadillac XTS

TheRevolutionary465 says:

if u want luxury, get the hyundai. if u want luxury and driving experience,
get cadillac or some other brand.

pouya farchadi says:

56k for a hyundai?! I’d just get a 5 or Eclass

Christopher Watanabe says:

Keep up the good work Chris. I wouldn’t even think to own a Hyundai, but
now I would at least give it a test drive.

718hudson says:

Over $50,000 fully loaded!!
Imagine that shit!! I’d go buy the 2014 BMW X5 for that price. 

Samuel Duval says:

good review and even better reviewer

K big says:

Why do ppl buy iPads when an android tablet that cost half but does the
same thing?

People follow other people, and people care about what other people think.
It’s the reality..

Krister Falch says:

I really like this car ! I’m not a brand snob, but at 52K I might just get
an A6 2,0T Quattro Premium Plus. I’d have to drive them back to back and
really skimp on some options on the Audi though. So I get some of the
comments about buying a 52K Genesis V6. On the other hand I’d get a base
Genesis over a base 328i any day of the week ! I mean 38K for this much car
and it being this good, it’s a no brainer !

Johnson Williams says:

Great review. Where was this guy before? Awesome! I think Hyundai should
create a GENESIS luxury brand to compete with Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. 

gene978 says:

This is the car Lincoln Town Car should of become. Even though these cars
will sticker at $52K give it a bit and you’ll be able to buy them around

MrNuggetface says:

Hilarious that he keeps mentioning this when your shopping “midsize” cars.
The New Genesis is huge and so much bigger than a midsize. 

kez850 says:

Always been a Honda/Toyota guy but I may have to venture over to Hyundai
for my next purchase!

Kearne Anthony says:

Good review 

oldtwins na says:

Is this better than the last version? There was no mention of this and
it’s important.

Keshav A. says:

I don’t know how I should feel about Huyandai not using their name
completely on their own car.

Jerry Zhou says:

I have test driven the 5.0V8 model with AWD in Canada, it’s really good,
very quiet, and what a smooth ride!

718hudson says:

This review is crazy, how could you open up the video saying that this car
is worth it, but every time you move around the vehicle, there’s a
complaint from the wheels to the child seat to the drivers seat and seat
belts.. Those other Luxury cars don’t have those problem.. 

LegendTheAnonymous says:

I’d maybe still get a Mercedes, only because of the much better resale

xxthehuskycaboosexx says:

I don’t care how good it LOOKS, it’s still a Hyundai. 

ants mirez says:

There was a time that Lexus and even the trend setting Audi were considered
incapable of being competitors to their current competition. Hyundai has
always been a chameleon auto maker. Almost a decade ago, Scion came out
with the tC, which came standard with what were at the time “upgrade”
options. Hyundai is now taking that concept with a luxury feel to them.
People who can afford to buy, lease and maintain the big German 3 more than
likely wouldn’t even consider purchasing a Hyundai. For the average person
it’s a great option.

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