2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 H-Trac Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 H-Trac Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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TopGear-Love.GT7 says:

This car is not cool. Hyundai of there being many people who do not know
imitating and making the car of the vehicle company in the world is sad.

qx4n9e1xp says:

Wow, this car looks much more beautiful than the 2014 Impala.

beratalbania says:

this is what happens when a chinese company copies volkswagen, mercedes,
infiniti, bmw and other car companies superior to it, and puts them
together to make a car of their own

fanowner12 says:

It needed AWD to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class! (:

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

What a big pile of bullshit. “Auto hold” because actually braking your
f’ing car is too much labor.

Ishmale Tack says:

God that thing even looks heavy.

helensanderszzz 눈_눈 says:

im sick of all these people hating on hyundai. ooh like your favorite
german and american cars never copied anyone -_-

marc1093280 says:

Nice review, but there is no way I would spend more than $33K on a Hyundai
or Kia. I would go with a Mercedes E-class instead.

patrick jensen says:

Lol who the hell would buy this car?

WhiteSlift says:

Mercedes C class has higher quality window buttons.

Erik Söderlind says:

I would definitely buy this car.
It’s cheap, both in maintenance and insurance, you got everything you could
possible think of for 50-60k (depending on model) and its REALLY good
Too bad there are to many brand fixated brats out there who complains about
this car without even thinking. U can never get a german car for that price
with that much tech inside, and the only way however is to buy a used one,
but good lucking paying for maintenance and insurance for that one lol

RandomTUBE says:

Ha! Look at the rip-off Bentley emblem. Trying to be something its not SMH 

TheEpicTurban says:

Thats all cool and all but what about the reliability of the car, people
forget that this is a Hyundai car and will probably break after 3 years of
use and the maintenance will be at a luxury car’s price. 

Wooden Spoon says:

it looks nice, but I’d never buy it 

Ivan Dobrichkov says:

are those plastic valve cover. just wow

Facundo Gonzalez says:

Kyle, what is the difference between the Azera and the Sonata? (I know that
the Azera is an Executive car), that obviously isn’t like a 5 Series but
it’s ok.
But my question is, what difference they have? because they look very
similar, and the Genesis itself it’s like an Azera with better things…

murmaider2 says:

that is one unrefined engine. Clacks like a diesel at idle.

Hakeem Olajuwon says:

Did you buy this car? No shout outs to any dealerships? It’s a nice car
but 53k for a hyundai is a bit worrisome. 

iPunchedApuppy01 says:

i like how all the so called “car enthusiasts” bashing this car just
because it is trying to be a luxury car in a german dominated category. Yet
they are calling it Chinese and its Korean. They also Lexus and Infinity
are german… wth.

MrSiberian55 says:

It looks like a Nissan Maxima and a Ford Fusion got drunk one night and 9
months later, this ugly child was born.

leefuji says:

mentioned this before but give kudos to their engineers to bring such eye
candy. Aston Martin front, Lexus LS back, BMW gear and dial looks and a
mixture of everything for the center console and dashboard. Hyundai EQUUS
got the Benz front and end looks.

Edit: I forgot to mention the KIA K900 got the Jaguar front grille 😉 and
this definitely has a replica of the BMW gear stick and functionality. 

Sam Mehta says:

I’ve been seen a lot of comments about how Hyundai copied other brands. In
what way did they copy? Yes, the grill looks like Aston Martin’s, but from
perspective a ton of cars have some similar designs. Like the Ford Fusion
and its grill. You have have to give kudos to Hyundai to make such a
gorgeous and luxurious car (my dad owns the new one) and from where they
came from. It’s just amazing to see how much they’ve accomplished!

tdya1 says:

Copied as usual from many cars

lovesgibson says:

Lmao, S class rip off

Maxwell Tanner says:

Since when do Hyundais look this good :/

Chris says:

So many butthurt scrubs in the comment section who can’t even afford this

MrIronManIsPro says:

All i have to say is that Imma fan..

Djonkie Bonk says:

The engine sounded fucked already in the intro bit. Hyundai makes decent
compact cars that are a good value but in order to offer such value they
have to cut costs somewhere and I think in the parts used they will wear
out prematurely. Many owners have complained about that and as for everyone
gushing over the 10/100k warranty it’s a powertrain warranty and in order
to ever make a claim under that warranty you have to have the car serviced
on time every time at the dealership with records to prove. Time will tell
if this car is good, the previous Genesis sedan is forgotten already. I
would still take a basic Merc, BMW or Audi simply because they’re build
very solid and whiles a tad quirky at times they are worth it completely in
terms of the experience.

SK7 says:

So, the video was uploaded 4 mins ago and it has 3 dislikes. Haters, please
watch the video before pushing dislike button. They are like frekin’ robots
– pushing dislike everytime they see new video. I just fucking hate these

FAAK27 says:

$51 K for Hyundai ? LOL. the number who like this video must be fake. VANK
propaganda to make korean shit looks great. 

furious DUMB says:

the front smells like … 7 !! maybe it’s just me

rohan singh says:

Does the V8 come in AWD

Brian Michael says:

Will Hyundai be continuing to produce the Equus? This new Genesis seems to
have everything the Equus did

Ervis Bekteshi says:

What’s with those melodic tunes? It looks as if they ripped them from
birthday gift cards…

dave dunn says:

I remember when you reviewed the 2009 and I ended up buying a 2011. In a
few years ill buy this one but not in this awful color

emir kokotovic says:

It change so much compare to your car don’t you think +Saabkyle04 

ihabe hunge says:


Jacob Renoj says:

Sir is it yours

l'homme qui est Vieuwer says:

S class is better

Dee Zee says:

First hoe

Der Resko says:

its so much a bmw 7er omg this chinese thugs :D

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