2015 Honda Fit vs. 2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Honda Fit vs. 2015 Toyota Yaris

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Ara J says:

I’m a toyota fan but seriously 4 speed in 2015 ?? come on at least give it
a stupid CVT

RAJohnson713 says:

What’s wrong with his mustache?

Kevin Alan says:

I still have Vietnam style flashbacks of Honda’s horrible “Fit is go”
advertising. Mullet comparisons, trendy urban hipsters, endless fit puns.
Generation Y needs constant attention and positive reinforcement to get
there attention so I can’t blame Honda. Sadly the marketing is a major turn
off for me on the Fit. I feel like a tool just looking at one. 

AutoGuide.com says:
youngsimba09 says:

I’ve heard about quality issues for the ’15 fit. What did you guys think?
Debating on picking up an older fit vs the 2015

madant1977 says:

I don’t know, to me it seems only the US people buy the Fit in bigger
numbers, and this third-gen Yaris is nowhere near as popular as the
first-gen model, guessing because it is ugly. Even this comparison is
weird, but since in the US there is no Opel Meriva/Zafira, SEAT Altea,
Peugeot 2008/3008/5008, Citroen Picasso, VW Golf +, Renault Scenic or
similar I guess it is OK.

Marloon says:

There was no point to this comparison. The fit is MUCH MUCH MUCH better in
EVERY WAY compared to the yaris.

328iiii says:

I don’t think anyone’s going to argue with that decision… The fit is just
a MUCH better car in almost every imaginable way.

jvrdlc says:

before even watching this, i knew the FIT was the better compact car

Ivan Vojt says:

The seat room in the Yaris is a downright joke. Kudos for mentioning the
reasons for the MPG drop.

Anthony Cuda says:

At :58 you have the cars on the wrong sides of the data. Just kind of

Brian Vtec says:

Fit you did it again! Nice job honda!! 

John Appleseed says:

I want a Fit really, really badly. I just love it!

WesleyEngDOTcom says:

That lisp…. I can’t…

MrMK94 says:

My girlfriend really wants to replace her 2000 Beetle with a Fit! I
honestly cannot say enough good things about the Fit (I almost wish I would
have gotten an EX 6-spd instead of my Civic Si), so needless to say, we’ll
be Fit shopping before too long 🙂 

snakeye2669 says:

Thank you so much for drive in real world road and giving us real world
MPG. Most Car reviewer drive in the boonie with no stop and go traffic. 90%
of use don’t drive like that in every day driving. Two thumbs for you guys.

Silverdeamon92 says:

I’m wondering what is going on at Toyota. In 2015 a 4 spd automatic??? At
least a 5 or 6 spd should be a non-issue for a company with such deep
financial reserves. Also there is nothing exciting coming out of Toyota
save for the Suba-yota. Great video review guys keep up the good work.

Neo Quello says:

Wow.. these billion dollar corporations are not smart enough to realize
that gasoline is running out. None of them have a proper electric
alternative.. WTF??/

Top0ne says:

The Toyota Yaris interior looks a whole lot better than the Fit!

cassmanio says:

Toyota is losing its edge. they are resting on their laurels and betting on
their reliability above anything else. the problem is, the rest of the
industry is catching up in all aspects. Recent American and Korean cars are
much better these days

18switchfoot says:

your specs on the two cars are wrong at 57 sec. the honda has the 130 hp /
114 lb ft torque and the yaris has 106 hp and 103 lb ft. just so you know 

Sup Bro says:

What a shame, Toyota is still using the same powertrain for over 20

Justin C says:

Wow cramped necks? you guys must have really long torsos to find the rear
headroom bad on the Fit. 

boomdigitydavid says:

are these videos ever filmed in Oakville, Ontario?

Metra says:

Easy win

pimpfighterROQ says:

this lisp fucker again…

ThatBlackGuy says:

What’s that song at the beginning?

Edward Gonzales says:

I love your lisp its addicting

themenacethemenace says:

I can’t concentrate on anything other than the guy’s lisp.

TheMisterTroll02 says:


coriolis says:


Chris Cicala says:


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