2015 Honda Fit vs. 2015 Kia Soul TRUTH!!!! (Part 1)

2015 Honda Fit vs. 2015 Kia Soul TRUTH!!!! (Part 1)

The Honda Fit has the convenience of keyless entry and I hate taking keys out of my pocket… I don’t have time. The Kia Soul makes me work too hard by makin…



Steve Hurley family says:

Wow! What a lie. The Soul definitely dose not handle like a truck! I own a
2015 soul. I test drove a lot of cars in the hatchback, wagon category and
this was our favorite. Honda sales are on the decline for the last couple
years . Lots of other choices now like Kia , Hyundai etc. Scared Honda? You
should be. 

stan f says:

This is an interesting clip, and appears to be a recording of a
computer-based Honda training film, touting the benefits of the Fit over
the Soul. I think there are a good number of prospective buyers that would
cross-shop between the two (I for one) in this segment. However, what this
clip should do is cause the prospective buyer to dig more deeply into
benefits of both, weighing each carefully, and, upon making a decision be
satisfied with car’s own merits, and not solely because it is statistically
better than the other. I started with the Soul because of the horsepower
advantage over the Fit. Then, the 2015 Fit with a complete makeover arrived
on the scene. Although it still remains with less horsepower, nobody with a
good grip on reality should choose horsepower as the main selling point in
this segment of cars. Functionality, reliability, personal brand choice all
play a part, and are completely justifiable toward one’s purchase – along
with horsepower. And although I purchased the EX Fit in Orchid White, I
view this clip with caution, not wanting to stray from the vehicle’s own
merits, into that of feeling better about the choice because of statistics.
Whether you purchase a Soul or Fit, ENJOY! 

goldpilgrim says:

Soul has much better forward visibility than the Fit. Soul has wide and
upright windshield whereas Fit has NO WINDSHIELD at all! You have to look
forward through the slanted roof. A-pillars create huge blind spots similar
to those in Honda Civic. No Fit for me!

Stanley Simeon says:

Honda wins? Is that even a professional driver? Soul is fun to drive, and I
prefer to drive soul than a fit. Its design is unique, more than a fit. And
does fit has a panoramic sunroof which is awesome? No…. Desperate Honda.
And your crv beaten by the Sportage on sales too btw.

mattmc mc says:

Honda must be scared of the Soul …. I mean , comparing it to a car that
is ” technically ” not in the same class . And the Soul doesn’t handle like
truck btw .

Ezekeil Selerio says:

hahahaha what a joke…

Jason Murray with Cars says:

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