2015 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4 Snowy Off-Road Review: The Fast Lane Car Episode # 4

2015 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4 Snowy Off-Road Review: The Fast Lane Car Episode # 4

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The Fast Lane Car Episode #4 (TFLC4) is a high octane rush of Automotive thrills. On this episode we deliver the ultimate 2015 Hond…



rextuhfer says:

I know you guys did a Forester XT but what about a 2.5.

Denis LeBlanc says:

When considering off-road capability, wheel travel is important. The more
flex there is the better the traction off road. You should always consider
this with crossovers. They usually don’t have enough flex and travel for
off road and can easily unload a wheel and even two diagonally then it’s up
to the traction control to keep you going forward if it can distribute
torque or use the old trick in braking with power to fool the
differentials. Maybe the CRV has easier flex that keeps the tires on the
ground longer and fools you into thinking the tires were better (though
they may very well be better.)

dchawk81 says:

What I get out of this is both CUVs are equally average, your ratings
system is pointless, and for some reason you had some LUV* footage you
didn’t know how else to use.

*Luxury Utility Vehicle. I just made that awesome shish up.

Johntyson says:

I say you rate them on a balls scale…

Brodey Dover says:

Just so you guys know, “self-cleaning” winter tires…is not a good
thing. Snow on snow produces better traction than rubber on snow.

Kamaka Chang says:

How about a “Wheel Rating” for Ruts and Guts. 4 Wheels is the highest and
good offroad, and low score is a 1-2 wheeler. Just imagine a SUV getting a
1 wheel rating on its AWD version.

ZNormT6 says:

FYI 3.0L T6 Volvos are always faster without brake torquing them. If you
brake torque it the turbo doesn’t go into overboost mode. It’s best to just
floor it off idle

PantherP74 says:

Is the new CR-V any better inside? I know the ’15 RAV4 is just a ton of
cheap, crappy feeling plastic inside. I’ve driven CR-Vs a few years old
and they are just as horrible.

RAJohnson713 says:

A locking diff. would make everything all better lol

Adrizz5447 says:

My wife and I are really looking hard at both of these. I think the Rav4 is
better looking and I like the ride and overall performance better than the
CRV. However the CRV has push button start/keyless entry in the mid level
trim and that’s a nice feature. CRV also has the levers to fold down the
seats in the cargo area, hidden usb ports, a little bit better interior and
heated seats. The biggest thing though for us is that the CRV has rear seat
vents now. Our 2 year old wouldn’t have to suffer the heat while the car
cools down because we could direct air right to him in his car seat….
But, the CRV is kind of ugly, the steering wheel is comically small and is
loud and droany with that CVT. My wife says that it’s obviously built for
chicks. The Rav4 gets climate control instead of pushbutton start, much
better stereo, seats fold better and flatter for cargo, feels roomier,
better cup holders, is quieter and the AWD works better. It also feels a
little more unisex. But, it feels like you get less frills and the usb port
is in plain sight and there is only one instead of two like the CRV. The
2015 CRV also gets worse gas mileage than the estimates by far in every
review I have seen while the Rav4 get about expected 23-25 combined.this is
tough. This vehicle segment is getting really competitive. Anyone have
anything to add? We looked at the rest and it’s down to these two vehicles.

Christian Nesson Lennon says:

want to go off roading and still feel comfortable car like then buy a

Jason Boydston says:

You have awesome review videos! Also, I like your star system for ratings.
Instead of Nathan holding up a sheet with ratings on it that is hard for us
to see, you should use on screen graphics to display the ratings; at the
end of the video have a graphic that summarizes the pro’s and cons’ of each
vehicle, including your rating system. Keep up the good work, your videos
are always improving and excellent.

Brian T says:

The forrester xt would destroy these cars.

dennisscipio says:

Rate them by andre faces from 1 to 5

glsracer says:

Volvo really needs to explain the differences in their standard program and
sport. I continue to see reviewers use the transmission sport and then
complain about understeer. Volvo implements a very Jekyll and Hyde system
in their AWD vehicles. Engage transmission sport and change DSTC to sport
and you’ll find a very different feel at the front as well power on
rotation in tight corners. The current XC60 T6 AWD Sport can quite easily 4
wheel drift around tight corners if set up correctly.

dchawk81 says:

The CR-V and RAV4 look so similar it’s almost sad.

Alvin Ahn says:

Use mountains to molehills

Drogos79 says:

rear seat space is understandably smaller in Volvo. As a father to 2 boys,
I will take more cargo and little less room in a back seat any day…or
I’ll take my 11′ outback which has plenty of both 🙂 My bet is 90% of
customers will by this as a 2+2 family wagon so space provided is more than

sic22l says:

5:34 – are you sure about those numbers? In Europe Honda claims that CR-V
has 165 mm (6,5 in, as much as Chevy Cruze) of ground clearance, Toyota
says RAV4 has 187 mm (7,6) with big 2.2l diesel. Does Toyota sell different
RAV here?

Vlad Saghin says:

To the TFL Car team, could you PLEASE(!!!) go back to the “old” way of
reviewing cars?? Who cares how fast a crossover goes around a track
honestly?! Take the Audi S5 review you made, THAT was a PROPER review on a
real ROAD (waaay more entertaining than going around a track)! At least you
still do off-road reviews (which are cool btw)

Wayne Young says:

I think we need to know what gets 10 points, what is the top end of your
scale? I would suggest a stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon would get 10 points
on everything. Then you would rate everything else on that scale, so that
something getting 5 points is half as good off road as the Jeep which was

Adrizz5447 says:

With these new cvt’s and eco engines, you should do the 65mph passing
rating. This would have been a good comparison between these two given the
cvt vs 6speed auto. I’ve driven both and feel the Rav4 has greater everyday
driving behavior. Now the 2015 CRV CVT is leaps better than the 5 speed
2014 CRV in terms of getup and passing, but the Rav4 went up the I-70
corridor to the lookout mountain exit with what seemed like less effort
than the CRV. In this review you did cover what I was looking for and that
was the AWD performance between the two and I wasn’t surprised that the CRV
AWD is kind of a joke. Now I would l love to see both of these in the drag
race at the track. I honestly feel the Rav4 would take the win with the
6speed. I think passing is an important aspect of commuting and would be
great to see some results.

Nathan Spence says:

Luv it u guys. Always like something different. Keep up the hard work yall

applesappleapple says:

I am a TOTAL Honda fanboy, but even I’d give both of them a buy it. The
CR-V is fantastic (and as you’d expect I think it’s better than the RAV4)
however I still think the RAV4 is a fantastic car! 

Demont Washington says:

Testing these two cars off road is like testing a kitchen knife by cutting
down a tree with it.

Wayne S says:

I wish reviewers do road noise level measurement at certain cruising
speed like Motorweek used to, which is more meaningful than some features
on the vehicles

CJ VN says:

Another question: Are you going to take some vehicles you’ve already
reviewed, like the new Outback or the Forester, and rank them on the new
“Ruts and Guts” rating system as well?

Owen Z says:

To be honest, I don’t know how to drive on snow mountain and don’t want to
try without rescue team nearby. No matter which car I drive. Share some of
your driving skill and experience on those snow road if you can. Thanks.

Tan N says:

M&S tires is just a tread to void ratio. regular all season tires are M&S
(M+S) anyway.

Lukester116 says:

Yay! Go Honda!

b22chris says:

Whatever scale you make you should pair it up with like 10 being a jeep
wrangler and 1 being a toyota carolla.

Jaroslav Záruba says:

I might be the only one but I prefer intros of like 3s length (like Autocar
has) over these tens-of-seconds.
Also I believe the segment the Infiniti and the Volvo fall into is not a
luxury one, but rather a premium segment.

Tomek AtHome says:

Nathan, good review, can you big guys seat at the front and at the back of
this cars? When Emmy seats athe back of Honda it dosent say much to me…

814gt says:

Subaru forester xt. Both CRV and RAV are great cars, but after my test
drive the Forester turbo was worth the extra 2k.

mohd lami says:

I hate this kind of cars. They seem to be artificial comparing with full
off road cars. And they are not reliable for off roading. 

Thomas Karl says:

When we going to see Cadillac CTS VSPORT v. Mercedes C400

Dakota Embree says:

I say you use the rating system using a billy goat. The reason is these
aren’t really off road cars and if they do well off road we refer to it as
a little billy goat.

macneilsoberider says:

I would of liked to see some other crossovers in this comparison like the
forester and cx5

Kim Savage says:

Toyota needs to give more clearance 

CJ VN says:

If you buy one of these do they come with different tires for different
parts of the country?

Alexis Bacunga says:

Great job an unbiased review nathan!

Winson Cheng says:

how about the rogue?

kimchi1977 says:

Hooters! Or mountains.

SLJ71 says:

In the opening montage, it shows you spinning out in a new ’15 Challenger
RT Classic. When will that review be uploaded?

Joseph Stafford says:

I like the longer videos and new format a lot! I would really like to see a
ruts and guts with the 2015 subaru forester 2.5 though (I just bought one)

The Fast Lane Car says:
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