2015 Honda Accord VS 2015 Hyundai Sonata

2015 Honda Accord VS 2015 Hyundai Sonata

The all new for 2015 Hyundai Sonata takes on the venerable 2015 Honda Accord.



Jason Lopez says:

I love Sondata’s warranty offer.

gbo123 says:

Why korean cars are so good in the USA??? In other countries all over the
world, honda is way better, more reliable and classy materials and high end
models…hyundai is known as trashy can cars… Also in other countries
like europe or south america Honda or toyota will have way better resale
value…idk its weird…hahq

bokkey45 says:

dude both the accord and the sonata pretty much look the same. So much that
I would say that the types of people who don’t give a shit about cars would
have a difficult time telling the difference.

I am not one of those people however. I am quite critical of a car’s
exterior styling, and yes both cars share different exterior designs.
however, I wouldn’t say that the Sonata “doesn’t even compare”, because
they both share strikingly similar characteristics. I would actually say
the Accord has a more sleeker, BMW esque profile to it, with the tail
lights and the window kink in the C pillar and sloping roofline, while the
Sonata body style looks a little outdated for me. Plus don’t forget the
Accord is two years older than the Sonata. 

Xaionik says:

Mazda 6? Is not a class leader for Mid-sized sedans.
1. Camry
2. Accord
3. Altima
4. Fusion
5. Sonata (in distant 5th.)
– – –
14. Mazda 6

Overall cars only:
1. Camry
2. Accord
3. Corolla/Matrix
4. Altima
5. Civic
6. Fusion
7. Cruze
8. Focus
9. Elantra
10. Sonata

Mazda 6. No.

Mason Spain says:

Video says the car in the video is an SE. It is actually a Sport model. 

Jazzy Lou says:

But you didn’t compare ride, smoothness, seat comfort, space or which had a
quieter cabin. Your review was based solely on printed information and
subjective hoopla which does not really constitute a real review, let alone
a respectable comparison.

icantw8 says:


allcarseveryday says:

The all new for 2015 Sonata SE takes on the 2015 Honda Accord.

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