2015 Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier Matchup Review

2015 Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier Matchup Review

http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The 2015 Chevy Colorado is the newest mid-sized pickup truck to hit the American market. It directly competes with both the 2015 Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier…



headcas620 says:

Chevy is so stupid. The Colorado and Canyon need the new 4.3l v6 instead of
this shitty crossover engine. Doesn’t matter to me though because I’d buy
the diesel. 

Graham Roth says:

I bet fords gonna make a truck to compete with the GM small trucks

Diego Gonzalez says:

When will it be going on sale?

Dan lee says:

You used the same clip of that mdx turning around 

Smokeasammie says:

Hopefully GM stepped it up a notch when it comes to rust prevention.
Probably not though. Can’t wait to see these things driving around without
cab corners rockers and rusted out bed sides 5 years in.

JPorkins88 says:

Only thing I cant get over is that a Ext Cab 4×4 Colorado costs almost the
same as a 5.3 silverado 4×4 crew cab.

filmcostar says:

SoCal fine weather fine women fine Chevys’ 

macbookpro57 says:

Is the engine sitting in the transverse configuration? that’s a crime in a

Ultimatemxcn says:

That is one UuuuuuGly truck. Id take either the Tacoma and Frontier without
thinking twice even though they are older. I know they are trying to
improve MPGs but that front airdam is so low it looks like it would rival a
few minivans for scrapping on the curb let alone offroading.

William Phillips says:

Did either of you sit in the back seat?

farmerallis says:

Holy shit, guys, keep it in your pants. It was funny the first time, then
it just got childish and annoying.

Danny Contreras says:

+The Fast Lane Truck Toyota is replacing the Tacoma with a hilux successor

DylanHuberify says:

I’m interesting to see how the long run. the Tacoma and Frontier may be
dated trucks, but they have proven reliable over time. It be cool to
compair the same 3 trucks 2 years from now. I had a 2007 Frontier for a
work truck. Base, v6, rwd. Loved it. I lasted 300 000 miles. I still miss
it. The funny thing I found with GM trucks is how they call it an off road
package but the front bumper is down so low it has a horrible approach
angle. On every GM truck. 

mcinkyt says:

F150, best selling truck yada yada.

Ok, how many sold per year vs Silverado/Sierra combined?

Inquiring minds need to know.

Jesse Boisvert says:

why did you take this video down the first time?

robsatease says:

These guys are cheap whores and can be bought. Why bother they know not of
what they speak. 

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

The Colorado off road? Haha look at that front lip 

adamalen says:

Sexist pigs 

devyn brady says:

So I hope you guys don’t get paid to say this stuff. Cause u can obviously
tell it’s a chevy/gmc “place” your testing this at and I’m a huge Chevy man
so I hope this is all true. Not that I think u guys are sell outs I love
your videos

carlitos rodriguez says:

They are wrong the chevy colorado is not the only american small truck they
forgot about the dodge dakota dodge or american two

6191904life says:

Cool video, what part of San Diego was that, La Jolla? Have not been in
that part yet even thought I live in San Diego. 

Pedro De Armas says:

Bad business on Toyota and Nissan for taking too long to update these
trucks. GM picked the right time for these trucks. I almost bought a tacoma
until I saw the Colorado. Is a lil pricy but I will fight for my money at
the dealer. 2wd V6 Crew cab long z71. 

DreadlockDrummer says:

sooooooo why does nobody ever mention the dodge dakota? does dodge not make
it anymore?


That Colorado is a sweet looking truck

The Hood Pope says:

How much did Chevy pay you for this video?

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