2015 Chevrolet Colorado vs 2015 Toyota Tacoma

2015 Chevrolet Colorado vs 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Is the new Chevy Colorado better than the long standing Toyota Tacoma? Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AutoGuideVideo YouTube -…



Fadic4 says:

I’d still get the Toyota over the Chevy. 

Kubeanie Gaming says:




supremewhip says:

The Tacoma is probably much more reliable… Not to mention the 2016 Tacoma
is literally a couple months away.

juan tafoya says:

I just saw a 1986 Tacoma still running good, thats 28 years old lol ill buy
a Tacoma over a Colorado any day. 

moaski says:

To me, the front of the Colorado looks like any number of minivans, whereas
I like the rugged, truck-like proportions of the Tacoma. Also, this
emphasis on gadgetry is really missing the mark. Most Tacoma buyers prefer
its spartan dependability and don’t care for power seats or infotainment

Macintosh247 says:

Basically this video is about how the Colorado does everything better than
the Tacoma. I kinda was hoping you all would find at least a few things the
Tacoma did better than the Colorado. This just feels like a commercial for

Brent Cairns says:

i would take reliability over bran new anyday

Sharpshooter012345 says:

I’d pick tacoma over colorado any day.

M3anBIMMER says:

Chevy. Made in Mexico. Value in 4 years-sub $10k. POS-yes. 

Toyota4Life says:

Toyota hasn’t given any meaningful updates to the Tacoma?

Um TRD Pro ….. How could you miss that fact. It’s badass 

David S says:

In ten years lets say both of these trucks have 100,000 miles. The Chevy
would only be worth $5,000 and the Toyota would be easily worth $15,000.
Not to mention the reliability of the Toyota.

jamesgjt says:

toyota please stop making cheap vehicles…. they just keep using the
engine and components from the 90s .. 

WastedofAir says:

New frame, new engine, how can it go wrong? Direct injection? No, thank
you. I prefer the proven and tested Tacoma. American trucks used to be
dependable and proven, I guess only Japanese trucks are now, ironic. 

iceman5815 says:

You know what I hated my fucking Tacoma so much it’s too fucking reliable,
ugly, drives like shit, and just starts every time I turn the key. I just
don’t know why this is my third Tacoma. It’s just so fucking reliable and I
just hated it so so much. I’m gonna go and buy me a Colorado….

HighMagnitudeGT says:

The Colorado also looks 100x better than that shitty JDM piece of shit

Acc0rd79 says:

38k!!!! Id rather just buy a full sized truck at that price. I was thinking
they would go for high 20s or something, sheesh.

WastedofAir says:

“If you buy the chevy, you will be spending less time and money at the gas
station” What is this a chevy commercial? I wonder how much is it going to
cost to fix clogging valves because of direct injection, since only a
engine rebuild can fix the issue. Toyota 2016 tacoma is going to use port
injection for lower rpms and direct injection for higher rpms, its the only
real fix for the issue, any vehicle that uses only direct injection will
have clogging valve issues. Lexus is250 that had only direct injection,
engine issues. Lexus GS with port and direct, doesn’t have that issue.
Volkswagen filed a patent describing the issues back in 2004. 

NeutralGenericUser says:

Comparing the brand new Colorado to the old Tacoma is pointless. Wait a few
months till the new one comes out. With that said, if I had to choose
between the 2 trucks tested, I’d easily go for the Tacoma for reliability,
resale value, and the look.

Mohammad Sadiqi says:

Buy the Toyota, at least you get something called RELIABILITY!!!!

budcargeorge says:

You guys are not too bright when it comes to comparison reviews. You can
get a Tacoma with Bilstein Shocks called the TRD Sport which walks all over
the Z71 package and is way cheaper. The limited has a rougher ride and has
no bilstein shocks. You can further get two more off road packages that
destroy the TRD sport which already beats the Z71 package. The limited
model in the Tacoma has a rougher ride, try the Tacoma TRD sport, Off road
or Pro model for a softer ride.

Toyota also offers 334LB-ft of torque and 304 HP under full warranty via
TRD upgrades that you cant get with the Chev. Nice that you mentioned the
power lag in the Colorado but that is not a weight issue, it is throttle
lag, inept shift points, motor reving too high to get to its power and poor
gear ratios that all sacrifice driveability in order to save fuel; that
really hold the truck back when off road.

The Z71 package is really just an oxymoron to off road capability. You had
an off road option in the chev but of course failed to go off road due to a
low front bumper. Even the Tacoma limited that is not built for off road
would destroy the chev off road model. Why was an off road model brought
into the mix.? And for in town the Tacoma is easier to maneuver and handle
in parking lots.

And bring a decibel meter next time because the noise in the cab was the
same in another review.

Tacoma also has proven reliability, popularity and higher resale. I get
that you guys like the competition so that the trucks get better, but you
really fail to give the Tacoma credit where credit is due. The mass buyers
in this segment completely disagree with you for 4months now and you should
really ask yourself why? and do a better unbiased review next time. Here is
a summary that you failed to mention:

1 Better resale
2 Proven reliability
3 Popularity Badge (pride of ownership-king of off road, TRD) What badge
does a Z71 stand for? Other than empty legends.
4 Better Off road capability x 3
5 TRD options with full warranty
6 Better maneuverability
7 Responsive gas pedal, no throttle lag
8 No low front bumper, worry free off roading, I can crawl on snowbanks,
curbs and steep driveway transitions stress free with a front bumper on a

At least mention these items along with the Colorado high points and you
would have a better review as to what buyers are actually doing.

James Dwyer says:

I know people are going to make a traditional “truck” argument for the
outgoing Tacoma, but they’re both damn near the same price… I like the
new Colorado and Canyon, I hope GM gets some good sales numbers from the
trucks. The new Tacoma looks promising too, although I’m not too crazy
about the styling. At least it doesn’t look like an overweight whale like
the Tundra.

Also, is anyone else worried that front aero lip on the Colorado is going
to get knocked off on any decent offroad excursion? Hopefully it’s easily

Praetorian says:

All those small GM trucks since the 1994 model year have been garbage. I’m
skeptical about this one. Sorry, I’d take the Tacoma any day over the GM,
or any makers small truck. Not to mention you could buy a nicely equipped
Silverado for the price of that Colorado.

Caleb Dyches says:

Lol everyone hates on Toyota because it’s not American made but a higher
percentage of the Tacoma’s parts are built in the states than GM’s
vehicles. Yes Ford is more American built than Toyota so it beats is there,
but GM blows when it comes to “American”. Only 40 percent of the Colorados,
Canyons, Sierras and Silverados parts are built in Amercia. The Tacoma
Built in SanAntonio with over 70 percent of its parts being American made.
But in the end it doesn’t matter where the money is going (as long as it’s
not towards harming people lol). What matters is that what you’re buying is
quality, and that you like it. The Colorado is a luxurious truck but
compared to the Tacoma off road it’s a huge difference in ability. The
Tacoma has a long vast history in the off road world, and a great amount of
its owners use them for more than just the daily trip to work. However it
does lack in luxury. But the 2016 was just announced and has a lot more in
store. In the end just buy what makes you happy, what you like. That’s all
that matters, if you like it then you can never be upset with it. 

Arlind Sadikaj says:

My dad had 07 Tacoma very similar to the one they reviewed…. I drove that
truck a million times. He had the TRD package which made really fun to
drive… I never really took it easy on that truck. As hard as I used to
drive it it never averaged 15mpg…. always in the high teens. My 06 ford
expedition averages 15mpg… this clearly an infotmecial for chevy. 

Ivan Vojt says:

Wow, this is pointless.

Raptor_428 says:

The Chevy is better than the Toyota in many ways.

crazy wheel says:

Let’s say the Toyota is going to last longer but (I don’t care which brand)
I won’t buy a truck with 200k miles for more than 5k even if the owner
swear is gonna make it to 300k, besides that is going to take me more than
10 years to hit 200k and after 10 years I’ll be crying for a new truck

Tomas Barahona says:

Why tell me why , am going buy a headache. Tacoma have been prove it it’s a
Hard To Kill. Am sorry you are making a huge advertising for chevy. But no
thanks am still buying Toyota. 

Kamaka Chang says:

Let’s not forget if the Tacoma and Mustang hadn’t continued production and
good sales GM would never had bothered making a new Colorado and Camaro.

phil brown says:

I drove all the trucks on the mid size market over the last month I
honestly didn’t care what I got, personally I like nissan frontier because
i had a 94 XE that would never die. But I got the 4×2 WT colorado I4
because its does more than what I need it to do (I never off road or tow I
just have a motorcycle and camping gear to haul) and it had the lowest
price with the options I wanted out of all these trucks.It also cost over
500$ less to insure over the tacoma, and the frontier was so underpowered
it just fell off my radar.

arktikgraywolf says:

The Colorado just looks too boxy still. There’s nothing sporty about it
besides the front, which was slapped on a canyon body. And why do they make
the front bumper so low? Ruins the approach angles and ground clearance
sucks with out a lift. 

hnnotyy says:

I’ll take a Tacoma can’t wait for the new one to come out…

WastedofAir says:

“…“I have a 2006 VW GLI with the 2.0T FSI engine with direct injection,”
he wrote. “At around 80,000 miles, I went to the VW dealer to diagnose a
check-engine light. It turns out that the intake valves had to be cleaned
due to carbon deposits that were causing drivability issues.”…When his
dealer failed to offer free work or any compensation, Halkidis took his car
to a local VW shop that cleaned the valves by blasting them with walnut
shells. (Yes, walnut shells; it’s a method used by BMW.) The cost to
Halkidis was about $400.” A consumer reports article. ‘Direct-injection
engines improve performance and save fuel, but at a price’

kwk1 says:

How are the back seats? Are they just for kids?

fernando montano says:

For some reason I still like this Tacoma over the new Colorado! 

Gurdeep Dhillon says:

I brought brand new Colorado in 2009 and every service done by Chevy like
oil and tires change stuff like that and two years later with 50k on I want
it sell it them they were going to GIVE me 8 THOUSAND for it SO I trade for
Toyota Tacoma 2011 and drove it four years and got it 26 THOUSAND for it
and got 2015 Toyota tundra 4.6 liter so I will never buy anything else then
TOYOTA HONEST I’m not getting PAID to write this.

vaajchang says:

I really see two areas of improvement the chevy has over the toyota.
Interior features and better mpg.

B. Robertson says:

Well if we are going to compare a 10 year old truck design to the brand new
one let’s be fair. The new GM trucks look very mini SUV in the interior ,
not liking it . And nobody seems to be impressed with the new powertrains
,car /suv based … Sorry GM the New Taco will eat your lunch and your
flabby little trucks will be in second or third place..

Kamaka Chang says:

The height of the Tacoma is not the culprit, it’s the short height inside
the cabin that makes you sit long more like a sports car than upright like
a chair. That makes it feel more cramped.

Tasi Fatu says:

Colorado will spend more time in the shop then the toyota and Tacoma ride
like a truck then ur car rado

Edward Salas says:

Z71 package is power seat adjustment what a joke.. Too much electronics in
a vehicle, sounds like more things to break..the Colorado is perfect for
its commercial of cruising the city..Tacoma LET’S GO PLACES.

mark marshall says:

still have my 1997 Toyota corolla, and still have my 1993 s10 blazer Tahoe
lt 4wd, both have been awesome 

cjchampa says:

I feel like these guys don’t know what they’re talking about too
much…Half of the short comings of the Tacoma that they mention, I’ve
never personally notice. I drive the 2013 Tacoma.

C. Cuervo says:

Comparing a 10 year old truck to a brand new one .really? I wonder how much
GM paid for such a favorable review . If Tacoma still out sells Colorado 2
to 1 just wait until the new tacoma comes out.

maoss40 says:

Why is pointless? Is Toyota never update their truck, same engine like 10
years, never change, they just comparing what on the market today, Toyota
sucks now 

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