2014 Toyota Tundra Review

2014 Toyota Tundra Review

Pickup trucks are an intrinsic part of American culture. More than just a tool, trucks have become a cultural icon in the United States, which may be one of …



Eikichi Onizuka says:

I’m Japanese and I drive USA trucks because they are fast and reliable.


I recently purchased a 2014 Toyota Tundra Limited Crewmax. Love it so far
about 500 miles on it. I have some questions I was looking for advice on.

1. This is my first big vehicle so can anyone provide some tips on parking
in tight parking spots? I know backing in has better turning radius however
I notice when I am pulling into a spot with cars on each side I feel like I
am going to hit the other car, at least with 90 degree angle spots. The
parking spots that are angled are not too bad. So what tips can you guys
give on parking between cars whether it be backing in or pulling in
forward. (I have tried wide turns but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it in a
small parking lot) I read somewhere about pulling up behind the car to the
left and then backing up to straighten up and pull in but havent had
success doing that yet 😐

2. Is it normal for the Tundra to not shift when accelerating quickly until
5-6 RPM mark? The transmission and shifting is very smooth in normal
acceleration and driving. However if I am at a light and decide to “punch”
the gas it feels like it takes to long to shift? It runs up to 5-6 before
it shifts. From what I saw online it seems like its normal. At least from
the videos I have watched. Just want to get more opinions on this. I
noticed when I am driving that a small range of the pedal is “soft” and its
not until I pass a certain point that the power of the 5.7 V8 really feels
like it kicks in

3. Anyone know what the weight limit for the tailgate and step bars are? I
believe Toyota doesnt suggest a weight however I was thinking if you have
people sitting on the tailgate to not exceed 600 pounds and the step bars
500? Given the step bars are just to get in the truck not to stand on but
just wondering if anyone has tested or knows of what it is capable of

4. What is your real world MPG? I am getting 13.8 right now (mainly because
I am still in the “test” phase, as in punch the gas sometimes)

5. Can you turn 4HI on after you start the truck or do you have to be
moving? And for the month 10-15 miles using 4WD if you go in a straight
line no turning can it be done on highway pavement or should it just be
exercised off road? Really I think the whole 10-15 a month is just crap but
I like to follow the manuals 😉

Thanks guys!

TheBCSledder says:

Looks like a frickin SUV

murmaider2 says:

People seriously buy jap trucks?

davva360 says:

Good truck but one of the least attractive of the current bunch in my
opinion purely in terms of styling

wiibaron says:

It’s a Ford {overwrought in plastichrome] grille on a Ram style
hood/fenders with Chevy looking sides. But at least the name is stamped in
the metal on the tailgate. Like some Jeeps…

George E Corwin says:

I sold my T100 this morning. I will be ordering a new Tundra Limited
within days. Under no circumstances would I consider buying an Obama/UAW

ไปรวิทย์ พรมชัย says:


tjtank20 says:

Where u ever on an episode of MTV’s TrueLife?

MaZEEZaM says:

Really good review. Coming from an Australian perspective, the first thing
i thought when seeing it was it looks very American, so i guess it got that

Ric Bonillas Jr says:

I am curious if this 2014 Tundra has a C-Frame as 07 to 2013? 


Dated looking, terrible gas mileage, trying to rip the Ram off, geez toyota
just get the F outta here!

jeffrey625625 says:

the grille looks ugly as hell compared to last gen :(

nightkidd604 says:

I think its ugly. The older Tundra looked better…interior looks nice tho

Paradigm says:

This guy’s body movement in the intro made it look like he wanted to fight
me or something lool

666dynomax says:

v6 options in fullsize trucks are always laughable. At least Titan doesn’t
offer foolishness that will waste your time and money on resale.

cwoolfork says:

Great review!

ghos7r1d3 says:

bouncy boobs

احمد محمود says:

Ugly grill 

guinmaan says:

5 million recalled vehicles and it’s only February. All hail the Recall

simon luong says:

f means fix, o means or, r means repair, and d means daily

Resq28 says:

Well done review. Thank you

YoYO Semite says:

Interior looks like shit

Josh Ochoa says:

it looks smaller? -.-

omg101man says:

Wannabe American truck

Clu uck says:

Crap interior, looks like the 2013 Camry, sad……

NRAbsoule says:

Japan is a very conservative country they don’t fix what is not broken and
they stick to tradition. By american standards they are liberal but to the
rest of the world somewhat conservative. 

StevO G says:

There’s a coupke of issues Toyota needs to address especially if they want
to continue to be a strong contender in this market. 1) the fuel mileage
sucks!! 2) they need to step up their horsepower rating 3) they need to
bring a diesel into the mix amd finally 4) they need to consider a heavy
duty version of the Tundra . . .

MasterTX says:

Nicer than my 2013 crewmax, but I will miss my reclining rear seats if I
trade it in. 

Ray A says:

there is a reason why you don’t see commercials with guys saying ‘I traded
my 2014 Chevy Silverado for a Toyota Tundra’…lol. Tundras are the
‘affordable’ truck for someone that wants to look mean and cool in a truck
but cant buy a GMC Sierra or a Dodge Ram. When I see American trucks such
as the 2014 Chevy Silverado, I see what a definition of a truck really is.
American trucks as clean lines, very bold looks, not too fat, and what a
truck is suppose to look at. When I see a Tundra, I see a truck that looks
like a piglet. a fat body, round, too much tacked on metal, and trying to
fit in a world it doesn’t belong in. Just last year Toyota ‘made’ over
200,000 tundras BUT only ‘sold’ 20,000 in the entire USA. they are making
the tundra as a loss. Adding lines of plastic in front of their trucks with
that small nut sack of a logo is a shame to put on a truck or even to buy
when even thinking of buying this pos. GUYS buy a real truck..don’t put
yourself to shame buying this affordable truck.put a little bit more money
down and buy a Ford, Dodge, or a GMC..a real man made truck that has the
power and strength to do what you want it to do. 

Tou Lee says:

What if, The toyota logo in that grill was a ford logo? Imagine all the
great things people would say how great that truck is. Ha!

carlos perez says:

I don’t understand why people hate the tundra so much. Just because it’s
foreign? That’s the stupidest reason, most of the best vehicles are made in
foreign countries.
I’ve always loved trucks and i don’t see what is wrong with this one other
then the gas mileage.

av8trdme says:

Just ugly!

Jane Tran says:

I hate that thuck

heresteven says:

I WILL NEVER BUY A TOYOTA AGAIN. We bought a new tacoma 3 months ago and
the dealer left the oil fill cap off. The engine has dirt inside and they
won’t back up the warranty and replace the engine or the vehicle. You would
think the company would change after the accelerator incident. I have no
trust for this company. I find it to be a fucking shame to the japanese

Jessykah M says:

January 10, 14 GM recalls 303,000 new chevy silverado and gmc engine fire
risk for 2014 models. Dont believe me. Look it up. Thats why i dont trust
american brands EVER. Only TOYOTA is the best!

aaron hernandez says:

Damn has the 05 ford mustang dash board and f150 air vents, bed looks like
the 2014 silverado bed damn… Not impressed

Pastor Delgado says:

nice boobs dude! haha

griffin ogg says:

All foray trucks sucks!

Hauler Scraper says:

Toyota doesint build a truck, never has never will.

Crystal Auto Mall says:

The 2014 Toyota Tundra is certainly a treat! Check out this review.

Jesus alonso navarrete villegas says:

I absolutly love the interior very good looking from inside it reminds me
of a lexus 

marko308 says:

Looks good, would sell well in Australia. Not available for some reason?

Boris Donkoglov says:

Nice tundra .best truck ever

Bev Smith says:

Great Truck

Toyota4Life says:

Awesome Truck !!!

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