2014 Toyota Tundra Review – Kelley Blue Book

2014 Toyota Tundra Review – Kelley Blue Book

Pickup truck people are an immovable bunch but for the small number of buyers who haven’t already aligned themselves with the top-selling American brands her…



Calv Algierz says:

I’m excited to see what the 5.0 diesel will be like, tundra is already a
beast I can only imagine the diesel OH GOd!!!

Tuppoo94 says:

This thing needs a diesel engine. A 3 liter 6 cylinder will be just fine
for most people, and it gets way better fuel mileage than the current V8.

bander ibrahim says:

love the review hate the Truck 

DeVon Carter says:

It’s a nice truck, however I am not a fan of a moonroof 


This is hard cold fact that the Toyota Tundra is the ONLY truck in the
world can tow the space-shuttle to its final destination. Beat that if you
are dare…lolzzzz :)))

TheGearHead48 says:

Still if i would get a truck .. Id get the Tundra 

Kane Smith says:

I like when people talk about the standardized tow rating. Their are
several tests done that show Ford for example actually underrated their
actual ability to tow and stop even at 11,300lbs. so yeah…all it proves
its that Toyota really is behind the other trucks in terms of capability.
They just paid a little extra to prove it.

songthirtyone says:

Brand loyalty is for the weak of mind! Whoever offers the best product at a
competitive cost should earn your business.

purple8gold says:

Pretty entertaining and useful review. Thanks!

Gene Edmunds says:

every time i hire contractors and they drive a Ford/Chevy/Dodge…their
truck always leak oil. Always a puddle of oil on the street. 

aldair guzman says:

Those headlights look cheap compared to all the projector and hid
headlights on ford Chevy and ram

uae0nexus1 says:

american truck huh?
tundra has more american made parts than the ford f-150 ^^

gcrebel2008 says:

I think this model is a step backwards from the previous model. They
eliminated a few things that I love on my 2010 model so I think I’m gonna
hang on to it.

Zachary says:

Great video. Love the girl. 

mistertee says:

another great vid, though i must say i much prefer the old non-VO style.
micah is fun to watch talk…

Michael Saputra says:

I love this guy

vix121 says:

Man that grill is way too big lol. Another excellent review

Khaus Kwm says:

tundra and f150 got the roomiest interior

victor bozzo says:

I have said it once and I will say it again, you sir are HILARIOUS! Keep up
the good work and I am still waiting on that 2014 Mazda 3 video. Something
tells me you will be declaring it the segment leader. ;-)

shafta99 says:

true dat, this truck is for those that drink tea, with their pinky sticking
strait out, lol. gimme a ford truck over this any day.

Jean Frechette says:

Waste of space.

Mark Cruz says:

Hello KBB i really enjoy using ur KBB iPhone App but can you please update
it with the new models and Photos its a bit behind. Thanks i would

Dr. Cuddy says:

Nooo the tools are the ones who buy trucks, don’t need them and come up
with a lame ads explanation, and btw BOBALISIOS I said BUY, not gifted

Josh G says:

Lol at 4:57 


Put a diesel in it

Tzunamicircus says:


joshuaglen91 says:

I always love the kbb reviews from this guy, all the reviews are good,
funny, and entertaining. 

Netanel Duran says:


ARSSystems says:

look ugly..

MrFrozenCanuck says:

The new GMC is a nice truck, I rented one the other weekend and I liked it.

Max Power says:

Are these still built in Texas?

modmatt1 says:

Love the truck and engine option for towing, but the lack of integrated
trailer brake controller (with anti-sway) and locking diff option is a
non-starter for me. Next year?

Orlando Zamalloa says:


DatTriple says:

Looks pretty good, but not better than the competition.

sahiel5 says:

good reviev
tundra its 2nd best i like it for its moders tech not archaic aproche of
dodge and gm
still f150 eco boost is the best

sushi777300 says:

I just love the creativity in this video, and Micah is an eye candy, too


(Worth a comment) 

आत्मा says:

Tundra or nothing

Mushimaster Reviews says:

Looks pretty awesome, unfortunately not available in my country

Netanel Duran says:

I have the 1794 tundra 2014

Dr. Cuddy says:

What’s funny is that most people who buy trucks don’t even need them.
They’re just arrogant wastes of.gas. 


GREAT REVIEW!! I love the gymnastic (girl) roll into the bed!! Dudes face
expressions, funny and worst a comment.. THUMBS UP!!

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