2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan 0-60 MPH Review: Is it really fast & fun?

2014 Toyota Sienna Minivan 0-60 MPH Review: Is it really fast & fun?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2014 Toyota Sienna is a family hauling monster that can tow 3500 pounds and can be had with all-wheel-drive for even the worst of c…



TJC450 says:

almost $50gs for a toyota? Nahhhh 

Scott K says:

I don’t like those roof-mounted TVs because you just know the guy behind
you will be watching that screen while driving at night.

matthebest018 says:

50k?? Id get a mid range tahoe/suburban better in every way and it gets the
same MPG!! lol

Chris Anderson says:

Really nice van, but AWD isn’t necessary. With the new Sedona, this class,
except for the Chryslers, is really strong.

scterka says:

Call me when it can hit 60 mph in under 6 seconds.

Rick B says:

Is that a “Big Trouble In Little China” tank top/shirt you are wearing
Nathan? I’m talkin Jack Burton!!!!! If so, you are a total badass!

The Fast Lane Car says:
Tim Joseph says:

I think all Toyota 3.5 Liter V6 engines should be reduced to 3.3 Liter V6
engines with direct injection, along with VVT-i, with similar performance
figures as the current 3.5 Liter V6. The 4.0 Liter V6, found in the Tundra,
Tacoma, and 4Runner should have direct injection with VVT-i, since that
engine is in definite need for more torque and fuel efficiency. These
engines can run on 0W-20 synthetic oil that Toyota requires.

kirbyswarp says:

No. It hurts to look at and has one of the worst interiors I’ve ever sat
in. CP

INUMIMI28 says:

No, buying a minivan with manual will not make your hairs on fire, in any
sort of way. You’ll just make your life bit more stressful and that’s it.

HAYitsALEX says:

Would have been cool to do kind of like a drag race between the Sienna and
Chrysler Town and Country! :)

Andreas Lie says:

Great review as always, Nathan

Pug In A Mug says:

I really wish they would do these types of reviews more often, like this
one, that hemi durango review a few weeks back. That is my favourite kind
of TFL

Jacob Dunn says:

Anything looks good compared to the Nissan Quest

MrKeyboardCommando says:

The ankle biter in the back really has grown, Nathan, but he sure does look
the absolute spit of you, right down to the beard and moustache. 

Tom Dauria says:

Poor Nathan goes from heaven Alfra Romeo to hell Toyota Minivan :). Quite
the downgrade

TJM navyussamerica says:

That vehicle is not worth the price tag they are asking for it .

Kamikazed says:

I have this car. This is by far the worst car I’ve had. Cheap plastic
everywhere. There is so much road noise. Also when you close the door you
can hear that the metal is abnormally thin.

TheK24Kyle says:

screw that. i’ll keep my 97 celica. Those were the cars toyota knew how to
make fun to drive. as for minivans, the odyssey offers way more tech
features better styling and interior quality over this car at a good chunk
less. If you dont need AWD, you shouldn’t be putting your dime on this. In
terms of best to drive? i know the odyssey is funner, i owned one and my
aunt owned a sienna. so back to back i would say the honda takes it. 

Ralph Hardwick says:

This is the second one of your videos that I have seen that this Nathan guy
has made derogatory comments about other nations in (this one, showing
prejudice against Europeans and another one mocking British teeth). Someone
ought to remind your director / producer that Youtube is an international
platform and your advertising revenue comes from multiple locations. Yours,
an ex viewer.

wilber35 says:

I have the 2013 sienna se there is not other sporty or awd van in the
market only toyota gives you that I love my van.. thanks TFL for the


Other than the all wheel drive, why would you get this over an oddesey?

Dcc357 says:

You’re messed up in the head even if you pay $30000 for a Toyota. Look at a
Lexus if you plan to pay that amount

Blackciti West says:

I’m not a fan of minivans….like at all, but I like this van. Pricey for a
minivan but what isn’t these days. The interior is almost Lexus like and
the two sunroofs is a nice feature. 

Nima Ataei says:

YES! it really is. That car has a lot of torque from the V6, and it has a
great turn radius. Feels very solid on the road, and more importunity, my
cousins’ Sienna XLE Limited shuts the kids up with all of it’s
entertainment features in the back. Truly a great car.

AutoFocusHD says:

Modern Family

tacomanfan344 says:

I’m sorry but did you just say $48,000? For a Toyota Minivan? LOL…. I…
I can’t.

corey hess says:

U should take it around the track and tow with it up the ike gauntlet just
for the hell of it lol

Kamaka Chang says:

All the Sienna needs is the same redesign/refresh that the Highlander got
for 2014.

Billy Sou says:

$48k for a minivan — that’s 4 grand more than the Honda Odyssey Elite
(vacuum included). 

Mike Pham says:

I have one and avg only 14mpg mostly highway…..

jared novak says:

Do the odyssey

autoxerwgn says:

Those tires aren’t great, but they are way way better than the run flats
that came on the previous generation Sienna AWD.

E. Smart says:

Simply the best minivan on the market

Marlon C. says:

After driving and riding in the Odyssey, I don’t understand how it is on
top of the class! It rides rough, somewhat loud AND it feels like you are
towing a boat behind it. 

95thRiflesOCI says:

If only cross overs / suvs give the same leg room as a minivan while having
the same high ground clearance.

gmancarini1 says:

You have issues. I’ve driven across America 3 times sitting in the 3rd row
of a sienna and wouldn’t do it in anything else.

Haider Khan says:


Barobran92 says:

The 2014 Kia Sedona is really nice, and I bet it will have a big price
advantage over the Honda and Toyota, with a lot of features.

Superfartz says:


kobe lejordan says:

What has this channel come to

dogefresh2 says:

The grill looks similar to the Toyota Hilux

Aaron Chau says:

Take this to the track!

eimanchaudhry says:

Soccer moms dream car lol

Michael Leers says:

It’s almost too funny … my 1990 BMW 750iL (with the 12 cylinder, which
was the only way they were sold) gets 21-22 MPG on the highway (albeit 11
MPG around town). It weighs as much as this van …
We have not come very far in this regard and I am saddened …

Morgan Douglas says:

I love the Toyota sienna! I had a 2011 Honda minivan ELITE, and then we
test drove the sienna, and I feel in love with it! XLE AWD rocks! And I got
mine new for 32,000! That’s not bad when I payed 45,000 for the Honda!
Honda sucks…

YevKeepSmiling says:

LOL. “It gets 60 MPG on the highway”. That would be awesome, though!

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