2014 Toyota Rav4 car review

2014 Toyota Rav4 car review

2014 Toyota Rav4 car review.It’s the way the auto industry works: every generation of a product must be bigger, more technologically adept, get better fuel m…



Quentyn73 says:

Cvt is not modern, it is just cheap

George Lopez says:

Where does this guy get his info, just like Benjamin said, its not a CVT. 

JTfromtheblackspot says:

alot a bull crap

Scott Chesnutt says:

2013, not 2014 as advertised. Down vote

atb102798 says:

you stole this video from cnet you moron. 

Ryan Poser says:

“A “Bing” Search even!”

Lets be real here no one really uses bing..

Johnny Blaze says:

2013 fuckface.

kimberly jacob says:

jonny your a pussy

Erin Nelson says:

r they gonna bring back the V6? :(

Chevy Man says:

It sure has all the bells and whistles.

Benjamin Menges says:

The Rav4 does not have a CVT, it’s a 6 speed Auto.

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