2014 Toyota RAV4 AWD Limited Start Up, Review, Exhaust, & Test Drive @ MOTORCARS TOYOTA

2014 Toyota RAV4 AWD Limited Start Up, Review, Exhaust, & Test Drive @ MOTORCARS TOYOTA

2014 Toyota Rav4 AWD Limited ( With Driver Technology Package ) Ask for James if you happen to be in the Cleveland area & interested in purchasing a new Toyo…



BlakesCars2 says:

I hate the orange in the tail lamps..

2JZBobby says:

how do you think the driving dynamics of this compare to the new CR-V? My
aunt who is pretty much car aliterate drove both and thought the RAV-4’s
steering was way to loose and light so she went for the CR-V

CWRT says:

How exactly does that flashing third brake light work? Does it flash only
from deceleration or every time the brake pedal is pressed?

2Kriss2Kross says:

Did you move to Ohio?

ER B says:

Honda CR-V 

Ford Fan97 says:

I had an idea that this was you from 2theredline. I was right.

1bentley4ever says:

Am I the only one who finds the new Rav-4 butt ugly? The interior is nice

Adam Murphy says:

Love the engine exhaust sound at 14;40! Great review and test drive. 🙂 Do
you think this is anywhere near as fun to drive as the new Escape and Mazda
CX-5 are?

Ian Matney says:

Not too long along I test drove the new RAV4 and the new Cherokee. While I
like the RAV4 for being simple and honesty, I prefer the Cherokee for being
quirky and having character.

Intechdude300 says:
1bentley4ever says:

You look less sun tanned than you did in Florida. 

1bentley4ever says:

Yep, I’m the driver who mounts his elbow on the window sill lol.

jaymum23 says:

Toyota just doesn’t even try to provide great interior fit-and-finish
anymore. It’s almost insulting. The new Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, and
Mazda CX-5 all have much better interiors. It’s the materials that fall
short for Toyota moreso than their build quality: nasty hard plastics
abound, sharp edges and exposed flashing, and few (if any) soft surfaces. I
have to given them credit for improving this interior versus the old Rav4,
but like the present-day Camry, it’s still far behind. I have zero
complaints about Toyota’s stellar reliability, nor its resistance (at least
in this model) to go CVT, which will pay dividends to long-term owners who
would rather not get raped by the dealer to service it.

nismoaltima1326 says:

Hey great review, why don’t you come out in 2theredline anymore?

Joel Kim says:

very nice reviewer.. likes to go into details. gj

hamoody hamada says:


bigcrowfly says:

Miss your videos at the auction where you pull apart the low quality
plastic of the Toyotas.

accordguy0325 says:

blah… Toyota is the new GM.

Robert Davis says:

I miss the v6 option in the rav4

85ZingoGTR says:

I also hate the fact that they use that cheap sounding beeping chime in all
cars up to Camry that you hear in other cheap cars like Suzukis. They
should have kept the old chime signature ding ding chime or use the ones
that ae in the new Lexus cars.

James Sobotka says:

I’d really like to see what you’d say about the 89-96 2 door
k5/tahoe/jimmy/Yukon from GM, it’s not all about the cup holders and bells
and whistles, but you should stick to your little foreign cars if that’s
all you care about, real car guys don’t only care about the interior, it’s
whats under the hood

SierraLima1470 says:

What a terrible sounding exhaust 

Keith Chung says:

Thanks for a good honest review. 

MacSaab93 says:

I test drove a red 2014 Rav4 Limited two weeks ago. I surprisingly liked it
a lot. It had decent power and relatively crisp steering. Might be my
choice in this segment if it looked better like the Mazda CX-5. My local
Toyota dealer (Marc Jacobson) also offers the lifetime power train

paradoxdesigns says:

that ain’t my gramma’s Rav4. You really have to wonder how long all these
electronics in new vehicles are going to cause havoc for mechanics in the
future though. either way. I kinda like it! 

Yori Basavatch says:

I heard the XLE and LE rode better with the 17″ wheels. The XLE offers a
great value for the money, probably the one most will go for.

Alexander Tien says:

Good and detailed review. Very impressive. Thanks.

BentlyboYY says:

These are so ugly and cheaply made my neighbor has one a 2013 and she’s has
had problems with her muffler being lose and shaking on bumps the dealer
says it’s normal they all come lose.. And plus it’s so ugly

deapozol says:

Very nice review! And also, you are cute! :)

ScottBravesFan says:

The third row seating on the Rogue is a joke. We test drove one this past
weekend and my 8 year old who weighs 48 lbs and is like 50 inches tall
barely had enough room to get back there. It just seems like a complete
waste of time to put a 3rd row in this compact SUVs. 

85ZingoGTR says:

I hate Toyotas 2.5L 4 cylinders. Possibly the most unrefined sounding
engine I’ve ever heard. My aunt has a 2006 Rav4 and the engine sounds like
it’s made of soup cans. You hear the 4-cylinders in cars like the Mazda
CX-5 or in cars like Dodge Dart and Ford Focus and they sound almost like
6-cylinders because of how smooth they run. 

dave dunn says:

Do u work at a toyota dealer now? 

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