2014 Toyota Prius V: Is it for you? Real world analysis and test drive.

2014 Toyota Prius V: Is it for you?  Real world analysis and test drive.

The Toyota Prius V has been on my list of cars to review for some time…I always wanted to know, where does it sit in the automotive universe? Why buy the V…



shan rite says:

I think I’m in love with the V. I wasn’t liking the lower back in the other
one, but this looks more like a mini SUV, minus the gas guzzling. I also
like the Ford C-Max, so I’m still undecided. I’m going to try to go test
drive them both this week.

Bryce Hale says:

I like that you reviewed the cargo area thoroughly thank you

4BetaMale2 says:

Your friend should drive my car for a month. It’s a 2000 Ford Taurus. It
gets 17 MPG (in city) 23 MPG (high way) and a Wapping (drumb roll please)
20 MPG combined. If after a month of having to fill up once a week and
getting nowhere on the 15 gallon tank did not make him want to drive a
Toyota Prius V, nothing would. I would almost kill to have a Prius V.

Vladimir Miangolarra says:

european models have a third row. 

Ford Fan97 says:

WOW that is a lot of room in the back seats. I want it now.

yolo the second says:

Prius vs. Masserati. In Style. Who wins: masserati

Noodles says:

The “valley” is cos overseas market prius+ get a third row seat.. hence
“valley” or hole for legs.

Emily Hebbron says:

So helpful! Great video – really appreciate focusing on the cargo space.
After all, that’s what you’re looking for if you’re looking at a Prius V.

Luca Mancini says:

Thank you ! 

Josh Mccarter says:


phamus says:

I’m getting 43.5 mpg so far love the V

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

Check out the 2014 Prius V!! 

Samuel Moreno says:

This is helpful I might just go buy one!

conceptcs says:

great review!

Kamaka Chang says:

I think the big drag on Prius V sales is the Poor rating in the IIHS
overlap test. This lead to the subsequent CR recommendation being dropped.
The regular Prius got better crash results. 

Josh Mccarter says:

Is there any way you could test a honda? 

Kamaka Chang says:

Fun review. Fun fact the Japanese Prius V comes with more compact lithium
ion batteries and a 3rd row.

Dang Lobotomy says:

I bought one, and now I have been living in it for 3 months. Its perfect
for car camping/living.

Don La says:

We just bought a Prius V a month ago, and we loved it! We used to own a
Highlander hybrid for 8 years. The Prius V feels almost like a Highlander
with better MPG. I loved the USB audio option, but I think this is
available to all Prius, not just the Prius V.

Alex A says:

Hey. I was just wondering how your able to test drive the vehicle for a
couple of days? Like where do you get them from? & How would I ask?

By the way, great review :)

Josh Mccarter says:

Geat I can’t wait

CuteFunnyVideo says:

Great review! Keep up the good work!

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