2014 Toyota Prius Five Review

2014 Toyota Prius Five Review

If we said the Toyota Prius hybrid is as remarkable as any ol’ Ferrari or Lamborghini, some of you might be dismissive, to put it politely. But Cars.com revi…



Vlad Baghdasaryan says:

Hi guys, i am looking to save for a car that’s fuel efficient, so my
question is which car out there is not that expensive to lease and that has
great fuel saving?
i drove Toyota Prius for 1 month, it was a great machine, great turning,
really great fuel saving (800km(500mile) per galon and you dont have to
plug something to charge it, you just press the breaks and it charges, half
fuel half electric) and i didn’t really see bad features, expect the cheap
materials in the interior…
now i am not a car expert, because all the cars i drove were Honda CR-V and
Prius, and i liked prius more…now i don’t know if my taste will change
after i lease a BMW (M-series hopefully if i get the money) in the future,
but as of now which car would you guys recommend for leasing in Canada?
Prius or Volt? and again i heard that BMW has great turning and stuff…
Prius was really good at U-Turns in my small experience, so what you guys
BTW i am college students so i need something cheap/fuel efficient and
something that has good turning, control etc…

Canal Salsero says:

looks nice vut i’ll never pay37k for a prius

RollinOnDemDubz says:

Remarkable because it hurts the environment more to make this garbage than
it would a real car

hyylo says:


Megatron2013 says:

Many people still have problems with the brakes. Did Toyota ever resolve
these issues?

マックス Man says:

The Prius is a sexy looking car

jeff chang says:

Waste of money
You half to be a liberal or a qweer to drive this p.o.s.

tonydano says:

is this the elusive neckbeard?

Mattb57 says:

fake and gay.

superchan7 says:

One must really love it to buy a loaded one at $37k. A much better value at

Ariel Moscovici says:

People can hate on this car as much as they want, but it really is an
amazing car! I bought one brand new in 2005 for 23k. It now has 249,000
miles on it and I’ve never had a problem and I’ve never gotten less than

Kevin Smith says:

I have to dislike this video purely for the fact its a Prius.

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