2014 Toyota Prado Diesel – Review

2014 Toyota Prado Diesel – Review

In this video CarTell.tv review the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu Diesel. This Prado top of the line Kakadu has 3.0L Inline four cylinder Diesel engi…



Oscar Merlin says:

Wagon? Isn’t this a SUV? It’s really fascination to see how car culture,
well what “regular cars” are on the other side of the globe. Many thanks//

CarTell.tv says:

Watch Martine review the latest Toyota Prado Kakadu!

zikosiss says:

No mini skirt = No watch

tru999 says:

Martine was absolutely right on the Kakadu though.

She should test all the buttons in every car she reviews like little girls
who keep on pushing every button, turning knobs and flipping switches very
fast. Its annoyingly fun to watch but at the same time one would know if
the buttons are sturdy enough for constant abuse or a result of flimsy

coolgamer77 says:


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