2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado



Cars says:

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Stephen Flaherty says:

Very ugly compared to the pretty dinky toy looks of the previous model. I
have an 06 Landcruiser and will have to wait for ther next generation
before thinking of changing. I could not live with a vehicle this ugly. 

Simon Paul says:

Hey people, what’s the difference between toyota land cruiser prado txl
2014 and the vxl 2014 version please???

jawad shahid says:

everyone here who is saying prado is good,is clearly suffering from

Carlos Sikora says:

I like this prado

rash mini edinburgh says:

Prado is ok but i prefer range rover b/c of its cool sporty shape n more
space inside…

Yousaf Khan says:

So cool

Mzwakhe Ntombela says:

Wow! Very nice. 


manual is the best fuel economical(PETROL)

rash mini edinburgh says:


Mzwakhe Ntombela says:

Wow! Very nice. 

jawad shahid says:

its absolutely hideous, i cant believe toyota has been working so
tirelessly,to make the prado as disgusting as possible

Kenan Memmedov says:

cox kobud buraxilir

josj15 says:

it looks american

Matheus Oliveira de Souza says:

Amei, agr sim a Full arranjou concorrente a altura

Bambooo48 says:

Prado is Awesome

Азиз Асланов says:

для совхоза сойдет

Steve Butler says:

If you didnt know it was a Prado, at first glance the back looks liek a
Cherry or Great Wall. Not good. Love my Prado but……

Yahia AlShareef says:

loved the new look

i1524 says:


taib jilali says:

My brother Long live the new Toyota Prado and making God the best SUV in
Japan I’m from fans live SUVs

Akram Ameen says:

its awfully pretty

Sarang Yande says:

Fabulous!! A true luxury SUV

Abdullah Alrashed says:

beautiful front and decoration inside car

Максим Максимыч Исаев says:

Красавчик, есть же!!!

Дмитрий Сахаров says:

А для аула ?

Gianni Barberi says:

even that on the back are strange: they come from the design centre in
France. But I have this car 2010, and is simply fabolous

Алексей Трубицын says:

Что Вы так, крутая тачка ! Проходимость как у “Оки”, вон как ездит по
ровной дороге))

Kamal Kammourieh says:

i love my Prado 2004 are great… and this one are better look then 2012

RPGTKingpin says:

should take a look at the Lexus GX 460. It’s quite literally heart-ache in
vehicle form 😛

Алуа Абишева says:


farai charlton says:

am in luv with ths car

Al Hasan Jafer says:


Rob McDowall says:

Does it have a solid rear diff or is it IFS rear end?

Алуа Абишева says:


Sunshine Toyota says:

Check out our review on the 2014 Prado, just launched it yesterday : )

Carlos Andrés Farías says:

la quiero 

denis zombi says:


محمد الحربي says:

ممتاز جدا ويستاهل بس اتمنى للي بيشترية لا يشتري من عبداللطيف جميل لانه
يستورد السيارات ستاندر و يضيف علية الاكسسوارات الصينية المقلدة بايدي
بنجلاديشية في مستودعهم بالخمرة ….

فيه الوكيل في قطر ممتاز او الكويت او الامارات …. حجز طيران 1000 وشحن
السيارة بالبر 1500~2000 ريال وصلى الله وبارك .
وتاخذ سيارة العمر لمن عاش .
وتكون السيارة بالكااااامل
made in japan 100%

Михаил Булыгин says:

Настоящий автомобиль!

jawad shahid says:

its absolutely hideous, i cant believe toyota has been working so
tirelessly,to make the prado as disgusting as possible

Бобби Крафт says:

у меня у одного звука нет?

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