2014 Toyota Hilux Vs. 2015 Nissan Navara NP300

2014 Toyota Hilux Vs. 2015 Nissan Navara NP300

10 facts you need to know about the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara Design. Gone are the plain surfaces, which were considered modern at the time of the current model’s launch. Keno Kato, head…



Uriel Bazan says:

Nissan tiene caballos de fuerza… No ponys jajajaja

Edu Becerra says:

Aunque la mona se vista de ceda… Nissan es bueno, pero la calidad Toyota
es Mejor, incluso pareciera que el modelo de la NP es copia de la Hilux

niclna says:

toyota has a higher stance, nissan is a bit lower. engine wise i think
nissan got it

guy proulx says:

my first choice is the Hilux but i’d take the Nissan over any POS american

guru gara says:

Looks the same but nissan is littlebit stylish because its all new

raimunda é mauricio na br says:


Abdul Ghani Shukri says:

u missed out the interior for NP300. Also during the Hill Start assist
shots, the video was abrupt. It does not show the proper 3 sec hold. let me
know if you need the footages

RingSight91 says:

06:42 “Be Careful! Animals” lol! If you don’t drive carefully, you’re going
to get called-out on it, and be called an “Animal” to boot lol.
Why not: *”Caution: Animals Crossing”*?

Wai Kit says:

Noob nissan …

ไอหรั่ง ผมแดง says:


edionaldo batista says:

Show de bola. ..a frontier. …linda de mas. .m

Crazy Cars HY says:
auturk says:

I like the look of the navara! Very nice 

David Fernandez says:

Like Nissan frontier

Kyle Boodram says:

nissan nissan nissan

วันเฉลิม พรรณโส says:

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