2014 Toyota Highlander Review

2014 Toyota Highlander Review

Great Scott! The Highlander Goes from Bland to Bold http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/toyota/2014-toyota-highlander-review-3632.html Subscribe http://www…



AutoGuide.com says:

Watch our 2014 Toyota Highlander First Drive.

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supremewhip says:

God damn, the front is ugly.

lexusfan100 says:

this new highlander did not pass with flying colours at the crash IIHS
test..just sad. i was going to buy it ..but will have pass due to the poor

westernprelude says:

Got darn…..Someone could sleep in that ginormous grill!!! You definitely
need a V6 to haul around something that heavy. I pity anyone trying to go
up an incline with the 4 banger configuration. 

Ernesto Ortega R says:

why are toyotas so UGLY now? 🙁
looks like the ugly subaru tribeca

Khemistry says:

A little nitpick, but I would have loved to see the reviewer make use of
the LED DRLs. I mean, videos like this are supposed to make people more
informed, and either encourage or discourage me to go into a dealership. I
would have loved to see how the vehicle looked with it’s lights on, and
that was completely left out. 

Mario dablife says:

interior looks great

Bradson Vogel says:

Great shot with the Doe:) Toyota has stepped up their game! Too bad the
fuel economy sucks. I’ll wait until it gets 30 mpg overall 

Mr11ESSE111 says:

Better name will be Toyota Duncan Macleod (from clan Macleod)

Felix Tran says:

I don’t really like the front. It looks like the top and bottom part are
designed by 2 different teams who had no communication whatsoever until
they brought them together…like those bumpers in racing cars.

Grimlock1973 says:

Solid review. Really like the new redesign since it looks more masculine
and squared off now. The last gen was too round and soft like the pilsbury
dough boy.

N.C. says:

It looks a bit American tho

Cameron Tu says:

While the rear end is kinda polarising, at least it looks similar to the
RAV4. Good branding, Toyota.

Michael Chu says:

Too much satire in the review…

Gary Hylton says:

If you look past the chrome, the grill looks like a Mitsu.

Sala Sharif says:

I have a 2012 highlander & I would never ever get this ugly thing. The
front is the worst thing

Moyerboy78 says:

I’m surprised at how much I like this. The old model didn’t really get my
attention, this is different, it has some character without being odd,
can’t wait to see it in person or drive it.

zeng ricky says:


Diego Angulo says:

Toyota highlander or ford flex?

Eric Marley says:

Just bought a new CLOTHING model. Looks soo much better I real life.

Vikram Sahu says:

Very very talented person,got a very nice style and very interesting

Cassidy Sundance says:

From the Front it looks a bit like a Tundra, and the from the Side the Jeep
Grand Cherokee.

2Kriss2Kross says:

That rear looks a lot like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Moby Dick says:

No Manual. 

William Allen says:

Looks like the pathfinder in the rear. 

RAJohnson713 says:

Soooooooo ugly

jhphoto77 says:

Are you guys planning on doing a review on the 2014 Durango?

Michael Romano says:


Scott Burry says:

these god dam commercials suck a big one

gaivoron says:


PlanetWasabi.com says:

Enough with the stupid jokes…this reviewer is trying way to hard to be
funny. I never heard so many lame Scottish jokes in my life! Other than
that it was a good review.

ideaynojodas says:

The grill looks like it´s not finished. WTF!

David Lew says:

it looks like a sienna had a baby with another unknown car LOL

Xavier Mangubat says:

The front looks so ugly in my opinion… the tail lights are too bulgy, and
the whole back end reminds me of a Prius V. Anyways, I like the interior…

atl3630 says:

$40k and pretty crappy fuel economy. Nice vehicle but I don’t know a lot of
families that can really afford something like this. Not that affordability
will stop them! We need 8 year car loans! LOL

eulluisgtr34 says:

Terrible hostess

ksampsondavis says:

No offense, but this guy could use a lesson on vocal sonority and a

8000RPMS says:

being a japanese car enthusiat for the longest time….my first was a honda,
second a honda even my third car was a honda…but when it was time to grow
up and time family…i wanted to go back to japanese cars…but what a
disappointment, boring interiors, same engines years after year, and if
they “change” its just means, different headlamps and few changes here and
there, even after 5-6 years…sad..american cars are just better this days,
even korean cars are better.

ES300Nation says:

the V6 engine sits so far inside lol

MrMadungus says:

Too expensive. I couldn’t wait so I opted for the 2014 Durango RT instead. 

icemanroyal says:

I don’t care how reliable Toyota’s are, I would rather drive my toaster.

Thomas Rockford says:

The thing is – when u drive Toyota vehicles, you drive quality. I have no
problem with the way the Highlander is priced. I got mine in a steal from
CarMax, but if I knew how well it would drive and how little I would need
to repair it, I wouldn’t think price about paying a few thousand more for
Also, the insurance is cheap.. I’ve been driving my Highlander for 5 years
now and routinely change my insurance carriers to keep my rates low (to
avoid rate increases). I’m usually able to get rates around the $25 to $30
a month range (I use 4AutoInsuranceQuote or Insurance Panda to find them).
The Highlander is more than twice as cheap as my brother’s Escalade is to
insure. Could not be happier with it.

MrRedpaul84 says:

Interior, beautiful. Specs, reasonable. Exterior, Shit

Nicholas Smith says:

If I were to take his review out of the equation, I would say that the
Highlander is an attractive car. With all that aside, I’m really sick and
tired of all the flowery language this guy uses in his auto reviews.

John Thomas says:

The grill is ugly

maseratiquattroport says:

can this guys just give us the review without too much obscure satire.
gud, at one point it just became too much !!!!

someone from autoguide please tell him !!!!

Held@RockPoint says:

Looks like a vehicle for insurance company commercials: very bland and
nondescript to the front (or a masculine twist on ugly – take your pick).
One thing’s for sure, Dodge does a better Journey to the back than this
bloated Toyota.

Mattb57 says:

is this dude for real? Like a Scottish wind?

Zinizzle says:

Great job Toyota! Hopefully it sticks to Toyota’s legacy of building high
quality reliable vehicles; all while being made right here in the US.

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