2014 Toyota Highlander Review – Kelley Blue Book

2014 Toyota Highlander Review – Kelley Blue Book

For the latest Toyota Highlander pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/highlander/2014-toyota-highlander/ Widely regarded as on…



Kaelin Curtsinger says:

This was an excellent, if not disturbing review.

zech007 says:

Micah was playing waldo in this video

KenniTheKid says:

Nice review, nice to see some new faces.

Cesar Chacon says:

Who dis? 

남유동우 says:

Good review, just as good as Micah. Oh, and it also COMPARES with the Kia
Sorento 7 passenger pack and the Santa Fe LWB!

invy951 says:

Love this newer style of reviews from kbb. Entertaining yet professionally

CanBoChoChet says:

Hey, Liberal Arts Campus!

Chris Taketa says:


MrStarman1978 says:

Great Review! My next suv! Time for an upgrade next year!

fsugrad03 says:

Great review!!

Emerald13 says:

Great review!

Jonah Gutierrez says:

wheres micah:(

2012bigPerm says:


Todd Gill says:

What’s up with the Obama Fan-boy cracks against Bush? I thought this
review was about a car?

Michael Pons says:

Great review. Best one I have seen about this car thus far. 

Teeeshmedia says:

lmfaooo 4:51

Zach Vlasuk says:

My take on the 2014 Toyota Highlander. Another enticing choice for
anti-minivan types. 2014 Toyota Highlander Review – Kelley Blue Book

Ivan Vojt says:

The Pathfinder is even worse, your looking at a Pilot for a decent 3rd row.

Mattypat says:

I missed Micah. Even though he was there for a little bit, he does it like
no other.

Tech Defender says:

Should I buy the new highlander pathfinder or Durango? 

Geoff Shaffer says:

Love the cameo by the Slim Jim! Excellent product placement!!

Aaron Buyten says:

Wow, this was surprisingly good. I approve!

Lee62bt says:

I like the looks of the new Highlander, but if you are going to have a
third row seat, make it with enough room to sit in.

FLOCKAIRpilots says:

I like this guy! Great job!

tahj677 says:

I actually like the Highlander….but I will not buy ANY TOYOTA until they
improve their safety rating in the new small overlap crash test.

Xavier Mangubat says:

I saw this on the road and I thought it was the 2014 MDX. The rear side
window line looks similar. I don’t like the front and the bulging tail

MrRedhondabadge says:

Thought he was ab libbing to Micah’s voice. Great review

Lbolting005 says:

Zach, u did a good job for the review! There shouldn’t always be one person
doing a review, u did a good job man.

TheDx917 says:

The kid part was hilarious!!!!

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