2014 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Review: Colorado Muddy Mess Test

2014 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Review: Colorado Muddy Mess Test

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Highlander can go off-road. In fact it will do just fine on a dirt road. But what happens when that road turns snow…



George Hill says:

Here’s some Rules for the Auto Industry.
1. If it doesn’t have a Clutch – It’s not a Manual, it’s an Automatic that
you can make suggestions to.
2. If it doesn’t have a Frame – It’s not an SUV, it’s a Station Wagon. It
might be butch, but it’s still just a bloated station wagon. 

ViewerVerdict says:

i love this channel, currently it’s taking over the 4th place in my
opinion, 1st DRIVE, 2nd MOTORTREND, 3rd CARBUYER, 4th TFLCAR, 5th SAABKYLE,
SMOKING TIRE/// Any more suggestions ?

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Is there some kind of competition going on in the USA whereby the company
who produces the biggest, most cumbersome automobile wins a prize ?

Los Pollos Hermanos says:

2:35. wait wait wait the Russian Mechanic speaks English? lmao

Misha Tsirlin says:

i have a 2012 highlander and its got a 4-cyl. and getting it moving isn’t a

XxCiTiZeNxX says:

Good lookin car. I can’t wait for you guys to get and fully review the
Range Rover Evoque Autobiography though! Any idea when you will be able to
do that?

Maheenstar1 Gamer says:

Toyota AND Lexus is MY LIFE!

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Did any parts of the video seem ‘off’ to anyone else? It seemed like the
video was slowed down ever so slightly.

consolemaster says:

The AWD of the Hybrid system is ineffective! If you want to get the AWD
Highlander Hybrid, you will not get out of snow. The traction control will
disable the rear wheels when it detects slip. I got stuck in snow so many
times with the Hybrid, so decided not to get another Hybrid AWD car (traded
my Highlander Hybrid a few days later) until it’s a little bit more mature!

Benjamin Williams says:

Andre if your going to be a camera man filming in off road conditions you
need to learn to adapt to adverse conditions. Man up bring a camping
shovel, a roll or two of toilet paper dig a cat hole deep, tend your
expelling business, wipe, cover, and go.
I was embarrassed for you your on camera comment “I have to go to the
bathroom” You need to respect that FLC FLT are very well respected and
their comments are closely listened to by the auto manufacturers. Hearing
you sound like a girly man I have to go to the bathroom is so degrading to
you and the TFL Staff.

Joshua Anderson says:

Guys, I wanted to thank you so much for these reviews. My family and I are
in the very beginning of looking for our second car and we need that 3rd
row, but I also love camping and don’t want to be restricted to paved
campsites. I very frequently go up forest service roads here in Colorado,
camping with friends, and we generally need that extra oomph from 4 wheel
drive to get where we’re going. These reviews (Highlander, Durango,
Traverse, etc…) give me the peace of mind that my wife can drive securely
in the snow, and that I can take the kiddos camping in our great Rocky
Mountains, we don’t need to go mudding, we just need to make it up road
700, and thanks to these, I can shop with a little more confidence in what
I’m looking for!

Twitta Velli says:

I prefer Nathan’s reviews over most especially roman. I would like to see
you review the cherokee trailhawk in depth. Full all around review.

Swestnr S says:

Could you explain why acceleration in gear S6 is better than “D” on a

Say what says:

Lol did I see a car seat?

xpastorm says:

Now for the All-Important Question: When are you guys gonna feature a
sexy-ass featured FEMALE co-host in the show?

flyingcow 32 says:

2:31 he speaks English!!!! Andre

Ivan Vojt says:

3rd row headroom sucks. Unless you are a little kid. Width is great and
you can shuffle seats for decent legroom.

symmetry08 says:

Most 3.5 engine heavy crossovers should not venture far into woods or
deserts. For that purpose 2.5 smaller crossovers do better and lighter on
their toes.

Zeke Hana says:

a v6 explorer similarly equipped is a lot lower out the door given
available incentives. 

Nam Nguyen says:


leadnsteel says:

At least this one has a lock mode.. All of the newer vehicles like this are
becoming automatic now which sucks ass. Also having offroad tires always

Stephen Bradley says:

P.S. I hope Andre made it to the W.C. Dump on time :-)

swinglow33 says:

Should tow a port-a-potty for Andre.

pheanix69 says:

U guys should revue a sportmoble campervan 4×4 

Bud Light says:


Fly High says:

Treat it nicely you crazy! 

TheAhemahemahem says:

Hearing his heavy breathing bothers me

Jatin Bhatia says:

This one is on top of my list of mommy wagons currently. Cx9 is awesome,
but old……so is the Pilot. No pathfinder for me. Until the time of
release of the new pilot and cx9……this is the one for me. 

macbookpro57 says:

why are parts of the video slowed down?

moneymike422vids says:

If it has a diff lock then its probably intended for offroad lol bet you it
wuld look badass if it had 2 in lift with bigger tires and TRD package…..
Toyota might make a more offroad version of it…..since they been doing it
to all their other trucks 

Chris Anderson says:

I’d like to see a test done similar to this one on an FWD Highlander, in
case the worst happens. Here in Georgia, AWD is a very hard-to-find option,
and if an event such as those ice storms in January and February occur
again, it would be nice to see if an FWD or RWD vehicle could pull through
or not.

The Fast Lane Car says:
bblakester69 says:

44 grand?! Don’t think so!

Stephen Bradley says:

Nice but it always comes down to the tires in any off-road Cross over or
SUV. But do they know you are testing it off-road & do they look underneath
to see the tons of mud that missed Andre on the curve? I have Cooper AT/S
on my LR2 & I have had them on my Jeep & Patriot too, rain, snow, sand, mud
& sharp stones does the trick. (I am not paid to say anything about any
endorsement from anyone) I just like my Cooper AT/S Tires.

Jatin Bhatia says:

This one is on top of my list of mommy wagons currently. Cx9 is awesome,
but old……so is the Pilot. No pathfinder for me. Until the time of
release of the new pilot and cx9……this is the one for me. 

Waleed ALRajhi says:

thank you for sharing the information for 2014 Toyota Highlander


ieon says:

@the fast lane car hey Nathan which one would you pick the new Nissan
pathfinder or this 2014 Toyota highlander in your opinion..? i rarely go
off road but i do snow boarding a lot..

Crusaderhun says:

One of your cameras is dropping frames like crazy…

kombat medic says:

4runner trail is way better for the $

Alexander Yashechkin says:

Let you came to Russia and try it in moscow region forest after we talk
about it!

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