2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid First Drive Review

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid First Drive Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets 28 MPG combined for city and highway driving. In a world where hybrid cars can get as much a…



Pug In A Mug says:

how about a 3 row Lexus highlander, that would sell well!

Skeelo says:

lol! awesome review! is the 2015 version gonna be different?

Robert DeMilo says:

The hybrid sells for about $10,000 over a regular model. Say you drive
10,000 miles per year split 50/50 city and highway & gas runs about $3.40
per gallon. A person would “save” about $360 per year on fuel costs going
with the hybrid. This make a break even period in about 27 years. 

kirbyswarp says:

Wow. 47k for a highlander. No thanks.

prodigy1210 says:

Would be nice to overhaul the intro music.

VintageRKO says:

too bad this vehicle is not available here in SEA.

leo ross says:

Why is he so out of breath?


The most sexy SUV of his segment.

Trucker Igor says:

4:42 Wait what car are we talking about? LOL

gnsallman2012 says:

butt ugly

thecarexpert21 says:

lol. The ass shots

Nathan Spence says:

Where is emme hall? 

AR8445 says:

I see Durango in the styling as well.

Dj Dunn says:

It’s not worth 47k

Rohan D'mello says:

4:41 that is not very nice thing to do… ha ha ha

C B Taylor says:

Thats bad ass MPG for a truck

Bmackins94 says:

I’ll take a Durango for that price

DaddyIvo says:

LOVED THIS REVIEW!!! Especially the “pull-away” at 4:45.

PremierAutoMan86 says:

Good eye Roman! No explanation needed gotta love Cali girls! 

jlen82 says:

Console is very mini van looking rest of the crossover is nice looking

Seth Chiaro says:

Very nice SUV. Toyota did a very nice job with it

The Fast Lane Car says:
pzzle says:

Check out that ASS!!! I was not referring to the Highlander :P

Joshua Patrick says:

Nice to see you guys reviewing family SUVs in Santa Barbara:)

Amritbir Gill says:

I just bought one 3 months ago. It’s honestly the best purchase we ever
made. Here in Canada, there is an XLE model which has basically everything
you ask for. This SUV is a freakin legend!

Dj Dunn says:

Those two fine sexy girls though!!!

Andrew1224gd says:

27/28mpg in a AWD thats Awsome

Mr MP3 Mrs MP3 says:

We have to pay $10K more just for the hybrid? Ridiculus!

Maxwell Adams says:

What is the 0 to 60 

Geoffreynguyen911 says:

You are the first to review this newly designed SUV. Thank you for it. 

xSolidgamezx says:

Hahaha from 4:33 to 4:50 just great 🙂 it made my day.

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