2014 Toyota Highlander First Drive & Review on Everyman Driver

2014 Toyota Highlander First Drive & Review on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2014 Toyota Highlander Review on Everyman Drive with Dave Erickson on location in Portland, Oregon. 2014 New Car Buyer’s Gui…



Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

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kossshhh says:

the previous design was better

Gregory Chen says:

She wants the d

Jack Lucas says:

I test drove the car, overpriced and underpowered with poor handling.

I bought the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe V6. The Hyundai is head and shoulders
above the Toyota.

Jeff Lafreniere says:

Highlanders are $43,000 for the base model and $48,000 for the limited when
you factor in the dealerships adding in destination, and other fees…

They claim 18/24 mpg but more realistic numbers are 16/20 not that this is
any surprise considering the jump in weight and size ever
since 2014-2015…And all come Standard V6 automatic engine (No CVT).

The Toyota 4Runner is even more expensive (add $8,000)…Funny though size
wise they are neck and neck…Hard to believe considering the Highlander
originally used the Camry platform and early years they were $28,000 for
the Limited and the 4Runner was from the Tacoma line priced around $31,000
for the Limited…

I was looking for another Toyota to replace my 2000 4Runner which served me
well for the last 12 years…With the exception of rust under it and a
total of $8200. total in servicing it over the years since buying it the
vehicle was a good truck.

I didn’t end up with another Toyota though despite looking and actually
test driving one I passed. The prices are ridiculously over priced and not
geared towards the average wage earner I believe Toyota priced themselves
out of this market as the affordable family oriented mid size SUV…

The Koreans are beating them in price and don’t charge extra for extended
period warrantees…
I didn’t buy one but I want to make that comment known…I ended up with a
Honda Accord EX…

I do miss my old 4Runner to bad Toyota got overly greedy on pricing them,
they lost a sale with me..

I am an average guy with great credit whom drove off with a NEW Honda two
hours after paper work was signed… 

Timpala44 says:

Get a room!

kossshhh says:

she is so good on what she does

senorgato70 says:

I think Toyota took a step backwards with the design of this Highlander.
The previous version, IMO, was nicely styled with classy/classic lines and
a nicely designed interior. This new one looks like it’s been placed in a
lower class of car. Maybe that was the intention, as not to take away from
Lexus’ RX sales and the upcoming NX. Where I would have considered the
previous version, this one doesn’t go on the shopping list. Oddly, its
profile is very similar to the MDX, but the MDX looks the part for its
price class. 

proculap montana says:

i’m very impressed with the young lady, she is very knowledgable. great

Jed Knutson says:

fuck me eyes…dave, go get that young wet pussy.

DreadlockDrummer says:

ok, so this guy just compared the highlander to the 4runner as an
offroader…… the highlander no matter what trim level you get, is mainly
focussed as a commuter vehicle, it has all wheel drive for the purpose of
slippery travel conditions. but these are extremely basic capabilities
compared to the ones of the 4runner. the 4runner has the ability to be a
great family commuter as well, but is designed to be an off roader, this is
why it has stuck to its body on frame design as opposed to the unibody of
the highlander. the highland is designed to be a family commuter vehicle,
and if that commute has some slippery road conditions like snow or ice or
rain, then it has all wheel drive to help you keep control of the vehicle
so you dont get stuck. the 4runners off road capabilities can also do that,
but they are also designed to take a serious beating in extreme off road
conditions like the rubicon or baja or really old forestry service roads
ect. now, all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive in general is made to deal with
all the conditions i just mentioned above, however the all wheel drive
system in the highlander may be able to stand up to the extreme stuff for a
little while, it would break down in the long run, it is designed for
slippery road conditions. where as the 4runner’s 4 wheel drive can also
deal with just typical slippery commuting conditions, but it is designed to
take long term abuse in extreme off road conditions. so in the end, if you
took a highlander and a 4runner to the baja 500, the highlander might do ok
for a little while, but then it would fall apart. it all just depends what
you are using the vehicle for. so please stop comparing the highlanders all
wheel drive to the 4runners 4 wheel drive, because yes, there is a massive

NorthVan Larry says:

The front face is ugly

Dylan Fox says:

My dad owns this car. Easily the comfiest car you can get short of an s
class. So quiet, and you sit high. Also the exhaust sounds goot for a mom
bomb. Infotainment sucks though

Swestnr S says:

Outdated 2.7L engine is horrible. Toyota needs to stop putting icing on a
TuRD vehicle.

supercooled says:

Does she know you’re married, Dave? She can’t keep her eyes off of your
handsomeness /nohomo.

This car/truck is an albatross; same with that Infiniti one that looks like
a freaking whale on wheels. 

LoveStallion says:

I think some of the new Kias actually have a wireless charging base built
into their “shelves” for compatible phones. Pity Toyota didn’t do that with
this one. That would have been awesome. 

ormand3000 says:

That girl is totally flirting with you LOL

Nester says:

This new highlander looks friggin’ awesome! I’m really liking the sleek
bold look on the outside, and that panoramic moonroof.

Ahmed Shahreer says:

Highlander and off roading! HAHAHAHAHAH BEAT JOKE OF THE YEAR!

Master4999 says:

Great review!

dchawk81 says:

She knows her Highlander. Kudos to her.



Thamac15 says:

You look like Harry Connick Jr. 

Иван Усачёв says:

girl is beautiful!!! Portland looks as very clean Ukrainian city! 

Pete Price says:

Nice vehicle, clean and simple, I like that the interior dash is not
cluttered, seems less intimating that way a little easier to focus on the
road. However, sadly it’s out of my price range, besides, I drive a lot of
miles in a week and I’v really leaning towards the Crosstrek, I know a
completely different vehicle then the Highlander I just happen to be in a
commenting mood at the moment.
Keep up the good work !

Stefan Duerden says:

Dave do the Kia Sportage on the snow, merci beaucoup

TheR1248 says:

Sweet girl.. 

123chavezcris says:

She is beautiful. 

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