2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Review

2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Review

Waving Goodbye to a Dogged Off-Roader http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/toyota/2014-toyota-fj-cruiser-trail-teams-ultimate-edition-3988.html Subscribe ht…



juan tafoya says:

I see a lot of girls in these, chicks like them for some reason. I like
Jeeps but this design is so unique i really like it.

Ed ibleginch says:

Had an 07. Put on 150,000 km’s and sold it for $15,000 to buy a 4runner.
Less than 50% depreciation. Pretty damed good.

qwikyking says:

i completely dissagree with the visibility and turning radius! the
visibility is DIFFERENT but the blind spots arn’t a problem if you can
shoulder check, also i can turn my fj around on a simple 2 way street with
curbs if i’m as far right as possible without any reversing or a very small
3 point turn, no worse than any car i’ve had

Jorge Urdaneta says:

I see a 4runner review ohhh yes such a great thing… then I see the FJ
ohhhh dam I want one!! hard to decide

speedkar99 says:

Was this shot in Clairville park in Brampton?

doubletapproductions says:

I love how certain cars give off such a cool charm! Just like my 1993 Ford
Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8 4in lift 35’s! It’s my baby! Oh and does anyone know
where he is offroading at?

David S says:

They’ve been killing that elefant for the last 3 years

fernando montano says:

Such a nice review. It makes me cry!!!!!

timothy huston says:

Your the best reviewer on this account

ukraina95 says:

I like the car for some reason..I guess its the bulkiness and the creative
but functional design that I enjoy most! aha! the gearshift really does
look like a dildo..

blocksterz says:

i had one and its build like tank .. great review

Curtis Chastain says:

Ur reviews are the shit. You cover so much and keep it entertaining. 

lvegas02 says:

That is NOT a Ultimate Edition
the Ultimate Edition is USA ONLY
it is a Trail Teams

Elliott Anderson says:

More like t.U.rd

Jason Schellenberg says:

I’d rather drive the 4runner!

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:


TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

you could tell he was really excited about getting his hands around the
meaty gear shift lever…

CrazyDipperNSmoker says:

Nice and meaty in your hand lol

Toyota4Life says:

This is the Best looking offroader on sale. Looks really cool and is a
beast offroad

05Forenza says:

I still love the 3 wipers. lol, certainly unique.

Eric Fortune says:

I’d love to have one despite the poor visibility, bad handling, and the
fact that the radio looks aftermarket along with the pitch and yaw gauges.
I’d love to have one because it’s quite the most handsome and one of the
few true non crossover vehicles left. And Toyota builds reliable truck

Ricky Vang says:

i bet an all black one would look so mean!

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

yeah you can crash about in the bush all day. why did you make this video
in the city limits? you guys couldn’t drive a few hours for some real

thesrt8dodge says:

Strangely you can see a lot of girls in yellow or blue ones in LA

AutoGuide.com says:

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