2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser | 5 Reasons to Buy | AutoTrader

2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser | 5 Reasons to Buy | AutoTrader

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Slickpete83 says:

Come on Toyota please drop a diesel engine in this SUV for better fuel
economy !!!!! Like the ram 1500 eco diesel pickup 

Superfartz says:

Plenty of backseat space?! I’ve leased one and it is not meant for kids or
adults. It is so hard to get in their anyways with the clamshell doors

Downtown Toyota of Oakland says:

Off-road loyalty is one of AutoTrader.com’s 5 Reasons to Buy the 2014
#Toyota FJ Cruiser. Do you agree?

Checkered Flag Toyota says:

Here are five fantastic reasons why you should get the 2014 Toyota FJ

Miller Toyota Scion says:

The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser has guts and spirit galore. See for yourself!

Sloane Toyota of Malvern says:

There are many reasons to get a 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Here are five:

Fremont Toyota says:

Here are some eye-opening reasons you should pick up an #FJCruiser.

abdulrahman shahin says:

First comment

fernando montano says:

$28000 for a very basic 2wd. This one here almost $$$$40,000!!!!

Edgardo Amado says:

U forgot to mention that Toyota will not be making the fj any more 

Fred Haas Toyota Country says:

Lusting after the 2014 FJ Cruiser? Here are 5 more reasons to crave this
exciting vehicle.

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