2014 Toyota Corolla vs. 2014 Honda Civic

2014 Toyota Corolla vs. 2014 Honda Civic

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Talal Aziz says:

Honda = Better Quality | Toyota = Deadly Plastic , cruse control ?

AutoGuide.com says:
Silverdeamon92 says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this review/comparison. Was very informative and
entertaining. Now I have to ask. How many major updates this Civic needs?
The typical refresh occurs once in the model life of a car. This must be
costing Honda a lot. The Toyota on the other hand still hasn’t grown on me
not sure if it will. Both these cars however, are equally compelling and it
will really come down to personal preference.

Paras Kalra says:

I’m gonna go for a Mazda3 

n777ua says:

I think the 1.8TSI Jetta is a better deal than bot these two…semi-premium
looks, better refinement, and way better driving feel 

N.C. says:


Francisco Velazquez says:

Toyota way better looking than the ugly honda. And how can you not reach
the controls in the other car? That is just pointless to include in marking
points as to your opinion of why the honda is better. 

Jessica Jung says:

Civic > Corolla 

Held@RockPoint says:

Hmmm… Why are there so many *rattles* in a brand new Toyota Corolla? I
wasn’t hearing that in the Civic. I guess they don’t make them like they
used to.

TheSpritz0 says:

I’m 6 feet tall and I find the civic supports my back much better, the
corolla seems to be made for “shorter” drivers it would seem…

Joel D says:

VW Golf Mk7 TDI unless you’re unwilling to risk anything. 

Mr. E says:

Conclusion: You just wasted 8 minutes watching this video.

Josh G says:

A tie? Seriously….no…Civic wins…better technology, more power.

NEoutdoors says:

So the 2014 Corrola is playing with the same horsepower that my 2004 Vibe
(Same as 04 corrola) has?

Seriously autoguide, review the MANUALS for once. There are a FEW
enthusiasts who still watch your videos.

YourName says:

Haha. AutoGuide keep up the good work!
I love the bickering between the two journalists.
Bring more of this, and it’ll be very entertaining.

Mauricio Garcia says:

Civic rocks! Honda is the best and always will be. 

Ozan Yigit says:

Civic is the best one forever! 

handas2 says:

Your video have been pixely and fuzzy lately.

hnnotyy says:

I have to say the Corolla just need IRS and it should be good to go and LSD
in the S model

hnnotyy says:

Give me the look of the Corolla and the LED headlights and put them on the
Civic and I’m sold. I think the Corolla will out sell the Civic though.
Civic needs LED lighting for better visibility at night halogen lighting
what are we still in the stone age Honda. 

pwoo124 says:

Apparently someone there doesn’t know how to spell “horespower”

Xavier Mangubat says:

Civic is way better. The only thing the Corolla has going for it is extra
room and LED headlights. But that’s it. In fact, it’s way uglier than the
Civic. And with the Civic, you won’t worry about recalls as much as you
would with the Corolla. 

mb013962 says:

The corolla s is actually rated at 29/37/32 and the civic ex at 29/38/32,
So their supposed to get the same fuel economy…don’t mistake me for a
Honda fanboy, I actually feel the corolla is the better car in this
test…its bigger, has nicer rims, and has the all important paddle

Bryan Doherty says:

I’ll take the Honda over the Toyota every day, it looks better, it’s fun to
more fun to drive and it’s easier to see out of. 

Ajeeth Uthayakumar says:

Civic has a better history than the Corolla. 

Noah Zizian says:

Honda is so ugly, that guy kept putting toyota down! Toyota is way better
then stupid honda!

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