2014 Toyota Corolla takes on the Ike Gauntlet Review

2014 Toyota Corolla takes on the Ike Gauntlet Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Corolla is almost all with a more sporty and fun design. We used the word almost because the engine choices remain …



Kevin Vines says:

The CVT to most car guys, like the audience for this show and others like
it (myself included), is a joke. But the CVT for people living in the real
world, like my wife, is enormously fantastic. You can’t argue with 45mpg
and roominess for days in her new sentra. 

I want a Lexus RC F says:

Beautiful exhaust sound, remind in me that one of some 70’/80s Alfa Romeo.

Daniel Blaney says:

Its funny how the civic and the corolla are now two of the worst entries in
the compact segment now. 

Ultimatemxcn says:

So i take it Emme Hall is gone?

MrNicholg says:

S stands for Snooze or Snore?

guru gara says:

american corolla is boring but the corolla in asia is not that boring and
its funny that everyone hates it but it is the best selling car of all time

Bradson Vogel says:

I’ve had an 03 matrix since Dec of 02 and it still gets an average of 34. I
wish they didn’t kill it off:/ If only they gave this update to the matrix

Billy Sou says:

That was a high revving CVT. (I know Subaru & Nissan CVTs due rev at a
high level).

Hey, Roman & Nathan — for max fuel efficiency, Toyota should have given
you the LE Eco version of the Corolla. 

uncoolkid2 says:

Can u do the Ike gauntlet with a v6 Camaro and Mustang and then the v8
versions and compare the two cars muscle cars rather than the trucks. 

FocusFord15 says:

yes ive been waiting for this thank you for doing it!~!!

jok kanil says:

6:40 volvo s60…. see ya sucker!

Jin Kangsta says:

is this japan’s new generation’s work? lol

stop asking me to change my name! says:


bortojo says:

Great review. And great Rush t-shirt…

JET997u says:

Zero to 60 in 30 minutes?

Tony Ruzzo says:

So did the Corolla go up the Ike gauntlet faster than the Nissan versa note
it was not clear and there are no notes

Gregory gregory says:

This show should be named “Two old fat democrat queens knocking cars under
$24,000.dollars”. I am sure they vote democrat and If it were not for the
iron fist of the federal government “EPA” car companies could build cars
that perform better for thousands less.

oldtwins na says:

Good car but if you’re not in the immediate need of one, wait until these
hit the Toyota certified used lots in about 2 years. Should be able to
score one for a few thousand less due to depreciation. From there, the
Corolla will hold its value very well over time, be reliable, fuel
efficient, and provide a great ride.

LowWageTeacher says:

i’m getting 39mpg on a 30/70 city hiway for my le eco.. and it’s not a
boring ride at all..

Jonathan Washington says:

Come on toyota give us something like honda did with the civic which is the
si trim. What does s stand for on corolla snooze?

Graham Dillon says:

I love that Rush shirt! My only Rush shirt ripped that I had for over 6

RE7WERKS says:

just awaiting the fr-s sedan….this corolla is le-bullshit…w/ the
cvt…you should try the 6speed its like another car.

Jaymz2 says:

Man, that’s a change.

Andreas Lie says:


Ricardo Gutierrez says:

Hey Nathan.. does that Corolla with the CVT drive better than the Sentra

narutofan9285 says:

My advice if you do get the corolla, skip the driver convenience package
(which is basically just keyless entry and push button start) and save a
bit over $1000. Also skip the $800 moonroof. You can get a Corolla S with
navigation and heated leather seats for $21,500 delivered.

buildmorefarms100 says:

Corolla makes a Civic look boring!

fvgotch says:

500+lbs of lards testing 0-60mph.

James Owen says:

Much Much Better

sameer jura says:


mas502arc says:

There’s so much hate for the Corolla here. Reading these comments is like
watching 10-year olds fight about what super hero is best. The new Corolla
is a good car, and it feels like people are just throwing around
exaggerated statements. Sorry guys, not everything can be a +200 hp sports

Spring794 says:

My parents are actually picking up their new corolla tomorrow, and they
decided to go with the S model with the 6 speed manual. The dealer had to
order it because the manuals are so rare.

Andrew Pelletier says:

New corolla is a hell alot better than the older one

Luis Taveras says:

i like this car but i dont like the cvt

99subigt says:

So this is for the younger generation? Well I can’t remember any a kid
saying……….. I’m going to buy a car for the mpg not for hp. But then
again is good it only has less than 140hp cause we don’t need more kids
that can’t drive for crap acting like they are actors from the fast and the

grabir01 says:

Sounds like you drive it like you hate it to make it go !! 

David Pate says:

Nathan telling it like it is! Haha. I wish though you guys would get a
decible reading in the Johnson Tunnel.


The new Corolla does look great, but competition has more than caught up.
The same goes for the newly introduced 2014 Honda Civic coupe. That
statement is hard to say because the Civic and Corolla used to be the top
sellers in the segment. Excellent review guys!

lffit says:

a big improvement on earlier models, but with that CVT box the car sounds
bloody awful.

Bob Mak says:

More sexy than your wife….

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