2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan – Review

2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan – Review

CarTell.tv review the 2014 Toyota Corolla ZR Sedan. The new 2014 Toyota Corolla ZR has a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 103 kW of power and 173…



CarTell.tv says:

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Ara Jabar says:

CVT has no speed …there is no such thing as 7 speed CVT -___-

Paras Kalra says:

7 speed CVT? I am confused

Manjusri says:

I don’t want the damn car! I want this beautiful woman :)

benzfen says:

Damn.. The Australian accent is so sexy
… and not only it… :)

A.khan says:

she looks kind of like Katy perry.

oldschool1 says:

2:12 her hand is on the upright emergency brake handle. So distracting. :)

CarTell.tv says:

Watch our latest video of the 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan ZR.

Aaron Villagomez says:

I will get that car with that girl damn…

Mimi Cadalzo says:

i love her not the car!

Navapon Pon says:

I think this car was builted in thailand. 

MT A says:

Couldn’t hear a thing cuz of the loud annoying music. SAY

Dan Lai says:

More review from Martine Please!

Mike Touzo says:

But the more important question is. What is your twitter handle? 

romeoguitar says:

very well presented 

tru999 says:

Are the seats soft and comfy for short or long driving as a person would be
sitting on his/her arse all day or all night long?

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

Thank you. but, in the Japanese are onother Desaighn...

dosri says:

it has more options than the we have in Saudi Arabia

posro1988 says:

can CVT be truly a 7 speed?

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