2014 Toyota Corolla S – Review & Test Drive

2014 Toyota Corolla S – Review & Test Drive

The 2014 Toyota Corolla features a 1.8L inline 4-cylinder engine with DOHC, 16 valves, and Dual VVT-i. The S trim comes with either a CVT or a 6 speed manual…



F!@#Guilt says:

Also, I’ve always been curious, is 4 wheel drive kind of pointless on front
wheel drive cars since there is no rear differential and most of the weight
(ie the engine) is directly over the power output (ie the front wheels)?

Mirza Muchamad says:

What i really like about this channel is that you always answering every
single question when many other channel doesnt care about the comment

Jerome Baller says:

Just a suggestion, Why not use the POV from reviewing the inside too film
the driving?

eric ngo says:

Plastic exhaust manifold 

Chris Powell says:

Did you died your hairs or are you old???

scanspeak00 says:

Why paddle shifters in this type of car?

Cantenkerous Tim says:

I like these performance cars that you’re doing.

Jared Tate says:

that is one hell of a review.

lol cars these days focus waay too much on creature comforts, most r
useless and a waste of resources imo 

macbookpro57 says:

I really don’t understand how he gets such good fuel economy out of the
cars that he tests even when he’s flogging it half of the time. I never get
above the estimated fuel economy numbers on the cars I drive, and many
times worse than those numbers, and I hardly ever rev the engine past 3k
rpm. it just doesn’t make sense.

Engineering Explained says:

The @Toyota #Corolla is the most sold nameplate in the world. Does it
deserve it? Let’s find out. 

a DIY Car Guy says:

I didn’t expect the torsion bar suspension, or the spare tire…pretty

ItzAnth0ny says:

Great review! I was actually looking at a Honda civic in the future for a
Eco type car but then you just changed my world when I watched this video I
might be looking into a Corolla in the future.

waffles23456 says:

I’m surprised their engines aren’t made of plastic yet. One piece at a
time. Starting with the intake manifold.

GammaCruxis says:

Two things made me shake my head. The first is the price. I figured the
Corolla was supposed to be the economy car. The little ditty that gets you
from point A to point B. Why the heck is it north of $20k now?

And the second is the plastic intake manifold. Not in a gazillion years.

Wonderful video as always though. :D

Timur Hafouz says:

You mentioned in this video that this engine is used in the lotus elise
with a super charger but (correct me if I’m wrong), isn’t the engine they
use in the lotus from the toyota celica which is the 1.8 with VVTLi rather
than the engine from this corolla which has got VVTi only ?

ViciousJackal16 says:

I thought the rear came with drum brakes.

SeenCreaTive says:

Fantastic review, I don’t really like Toyotas, but your review, unlike so
may “pro critics”, was realistic and thorough and involved mechanic points.
A word about steering feel would be nice. Its something I look for. Not
stiff, but nice and weighted (which is one of the many reasons why I drive
a Honda)., not just a disk you turn to magically make the car turn. I
really like that sport mode on the CVT. How it just goes straight to high
RPM, unlike so many others that just slowly build up. One point Im hating
more and more though, is paddle shifters. CVTs don’t function with gears,
having shifters to set the ratio is a bit silly, and defeats the purpose of
the CVT. The only 2 ratios that they have is the min and maximum, and is
infinity adjustable, or “continuously” variable.

Havel The Wall says:

seems like a no brainer for non enthusiasts.

ill stick with my turbo mr2. the total opposite of the corolla.

HellzHonour says:

Can’t wait for the Lexus IS 250 review!

F Ibanez says:

Can we get a list of cars you will review? Weekly, monthly?
I would like that! 

sohatee says:

My mom’s car :D

Mike Poon says:

Be sure to note the fact that theres no hump on the floor pan in the middle
of the backseats. makes the middle seat that much more bearable.

turtlehater2 says:

I know it’s fun to harp on the corolla but I really like the new styling.
Headlights look great and even the side mirrors look sporty. My god how far
we’ve come that even corollas look this cool.

123easternbikes says:

Why haven’t you reviewed the PT Cruiser yet? One of the greatest cars of
all time!

Vasco Gonçalves says:

Hi, as always very informative, not biased and professional review, top
One question though, what’s the point of paddle shifters on CVT’s? I was
under the impression that the correct gearing would be selected according
to engine load. Is it just to simulate a normal gearbox’s behavior?

emiliorescigno says:

Just a tidbit of information – the 2ZR-FE engine in this car is the
*replacement* for the 1ZZ-FE Corollas had from 98-08.

An engine in the same family (but not the same) is the 2ZZ-GE, and that can
be found in the Lotus Elise. The 2ZZ-GE was also found in the 00-05 Celica
GT-S, 03-05 Corolla XRS, 03-05 Matrix XRS, and 03-05 Pontiac Vibe GT.

humvy21 says:

wholyyy f*** 23000$ for a corolla??? Dodge chargers for the win!!

Erick Soto says:

Dont really understand why people complain about performance of the new
corollas, its not a sport car, it will never be like the 1986 gts, its made
for daily driving. If people wanted a sports corolla, get a 1985-86 gts
twincam, rwd and fun to drive. I own a 1980 toyota corolla 1.8 and it has
the ultimate sports feel despite i did put mods in the car to put down
150hp on 2300 lbs but its fun to drive just like my 98 impreza gc8

Wambotrot says:

Wow, 132 horsepower. What does the S stand for? Slow?

wochoa says:

I own a 94 Corolla with over 300k miles and no mechanical problems at all.

TheIamfrustrated says:

I would be curious about durability of the CVT. Dad just bought a 2008
Nissan Versa with 205,000km featuring a blown CVT $1500 CAD. Although I
think Toyota will treat their customers better then Nissan did in this case

Indra Ida Bagus says:

“Cheap” – “Cheap” – “Cheap”….. :v xD

Justin McLauchlin says:

Can you do a video on why race car fuel ( Like F1) burns invisible?

Liamv4696 says:

why? because it’s boring :P

Bryan Doherty says:

I prefer the Civic over the Corolla. I’ve driven both and the Corolla was
so boring, the Civic was fun to drive. I also like how the Civic is a
lower. But I can’t say the Corolla is a bad car, because it isn’t. Both the
Civic and Corolla are both good cars. You can’t go wrong with either of
them, take care of them do regular maintenance and it will last you for

nutnfan1 says:

I posted this on an older video so sorry for putting it here, I just figure
older videos don’t get as much attention. It’s about the boxer engine.

have a hypothesis:

Some of the Subaru engines are prone to rod bearings failing. Could this be
due to the rocking force?

I think this because of a theory with the 7-Bolt 4G63 DSM inline 4. It is
believed that the clutch on that engine can generate a force on the
crankshaft that pushes/pulls on it. Over time the force from the clutch
mechanism causes crankwalk, which is what the 7-bolt 4G63 (found on 2nd
generation Eclipse/Talon cars) are notorious for.

I think the rocking force may cause the rod bearing failure because the
transmission may resist the turning of the engine. The engine will attempt
to turn on it’s axis, and the flexible engine mounts will allow it to very
slightly. The relationship between the engine and transmission isn’t
supposed to be flexible, so the moving crankshaft will be receiving a
torque force in the opposite direction it is trying to rotate from the
resisting transmission. This is not good for any kind of bearing that is
only supposed to rotate, and causes premature wear. In the end, a rod
bearing will “spun” and be destroyed from this torque force.

Possible? Not sure how to prove this. I have a basic understanding of
physics, so I understand all your videos clearly. Is there a way to find
out if this is a design problem with our engines (I own a WRX), and the
reason for failure?

Thank you! 

Greg Laurence says:

Normally, I find car reviewers lacking any mechanical knowledge and
reviewing the car related to its intended function. Surprisingly, these
reviews are fantastic. Informative and loving the technical knowledge. Best
I’ve seen in a long time. 

wilson pabon says:

Chevy cruze? :3

Caleb Sickles says:

Did you come to Oregon for this review?! i live just across the river in WA

MrRangerZr1 says:

Do a review on the 2014 civic EXL

NeutralGenericUser says:

Awesome review! This is actually a great car. If I was in the market in
this segment, this would be my top choice along with the Civic.

Tristan Light says:

Wow, why does this even exist? If you’re gonna buy this why not just buy a
Prius, in the context of your everyday ECO driver. S/XRS should be scrapped
and bring back the Supra…

sunburst orange says:

Can you do the 2014 honda si test n drive

chrrrr says:

+Engineering Explained You live not too far from me it seems ;)

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Great review…thanks… cheers from Tijuana Mexico mate :)

F!@#Guilt says:

Does the fact that the throttle body is on one side of the intake manifold
matter? like, would it be better to place the throttle body in the middle
so air moves the same distance to the intake valve? Probably not, just

F!@#Guilt says:

I’m tripping out here. Lotus uses Toyota engines?! Had no idea.

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