2014 Toyota Corolla S: Has Toyota gotten cool? (full review and test drive)

2014 Toyota Corolla S: Has Toyota gotten cool? (full review and test drive)

After a long lapse, I’m back with the all new 2014 Toyota Corolla. No longer just bland sensible transportation, Toyota is trying to win back its market shar…



Shadowcu123 says:

Can you review the Volkswagen Jetta maybe tdi or gli for comparison.
Awesome review btw better than the so called “professional” or mainstream
car reviews of YouTube :p

johannes v says:

I own the 2014 Corolla Super White manual trans. Love it.

wenisinchina says:

Personally I prefer the 8th gen corollas, they are a lot more fun to drive,
faster, make a nicer noise, and are better on gas. 

Andrew Perbegloo says:

I love the blue color like wow! and I previously did test drive the Corolla
S Tech package and I did like the manual over using the CVT! great review
and thank you for doing it!

Edmar Tiangga says:

I got this car today this car is awsome i got the silver 

S3maxime16 says:

If you want a sporty ride, why don’t you buy it with a manual transmission
instead of whining on the CVT which is meant to be a comfortable economic
transmission and not a sporty one?

ZingetLaserStorm says:

how many inches are those wheels

Javier Gonzalez says:

I got the 2011 corolla LE thinking of up grating to the 2014 is it worth

fvgotch says:

I hate cvt. So long jap cars.

KatiushaVN4 says:

This dude is saying that CVT isn’t as good as automatic transmission????

stus1171 says:

Great review! It’s hard to get past the feeling though that most Toyotas
are cars for geriatrics or those who hate owning an automobile. 

Ryan shaw says:

the Toyota Corolla is not a sports car by any means it is a point a to
point b car the shift paddles on the car are mainly made for more mountain
driving when your car is having a hard time getting up a hill and you need
to shift up without having to floor the car and waste gas to get it to
switch into that gear a lot of automatic transmission cars have that option
but they put the manual shift paddles on the steering wheel to make it
safer to choose that option for when you want to hit that hill in the
correct gear. they chose that option to put the paddles on the cars
steering wheel also to make it look more sport. it is not a Lamborghini by
any means, remember the car has under 200hp which means that
vehicle was made for daily driving/a grocery getter basically to save money
and gasoline… lol Toyota is one of the best brand named for vehicles for
many, many years now they last for a very long time and always will for a

Randy Fox says:

Excellent review man.. Your definitely on my top list.. right up there with
Brian Cooley from CNET for car reviews. Keep them coming. 

Kenny Williams says:

Good review of the Corolla S…This was very informative…but I went with
the sport model Nissan Sentra…!

LowWageTeacher says:

love this car

Gregory Perkins says:

Mazda3 with bigger engines has better mpg

Julie Ryals says:

finally! A review by a normal person for normal people. Great job – keep
up the good work. We’ll watch for you again.

Gregory Perkins says:

I hate the rims

Ian Bell says:

The Corolla CVT is not as smooth as “a typical 6 or even 8 speed
automatic”? (2:03 of video)
Sure, except Corollas automatic transmission is a 4 speed automatic, so
that’s not exactly a fair comparison. For this class of car, and for
peoples expectations of this class of car, this CVT is likely to be very
satisfying. If you are expecting the smoothness of an 8 speed automatic,
you can get a 2014 Lexus GS 350 or something similar.

Jose Cazares says:

Always enjoy your reviews. Very informative and practical. Keep up the good

Coyote Man says:

A very vanilla car that pretends to be a sporty car. We need the XRS like
in Canada.

Richard Nko says:

Hi, I really liked your video. Not bad at all for a middle school teacher /
amateur car reviewer 🙂 . The video quality is great, the sound is
excellent, this make your video really stand out, camera position and
framing is perfect. Your video editing is very professional. A big A+++ for
your hard work and dedication.
Your review on the 2014 Toyota Corolla is well done. I would be inclined to
buy one, after watching your video review. Thank you.

Varox says:

I own the 2014 Corolla S Plus and use it as a daily driver. I also own a
2013 BMW M3 Coupe and a 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51. I purchased the Corolla
to use as a daily driver and to get good gas mileage and keep the miles off
my other cars as I drive 100 miles a day for work. I have really like the
Corolla so far. If you are thinking it is going to be sporty because it is
the S model then think again. It works fantastic as it’s intended purpose
of a reliable, comfortable, fuel efficient car. I really like the looks and
rear leg room as well as trunk space. As long as you have the right
expectations for a commuter car then you can’t go wrong with the 2014
Corolla S.

Michael Martinez says:

In your opinion, would choose this corolla or the recent ford focus? I’m
curious because I looking at both these cars. 

CarTestr says:

I have driven the 2013 RAV4 and Avensis, with 2.0 and 1.8 gas engines. Both
with the CVT, an awful gearbox. A regular six or seven speed automatic is
much more predictable. When driving a car with CVT you can not control it
in the same way, like if you lift ur foot of the pedal and it upshifts, and
when you floor it, it down shifts. As for design the Corolla in the US
looks a bit dull. Here in Europe the exterior is more “cutting edge”,
sharper lines. Anyways, nice to see an indie review again :)

David Malinovsky says:

I sat in one at a car show and the front seat seemed a bit short and I
don’t have long legs.
I do like the dashboard layout/placement. A lot of cars favor the “cockpit”
style too much.

Scott Campbell says:

hardly amateurish, good job thanks

Austin TA says:

If you just hit the “Auto” button on the climate control you don’t have to
worry about switching the direction of the vents. I always use Auto, it
works great just like a thermostat in your house. 

hypervigilance1 says:

review the CLA 250 if you can

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

I’ve been off the radar for a bit! (been busy) But I’m back with my latest
test drive, the new Corolla.

hypervigilance1 says:

good review but i will pass on the corrolla

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