2014 Toyota Corolla Review

2014 Toyota Corolla Review

Over 40 million Corollas have been sold worldwide since 1966. That makes it the number one selling nameplate in history; more than the Volkswagen Beetle, mor…



ooky badookie says:

plzz make a sport model corolla or just a new supra plzzz

im1greatman says:

Why buy a car that has a terrible safety ranking?

عبدالله العصفور says:

Really ugly unsafe car for me no more Toyota stuff. Hop you such a good day

David madision says:

the 2014 corolla, is not better looking than 2010-2013 corollas. the sexy
style is not there for the 2014 addiction. SPORTY

Caio Caldas says:

Would be great if Toyota decide produce a sport car with this corolla ?

YungHab says:

Mazdas dont have good resale values

itchyfingers89 says:

corolla drivers are some of the worst drivers in the streets. although
their skills top minivan drivers, they are on par with taxi drivers

JordanJumpin says:

looks so much better than the old corolla
although it may not be anywhere near fast, i actually enjoy driving my 2014
corolla L
plus is looks so much nicer! i wish i spent a little more the the corolla S

North Hills Toyota says:

The ever-popular 2014 Toyota Corolla is better than ever! Check out this

brojynks says:

exact same car. same crappy engine, same crappy 4 speed tranny. good job.
you lazy fucks.

Trevon Gibson says:

coped nissans cvt

Mike Schlee says:

Last week I got to drive the 2014 Toyota Corolla. The masses will continue
to love it.

2014 Toyota Corolla Review

godfatherNYC says:

This car is SO ugly and SO boring, but would be a great car without that

Steven Roderburg says:

Not CVT! Should of put Camry’s 6-speed tranny in it.

bumble144 says:

Its crap if you compare it to other Toyota, but you can’t denies the value
of a Toyota compare to all the other car in its class. Dollar for Dollar Lb
per Lb, Toyota outclass all other competitor. Of course I said value

BMan100 says:

..Give me a Focus or a Dart any day when it comes to compact cars.

AlohaBiatch says:

I used to have a Jetta myself. I love the interior of the Jetta, but the
exterior look is bland and the reliability puts me off buying another one.
I eventually had to sell it for a low price because many of the parts
failed. Now I bought a new mazda3 and love it.

gmail3122 says:

Shh guys, I think he’s trying to communicate.

crackaddict444 says:

There is nothing wrong with my spelling or grammar. Maybe it’s you who
needs to go back to the third grade, since you sure act like a third
grader. Hilariously, you didn’t even use proper commas or periods in that
post, and have numerous run-on sentences. Sorry you were proven wrong time
and time again about the Cruze having drum brakes, but facts are facts and
the fact of the matter is that you’re an idiot. One with terrible grammar,
to boot.

Oumar DiAllO says:

better mpg

Nivlekzhau says:

looks like a 2013 honda, especially with those tires

Jumpy Cactus says:

KIA design.

abcd827 says:

Typically the paint thickness is the same on lower end and higher end
vehicles from the factory. Sometimes premium paints on luxury vehicles will
have an additional layer of color base or have the color and flake sprayed
separately, but thicker film can lead to problems on its own.

BentlyboYY says:

I actually didn’t go there intending to buy a GLI but I was already at
Toyota and like I said I wasn’t impressed by the 2013 Toyota Corolla s and
my sales person showed me a pre – Owned 2007 Volkswagen jetta GLI. and me
being a college student at 18 im in love with it . so please don’t feal bad
for me my comfortable GLI is much better then the bus. AND WHAT DO YOU

uhnonohmus says:

I’m a younger buyer, my phone has more features, and my legs move faster
than this car. So how exactly is this supposed to appeal to me? How about
instead of churning out these duds, you bring back the Supra…Good review

Ali Moussa says:

I saw three of them in real life and it actually looks nice. Better than in
video or picture.

ladyyuna2000 says:

I like that green color on that 2014 toyota corolla

Frank Hunter says:

This is a very nice car with an even nicer price tag…but honestly I would
pay a little extra for the Honda Civic EX. You get all of the economic
benefits…and the car ACTUALLY is fun to drive! Surprisingly good pickup
from a 1.8L. iVTEC is where it is at for this car category

guru gara says:

i want the XRS and altis model

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