2014 Toyota Corolla Review and Road Test

2014 Toyota Corolla Review and Road Test

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jorge romani says:

That is a massive back seat. I think is bigger than a camry or the new
sentra. I wish Toyota would of drop the car a couple inches, it looks
way too high.

fantom58 says:

Drove a 2014 Corolla S Plus. Nice car, but felt a bit underpowered. Then
drove a 2014Camry SE (bigger car, I know); big difference in power,
especially low-end torque.

ibuprofanity says:

The S has automatic seats..

gaijinblow says:

Reminds me of the ford focus redesign for their 2008 MY.

Gary Meyers says:

The Mazda’s kind of take a crap on these cars now days. In every single
category. I love it when the underdog comes from behind and destroys the

speedkar99 says:

I sat in the 2014 Corolla at the Autoshow and I’m very impressed with the
interior. Toyota has come a long way on the interiors, but with the price
for a fully loaded model topping $24K, economy cars are getting expensive!
My $24K would be on a used Lexus.

stanleycjohn says:

I have an ’09 corolla and I hate it. There is no power in corollas
whatsoever and im not a big power junky either. it just sucks getting
passed by turtles basically. Its nice at first but then you get sick of it
unless youre a grandma

Matt Paolucci says:

when you start the car, on the screen that stupid caution message comes up.
I don’t like that, is there a way to remove it?

Ahmed Ferchichi says:

i’m gonna take a car and i’m wondering between 2 models, COROLLA 2014 and
which one to choose, seems very difficult!!
any help pls?

knowing that i’m seeking durability..

MEALTeamSix says:

I kinda wanna know why everyone gives Toyota such a hard time. Their cars
are reliable, affordable, and I think they look great, especially the new
models like the corolla. The car looks nice and performs well in its
category, so why so much hate? 

Satobatsu Kaiba says:

Your an Adel fan! LOL – don’t give up your day job for singing LOL

spacegreycoralred says:

Adele’s got nuttin on you Baby!

buildmorefarms100 says:

Beautiful looks! Cleaner and better design than the Civic. Amazing
Nav/infotainment system.

Darren Phillips says:

Nice review

Josh G says:

love the ending lol

DC180 says:

When i look at the corolla face.. it looks angry… but not an angry ‘ im
badass!’ looking angry.. more like an angry ‘Mazda 3 looks so much better
than me’ angry …lol

Danilo Carvalho says:

Sadly in Brazil this is one of the top cars we have here, and it coust so
btw, nice car.

may flower says:

I’m thinking this is gonna be my first car!

Toyota Mỹ Đình says:

Altis 2014 quá đẹp.

Asim Qamar says:

You do great reviews Alex, and your exclusive trunk index is interesting to
compare againg other models. Please consider comparing and reviewing cares
with interior room index in the segment and interior feature index so that
it can be easier to see how the car compare against its competitors. –

LowWageTeacher says:

bought le eco a month ago. got a 1,500 kms on it now. been averaging 39pmg
on a 30/70 city/hiway. can’t complain on a very comfortable ride on a 50km
daily commute to work.

Phalli Motloung says:

I would love to know something 0-100 of the Toyota corolla S plus

Rabz M says:

Ugliest car ever

Irfan says:

one thing is pretty bad in corolla is outside noise , specially u get so
much noise when u cross bridges …noise is the big issue …

64Jethro says:

This Alex guy does the best car reviews in my opinion. Simple, thorough,
and no nonsense. Thank you!

Caleb Becker says:

Actually, the Civic has had tail lamps on the trunk since the 2006

bumble144 says:

hot as Fck, good outside good inside look upscale and affordable.

happy543210 says:

I hate touch screens in cars! It usually takes you 3 to 4 touches to get it
to work. Also they put the “virtual” buttons on the edge of the screen so
you have to fight with the plastic borders.

mahwish yazdani says:

just bought this car and im totally in love with it! sporty but not too
rough looking!!

Derk1121 says:

I can not wait to get this car next weekend!!!

Ruby Reveles says:

I really like your reviews, Alex. The Corolla isn’t really as exciting as I
expected though!

Pathfinder Ash says:

Great job in the video! No music while you’re talking, and also everything
you say is clear and loud.

jmcclelland85 says:

You said you got the High 30’s mpg on the Highway. So would you bother
buying the LE eco for only a few more Mpg and added cost? I own a ’05
Toyota Corolla LE and I average in 33 mpg per tank I looking to buy a new
corolla but i may wait a few years and pick up one used since my car still
runs like new. 

Gregory gregory says:

Alex is such a good car reviewer. He never misses a beat. I can’t stand
reviewers that start every sentence with “now…” The only thin that annoys
me more is ignorant people like Michelle Obama who begins each sentence
with “you know…”

albert balingit says:

<---love and respect

accordguy0325 says:

I suspect if you drove the 2014 Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 back to back –
you would notice a big difference in the fun factor !

lulo4477 says:

What S and B means on the transmission?

Geoff Dearth says:

Who really has passengers anyway? Look at your co- commuters tomorrow
morning. Even in SUV’s one seldom sees passengers. The problem really is
massive underutilisation of capacity.

Michael Berry says:

Ha ha. Airport way, next to Boeing field.

Dominic Washington says:

i want toyota to sell the entune navigation aftemarket 

Sung Kim says:

that blooper at the end lolol

kevler8803 says:

You have one of the most in depth reviews! Keep it up.

Caio Caldas says:

They should create a new célica from this new corolla !!!!

Nguyen Andre says:

It’s a good car !!!

9xDEAD says:

Can you include engine filters, drum or disk brake and more images of the
engine bay?

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