2014 Toyota Corolla Review and Demonstration

2014 Toyota Corolla Review and Demonstration

A review of the 2014 Toyota Corolla and demonstration of the navigation system, wireless key system, rear view cam and miles per gallon (mpg) information. We…



Anson Alexander says:
Reed Rothchild says:

What a superb car, it’s not hard to see why the Toyota Corolla is the best
selling car in the world.

Alberto Garcia says:

Can you do a separate video on the touch screen display and the controls on
the steering wheel. I’m new to this and I’m helpless to my new car.

Khiem Le says:

The interior look so nice for a Toyota Corolla.

nea2784 says:

I would take it straight back. The steering wheel is on the wrong side :-)

محمد الخثعمي says:

جميلة جداً 

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