2014 Toyota Corolla review

2014 Toyota Corolla review

For 2014 the Toyota Corolla gets a stylish update both inside and out, plus new technology.



Joe Mar says:

I love mine! Have the “S” Plus in the blue. Fun car to drive, great gas
mileage and roomy. I don’t know where he came up with “Just over $24K”, I
got mine, fully loaded, for $20,118.

cathie b says:

We were in an accident and got one of these for a rental car until we
bought a new car. I hated it ..

cathie b says:

That being said . We also have a Toyota Sienna and Love that van.

Andrew Van Beek says:

It’s a nice car, but at $24K, you may as well get a Mazda 3 which is the
better car to drive and more efficient. Personally, I would skip the
moonroof and the driver convenience package (which adds the entune app
suite, the keyless entry and push button start). Both of those combine add
up to around $2500. I don’t need either of those so I can do without them.
If you get the top trim Corolla without those two options, you still get
navigation and bluetooth streaming, heated leather seats, etc. all for
around $21.5K which is the best value for money.

LowWageTeacher says:

Love this car! On my 1st week. Ride is smooth.. best of all is I’m getting
38 mpg average on a 60/40 city hiway commute to work every day.. Had a best
43mpg for the same route.

Willilly Bab says:

Red and Blue available ONLY on the ‘S’ model = that’s retarded.
I like the base ‘CE’, with the old-school 4-speed, it’s pretty good both in
terms of acceleration and MPG. The 4-speed is only 1 mpg less fuel
efficient than the ‘S’ model with the CVT (on the highway), so I’ll go for
a white CE. I would prefer red or blue though, its just not an available
color on the CE trim. 

nana kwame says:

I love this car

nana kwame says:

I love this car

Ryan S says:

The MSRP is too high for a corolla

Sunrise Toyota says:

Canada’s own Zack Spencer reviews the 2014 Toyota #Corolla

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Moris L says:

I am sorry, it is still boring. The interior looks better than previous
year, but the Civic is more modern.


where is the 6- speed ???????? wow is 2014.

zuti071 says:

And again,EU version looks much better.

daryl g says:

Fk reliability every car is reliable nowadays lol

jvrdlc says:

24k plus canadian taxes and you will be in the 30s K for a small car..too
expensive in canada

JazzyChef says:

oooh 10 full centimeters lol

livinthedublife says:

Toyota is not as reliable as people perceive I own a 2009 Corolla S and its
been nothing but problems, if you like rattles, a transmission that shifts
rough and a sunroof that makes a lot of noise when in use buy a Toyota. I
own one……just trying to save people the the problems that i have.

Graham Roth says:

kia crossed with a scion 😉

Milford Civic says:

$24K for a top of the line Corolla? Might as well buy a Camry for that kind
of money.

Momentum says:

I enjoy the part where they bought used hyundai accents and glued the ass
end to this corolla also I hate that companies are slowly getting rid of
manual trannys, I dont care if its not a sports car “I” still want to shift
“my” car

misterbear1984 says:

Actually it mean’s you’ve made an excellent financial decision. Congrats on
the dumbest statement I’ve seen today. Feel free to fill out a job



aggressivetortoise says:

Why is there a traction control button and a sport mode on a corolla lol


Very nice car

MelCanuck says:

Looks better, but IMO the Mazda3 is a better car. The Mazda3 is better
looking, better driving dynamics and better SkyActive efficiency..!


CANT Wait to get mine

Jim4575 says:

Thanks ! Great choice on the Mazda 3 very well built and yes Zoom Zoom too.

Audioquest56 says:

Very nice car. Definitely better looking than the Civic and Elantra. Plus,
you get Toyota quality. I wouldn’t spend $24k on the top model, but a
mid-line model should run around $20 and that’s competitive.

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