2014 Toyota Corolla Prototype Review – Kelley Blue Book

2014 Toyota Corolla Prototype Review – Kelley Blue Book

For the latest Toyota Corolla pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/corolla/ For the 2014 model year Toyota has reimagined thei…



Caio Caldas says:

Toyota should create a sport car from this new corolla.

Ben Ho says:

i love irvine ca :D

kz1000ps says:

HAHAHA the car for Salvation Mountain is a Corolla wagon! Perfect!!!

mxpie80 says:

While I didnt dislike the outgoing generation, Toyota held on to it too
long. This redesign is spot on. Style is nicely between conservative and

Jimmy V says:

Man those rims!!!!!!

kingston toyota scion says:

2014 Corolla preview …coming soon !

Laweeze Morton says:

The reviwer of this ugly little car looks much better than the car 

TheBighouse69962002 says:

N Koi Ko nn9 j kook ij

princeston says:

Hmmmmm, I am going to wait a few more years. The engine choices and the
design looks are still not good enough to the industry’s standards. The new
Mazda 3 looks amazing. Toyota Corolla has caught up in design but other car
companies are already moving up. 🙁 I had good experiences with a Corolla
because it never broke and lasted forever. I wished Toyota should stop
swapping and start creating.

LudaCrits says:

Not a bad looking car and honestly this guy needs a raise. These videos are

Amc825 says:

I can’t remember the last time Toyota/Lexus made a class leading car.

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

So the Corlla went from plain to plain ugly. Toyota can’t design a
good-looking car anymore…

Edwin Romero says:

Omg I want it so bad :((((((

Elliott Anderson says:

Great reviews. Can you please do the 2014 Mercedes GL. Thanks

Mike Mac says:

a resurrection of the ae-86 maybe?

Tom Anderson says:

Toyota Corolla S 19,000 vs Genesis coupe 2.0 Turbo 22,000 = grocery getter
McDonald worker car vs RWD sexy sports coupe… you choose.

Goru Minosyan says:

This car is ugly as hell!

lulz1978 says:

needs an xrs model

89leviathan says:

for once i actually didn’t laugh in my head when the corolla was mentioned.
imo, this is a step in the right direction. pretty stylish…specially for

2Kriss2Kross says:

Nyan car! @2:48

cky945able says:

Predictable, boring….perfect description on the corolla….buyers! and
things might change with this new model…..wait…why does it look so much
like kia?

iDoReviews15 says:

Drum brakes and a 4 speed tranny just screams buy a civic.

Martin Nguyen says:

It looks so much better than the previous gen *

Israel Hernandez says:

Yay San Diego!!!!! Lol

buzzingbee25 says:

then dont watch . get the hell outta here. Micah is the best and KBB rules

LakePerch says:

Mr. Smith you may return to your video games. When you’re old enough and
mature enough to drive, come talk to us, OK?

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